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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. GREAT BARG-AINS UNTIL JUNEjst. We place on Sale this Morning sixty Pieces Sateens all new Patterns, the best American Satteen made, and warranted to wash and not fade at the very low price of 17cts. These SATTEENS have never before been sold for less than 25cts per yard It is without doubt, thegreatestbargain of the Season.' It will Pay you to look Atthem. " One case fancy Striped Ginghams, handsome styles al 12 1-2 cents, reduced from 20 Cts 75 pieces of fancy Lawns at 4 and 5cts 20 pieces striped and figured Batist, 41-inchwide, 121-2 former price 16 cts. 60 pieces more ol the best 12 1-2 cent Satteenin theworld on sale this Week. The finest line of Cresse Leisse Ruching In the city now on sale. lOcts to $1 avard. BACH & ABEL. Sumir School ú lú. JULY 6 to AUGUST 12. IN'XTlU'lTIONS ANO CONCEETS Wíl. I, l:K QIVEN i: Y CALVIN B. CADY, Plano, ilarm.Hiy, Musical Analysis, Chora) Muslc ÍSIght Ileadlng), Teaching. ORÍN B. CADY, Voleo Culture, Stntfni and Ifethoda of J'r.-H'illllg. Miss Mary Louisa Wood, l'iHIllst. Miss Julia L. Caruthcrs, Pianist. Mr. William Luderer, VlolinUt. Detroit Philharmonic Club, Mil. WM. YOUCK, UtVlollu. MU. h. P.SCHULÏZE. 2d Vlolln'. MR. WAIl'KI! VOIC1AUNKU, Viu'll. Mil. BMIt BCHIPfE, cello. Blx 'Planos, one (ir;an,two VloMiiH, Heoltals, one (Jonoert ly Detroit Phlliuumoulc Clllh. TÜITION VEHY LOWKor ('liculars Adüress CAI.VIX B. CADT, Ann Arbor. Mioh. DON'T USE BIE WDRDS ! In pronuignttag agotarte oogltaüom or articolatlng niperfiolal sent men tulities uní philosopliical or psychologlcal observutiüiis, beware of platltudlnoui ponderOilty. IPt your statements poven a claiified COilclMueao, compacted comlucliciisililcncss, eoalc-cciil (¦onsistcnc.T and n coocentKtud oogency. ISschsw all eonglomeratloaa f flatulent aarrullty, jcjuiH' babbleineQt ftudj ululas afleotatlons. I ii tiyin lo iniprcss npon otlierg tbe superlorlty, rellablllty, andpurltyof :ill iiifilicilics and clirmicals il (oiid.ycar'.Drag Store ii i.s nol neoessary to niejawbrt'ükcrs. Let your extemporasopiu de¦oaotínga and unpremedltated expatlatlons have Intelllglblllty and veracloue viraeity, without rliodoinoiitade I r Ihrasonical bOlttbasti Si'dllloll.-lv BTOld all pollysyllablc profundlty pslttaceoas vhni'Wy, venlriloqiüil velliosily vinidiloquenl vapldlty; slum doublé ontendrei, pnirient Jocoslty and pestiferoua profaulQ obseurciit or appwent. In otbw words, talk pliiinly, naturally, scnsibiy, and trutlilully, gy, tlial linodyeui's Drug Btore IS l-fillly tilt' best place in Wahlenaw ('oiiniy to Ihiv pure drugs, etc, at low prices; ilsn thal Mpeclal atteDtloa 11 given to the earelul preparalion of [ r - Bcrlptlom and fatnlly medicines.


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