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A Sad Accident

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I'robably no accidental death ever creatcd more eympathylo tlus comnmnity tlian tliat of Johnie Burg, son of Mr. and Mrs. John I?urg, wliicli occurred last Friday. Johnie had gone out on the T. & A. A. R. u. trucks to wltness the ooming of the Forepaagfa circus. At about 7 o'clock a. m. he, with otber mates, were near the Felch street jcrossin-, and with one hand upon arar he was walking along its sidewhen all at once he stutnbled overan ash licap and feil with his limhs undfirneath the cars. Instantly reallzlng hls position he attemiited to throw his linihs out bnt the left lep was canght before he could do it, and crushed Ir. mi just below the knee down, the trucks of two cars passing over it. The boy fthowed reniarkablc presence of mimi, frriigploft the limb lirmly about tho thlgh and pressing it together to etop the flow of blood, and tlghteuing a bandkerchlef about it by means of a stick, when being carried home. After reaching liome, wliire his mothpr lay very 111, ho said there was no one to blame, and tlioy nmst not teil his mother. Aftcr reachinff his home Dr. Sniith, usUted by Drs. DarHng aixl Mori.m, ampuUted the llmbabout seven indios above tlic knee, luit the shock was too great tor Uk; boy to bear, and at about geven o'elock p.'m., he breathed his last. A little whilu before death lic said it was better that he should bu Imrl tlian anv of bis matee. and tliat if he diod, lic wantod t kepi froni hU mot her mitil slie was Btronger. Johnie was ;in only cliild, afred 18 yeara 9 monthl and 27 days, and was the idol of all Ma mates m wcli ;ig of his parenu. Ilis funeral was beid Sunday afteruoon nt 3 o'clock f rom the l'resbyterian church. l!iv. Dr. Steele otticiated, Prof. Kinil liaur oitcrïtifi prayer in Germán. Twclvt: of Johnie's mates acted aa pall bearers, and he was lald peacefully it rest, in that acre of Ood's where sö many grand hopes, and so many loved one'l lic sleepinx the long sleep that knows no waking.