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J. T. Jacobs cxpects togo to Columbus to-day. Miss Susie Clark tpent Baturdaj and Sunday in Detroit. Cyrus A. Lewis, formerly of this city, was in town Monday. Mrs. H. f. Giles is visiüng lier sou in Detroit, for a few weeks. Qeo. Donovan, of Kansas City, Mo., is visiting liis father, P. Donovan. Mr. Traeadell and daujfhter, Daliy, have rcturned from Kalamnzoo. J. T. Jacobs and E. B. Abel made a buiteen trip to Detroit Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. II. Worden receive their Meada to-monow evenfog. Mrs. IlcnryParsons, nee Amiie Tnylor, was in the city last week on a yisit. Mrs. S. Hallock is to reside with her son at Emporla, Kas., Ia the near future. Miss Jaycox will leave for a short vislt to Cincinnati the latter part of the werk. Katie Helle Lovejoy of Detroit, is visitinsher sister, Mrs. Dr. Kellogg, In the 5th ward. J. Van Arsdale, a gradiute of the Aun Arbor high school passcd through the city Saturday. Harry Hawlcy, of the Minncnpolis Journal, was In the city a few days since on lus way cast. Matnie Benham who has been teaching at Wavne, wlll be at home for the season next Saturday. MissHusonof the Boston medical college, is in the city visiting lier old home and old friemls. Miss Maggie Donovan, of the Stil ward, has returned trom an extended stay at Kansas City, Mo. Miss Randall, of Chicago, It expecUd this week as the guest of Miss Falth Heimer, on N". IngRils st. Mrs. E. M. Stoddard, of lï.nvcry st., Innvcs this weekto join her liuslmnd at Hal fax, Nova Scotia. T. W. Campliell.travelingfreight agent of the C. M. & St. P. K. H., was in town a short time on Friday. Mrs. and Miss Wlnchell are at home to tlieir frionds to-morrow evening to meet Miss Winchell of 8t. Paul. E. E. Rundel, of Caro, was In the city on buslnesa last Mondav, and a pleasant caller at the Courier ofilce. Prof. W. W. Beman went to Knlamazoo yesterday to altend a meeting of the trustees of Kalamazoo rnllege. Mr?. Geo. Kingsley of Paola, K:msas, aecompanied by her son Thomas, :md Mrs. Rlsdon, arrived in Ann Arbor latí Wednesday evening. Mr?. Delny Davis, of St. Thomas, Ont., s expccted at the home of her frtther, Tho.t. Hayley, the bitter part of the week for a few week's stay. Mrs. Dr. A. C. Roberts, of Ft. MadUon, Iowa, apcompanied ly her mother, Mrs. visitineher hrother. Alunson Cole, and other relatives in the city. Mrs. Chas. J. Kintner arrivcd (rom Washington. D.C, lat Friday evpiiinj: to spend the siimmer wlth her pnrents, Mr. and Mri. C. L. Pack, on X. Inealls street. Mrs. Addie Free and sons, Harrie and PerdBltat, of Detroit Wlth Mrs. Hnrrie Blisa and Miss Thcodora Asoliin.-ui at N. York apent Sunday and Monday willi rcl.itivcs In town. fr. Geo. E. Dawson, agent of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R., aad who aocompanied snveial of onr citizn n the Calttornla tri[ ImI (utumer, v:is in the city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs.W. K. Childsnttended tlie funeral last week Thursday, of Mrs. Cliilds' lUter, Mr3. A. J. AViloox, of Bancroft, Mich., who dled suddenly of heart dlMBM. Mrs. Wileox wiis the oldest d;iL'liter of the Hou. Franklin Cate, late of this city. C. Bliss & Son are takin( orders for llowers for Detroit Iloiii-t. J. T. Jacobs & Co., we slioulil jiulge, have let down the felice, ites, ban anil all on prices, by tlie of their change of ad. V. F. Mills, of Kalamnzoo and Chicago, lias furnished a pair of stained gluss windowa for front doors for W. B. Stickney wliieh are KotneUiinji enthely novel in Anti Albor. The siish is brass, niokclplated, and reqitlru no rods to aupport t U li the i' i-e with Iradert windows. The designa are also s:iiil to he ver}' a r I i s t ¦ . Jacob Ganzhorn glves the followlqg proapeefa for the fruit erop In the erop report for June 1: "The litdicaUons ure that thiTe wil! lie n t'u!! erop nf appleg. IV u-lies liavc re. and tril] ba a tull erop All olliei tiuils pnunise 1 1 1 1 1 eropa exci'i't cherrics. Thcy fiuitcd 00 ('t 1 1 1 last year that they were uimble to perfect frull huds ttiia Beason, henee a very lijjlit erop." Prof. .). 1!. Stoere is (jnietly maklnj; priparationg for his trip to the Phlllppine I-I:iii(l8. He lenves Ann Arbor .iuly 4th, saillng from San Francisco July 12th. Dean W'oreester, Frank S. Bonrns, of this city. Prof. Hoaeley, t Grand Bapids, Nateo Fransisco. the native wfio (.¦mie here wiih l'rof'. Steara on hls tiist trip orne ten years ago, will accomptnj the Profeaaor. The latter to retnaln in hifi old home. The Coming of the Circus: 'O, the drums were heard and the piccolo note, as the circus nptown paraded, and the shorn-oll' mule and the whiskeied goat and the elephant Dtnber shaded. I followed it calmly at early mom, my work and my labors spurninjr, and I harked to the sound of a rusty hom with a wild and uniiiillowed yearning. Few and short were the tune they played, ;nnl they paused not at all to monkey : sol llowly followed the route they made at the ears oï the lop-ear'd donkey. I boujrht up a seat st the show that nlght, and iooked at the limber roman tfho tted üenalf In a knot so tight she reemed more like lieinp tlian liiiinan. And I eagerly Iooked at the wondious bloke uiio swallowed ome cotton bkzlng, and blew from liis nostrils a cloud of smoke ti'.l 1 thought he was sheol raising. And I vratcned the clown as he ran and rollcd and stood in a dozen poses, and worked rff a striiiL' of iokeg so bid. thev came