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Astonlghing' Sucoess. It is tbc duty of eycry person who hits u sci I Hosciee's Germán Syrup to Iet its wonderful qualilies be known to their frlends in curlng Conautnption, scverc Coiijjha, Croup, Asthma, Pneumonía, and In i m! uil throat and lung dlaaMet No person run use it witliout immedinle rellet Tlirci' dOMf will relieve any enge, and we conpirter it the duty of all Druggists to recommend it to the poor,, dying consumptive, at le8t to try one botlle, as 80,000 dozen bottles were sold last year, and no one case where it failed was reported. Such a medicine as the Oerman Syrupc&nnot be too widely known. Ask your drorailt bont it. Sample bottles to try, ko1(1 at 10 eents. Regular size, 75 cents. Hold by uil driiirgists and dealers, in the United States and Canuda. "There's no use of talking, I'm goinírto getmarriüd'said a lachelor acquaintance the otber duy, while busily engas;ed it sewÍM;;. "Here l've worked just 20 minute by the watch tiyitijTto thread tliis needie, and Uien, just as I siiccecded, I pulled the thread out. Finally I got it threaded, and now, havlng sewcd on tliis button good and stront, I li ixl it'R on the wrong siile, and l've all my work to do over apain. ' For SIx Cents we will send you Dr. Kaufman's great Medical Work; 100 pajres, colored plates l'roin lit'i;. 'J'he most valuuble adviser ever published. To any address on receipt of three 2-cut stamim to )üv )Mstage. AdJress A. P. Ordway & C, Boaton, Mass.


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