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The Correct Time. There are very few meD who do not prille themselves on alvvuys havin; the correct tim ; and wonderful and delicate mechanisn8 are devised to enable them to do But tlie more delicate a chronometer is made, the more subject it becomes to dcrangeinent, and utiless it be kept always perfectly clean, it soon loses its iiKefulnes8. What wonder, then, Chat the human machine, - so much more lelioate and intricate than any woik of Man - should requlre to be kept tboroughly cleunsed. The liver is the nutln-ipring of this complex structure, and on the Iraporitles lelt in the blood by ¦ dlsordered liver, depend most ot' the i is t flesh is beir to. Even consuinption (which is lung scrolula), is tracencle to the imperfect action of this Kidney diñases, skin diseases, sick headache, heart disease.dropgy, and a long catalogue of grave maladies have thelr origin in a torpid, or slug(ish liver. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medica] l-( -overy, by establishing a healthy, normal action of the liver, acts as a cure and preventive of these diseases. It is mort digirraceful to distrust tlinn to be deceived bj' our friends. Tliat Tired Feeling Afflietl nearly every one In the spriiif.'. The systein having becotne accustomed to the bracing air of winter, is wcikcncd by the warm mytof thechanytog matón, ud readily yields to attaeksor disease. Hood's SanapafUla is just the medicine needed. [t tones and builds up every part of the Ijody, and also cxpcls all iinpuriliis from ;lie blood. Try It tbis season.


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