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Uñkñí MOFEE!! ) ïstablishïd i5i. ) Merrill UNTILBETTER ƒ DETKOIT.mich. ƒ Block. ' Spv S The Kegnlar( Old-Eítabliíhed J j I'HVSK IAX & Sl'IMiEON w3U8XILLAND 3ÜCCE88 YOUNG MEN, MIDDLEAGED MEN and all persons who by theirown acts of Impnidenoeor any period of lite havebroufrht upon themselvei, the evil effects follovrint; closely opon the hecls of tTansgrcssion of thc laws oí nature, should consult the celehrnted Dr.Clarke at once. Komember! Ñervo u dUennes(with or without dreams) or debillty and loss nf nerv power treated scientifically by new methods with rever failing success. fjrlt makes no diffircnce you have taken or wlio has f ailed to cure j ou. ayThe terrible polsons of Syphllls and all bad blood and kin disensos, complctcly cradicated without mercury. Rmeinber that tlnsone horrible diseasa, if neglected or improperly ireated, cure the present and coming generutions g-All annaturnl dUcharges cured promptly Without hindrance to businrss. No experimenta, lioth sexcsconsult eoiifldentlnlly. Ase and experince Important. A written guarnt;o of cure friren in every case undertaken. 49-Sufferers from any rhronlr diseasewritc ïlidtory and Symptom of your case - plainly. Cues solicited which others have failed to cure. JTf-Send two stampg for celebrated vrorks on Chronic, Nervous and Delicate Distases. You have an exhaustive ymptoniatolofy by which to study your own cae. Consultación, personally or by letter, free. Consult the old Doctor. Thousands cured. Offices and parlors private. You see no one but the Doctor. Bcforc confidinif your case consult DU. CL.ARK1C. A fricndly letter or cali may save future suffering and ihame and atld golilen vears to life. Medicincj Sent everywhere secure froiu expoaure. llours, b tu 8 'f Sunüays, 9 tu 12. Addrcss, F. O. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mlsh CURES Coughs,Colds,Asthma,Tickling in the Throat, Whooping Cough, Quinzy,Sore Throat, Consumption, Bronchitis, and all Pulmonary Diseases. jCO U GJL DanHviliH.Mu-h. L I Howel), Micfa., Au?. 15, 1874. - Oct. 2B, Kli - 1 I was titucked ! % have tried Dr B. with a leverej M $ A. YounR's ( ' uu h cold and t and Lumr Hyrup ened wlth Uiuk $ _ m ! for more tban a fever wbile on a I mv j year, as I had ocvi-it to Hudson, ! m a reme Midi., about a riy for Colda and montb ago, sol iCuuithn, and mucb hu that I ! f found Itarellable was unable to tl SI MB medicine. 1 have an appolntojent # B % utted bis Ague to preach on! Bh 'and Llver Syrup account of my J in my farally wtth severe cnuRbing, i II $ tbe best of bucbut managed to I $ cesn, curlng my det home. and 5 ¦ ¦ mother (wbose medlately tookj age was orer some of 1 r E. A. I ¦ ¦ ¦ ,,,.vn,t. vBraí i ,r Sf&iu U EÏÏK in the house, and J j 8t " o mycouiih leftmej J í ever and Ague, sb soon a 1 ! V ! Bfter the second menced tAklnK It, m t chili and fever. ftnd 1 tlTi.l $ 1 take pleasure ii.-nt relief when m recommendlDff 1 am attacked f ¦ the abore remeta y couKh orl lidies to all who 1 u n g complalnt. -w need thf in KIV. KOBT. COPI. RïV. S. B. KIMMILL. Bold bj all drugglsts. Prlce, 25c., 60c. snd l.OO. l.Hrtio boules sent free on recelpt of prlce 9 W. JOHNSTON & CO., Oetroit, michicad. Estáte oí Lucy W. S. Morgan. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Wuehteimw. M At a eewlon of the Probate Court for the ('oiinty .il Wllktasw, hoMen at the Probate Office, n thc city of Atiu Arbor, ou Moudity, thfl twcnti-thlrd day ot May, in the year one thousHiiJ eiht hnndied and elghtysevoa. Prexent, VVilliam U. Httrrlm:in, .1 ndL'e ot Probate. lo the matter of the estáte ol l.ucy W. S. Morgan, dereSjed. On readlni; and flliitir ifl í tion, duly verlfii-d, of Fih: klin L. Parker MmylDg thit a certaín Instrument now on file In tttir i nurt p rportiti to be th lait wlll and ti-ntamcut of MM deceaaed, may be adini'ted to probate, and that be audotin C. Johnson and Edward U. Kinnu miy be apiiointed t'Xecutüre th'Teof. ThTeu[ion It in ordfred, that Monday, the twen tieth day of June neii, at ten o'clock In ihe foreiioon, be acsipned for tlie hearing of sald petltion, and tht ttie dflviseas, legataflp, and hetr at law of Mid dCOMMd and all other perdona interested in eaid eetate, are required to uppear at a seatioD Of Mld court, theu t be holden at the Probtie ofllce, in the city of Ann Arbor. iu said county and show cause, lf any there be, why the praytr of [lie petlltonerBhould not bejirauted. And it ia further ordered, that sald petiiioner gtve notlce to thc pwOM ilitcreUed ui iaid cstali-, of the pendency of taid petitton. and tbe hearing thereol, by cansina a copy of thls order tu be iublished in the Aun Arbor t'ourür, a newspaper printed and circulalins; In ual'l couuty, three ucr--i ¦ weeks previont to said day of hearing. WILUAM D. HAKK1MAN. (A truc copy.) Jndeof PmbMe. WM. O. DoTY, Probate Register. 1-ÍS6-1Í. Kslalc of Diiiins I'icrt'P. STATU OF M1CII1UAN, Uounty of Waahieuaw. BK. At a mhIob "I t; e Probate Court for the County ol Waahteuaw. holden at the Probate Otllce. in the city oí Ann Arhor, on Frlday, the third day of June, in the ycar one iluiuwand eigilt liuti dred ud eighty Keven. Present, Willlam D. Harrlman, J"Q(re of Probate. Iu thc matter of the exute of Dariua Herce, ilcrca-eil. Ou rciidiiiL' and nliug the peiltlon, duly veriled, of Nullian Pierce. prayinu Ihat a cerlaiu instrument n"wou lile In this court parportlna to lic thc last wlll and testamcDt ot caid UOMMd, muy bc admiued to probate, and thai hc may be appoiuUd ex'c tor thcrciil. rinreupou it i ordered, that Tuesday, thc sth day of July Dext, at ten o'clock in thc fornoon, l'arKiirm-d for the hearing of said petttion and that the devisco, letatee, and helrs at law or said deceaued, and all other pen-ons intereU'd insaid estáte, are reuuired to appcar at u fcppiou ol said court, then to bc holden at the Probate illhcc.ln ihc ('ily ol Ann Arbor. and how cauxe, lf auy thcre be, why the praycr of the pe tltioncr should nut begranled. Aud it is lurthet ordered, that aid pctltioncr ivc notlce lo the pereoiii intereKled Iu laid estáte, of thc pemlcni ol said pedttoo, and the hearing :hereoi, bj eMMlng copy of this order to ba pnblithed in thc Ann Arbor Cburtir. a newppaper printed and circiilaI. il in saiil county, three sucecesive wkl prrviOm -hII day of hearing, A truc copy.) rtil.LlAM i). I1AKKIMAN, Jildgeof Probate WM l) )TY, Probutt! Keeinter. IBM IIIT. Dumwlmliiwiii' Noticc. The undeislKiicd haTing h.-cn api'Ointeil by thc Cunrt lor saiil CiiOllty, Connni-Kinner to rcccivc. examine nml adjust all claim and dcmaiids ot all per-. i.-iim-i Uta usuua ul U:.r King, late of -aid miiillu. drwainMi hereby Líve cotice Ihatsix moiithe irom latear, illow.d, ly nrdcr of said Probate c.mrt. tor credltor t" presni their claims atraiiift thc esi.itc ol sai.l dccewscl. mul that they will meet at thc oAoa if Zlna I'. Kinif, in the city of At n Arbor, iu said cunty. on Tb" day, the 7th day ot Juue. and n Wednasday. the Tth day of Scplcnlhcr nel, at ten o'clock A. M. ot ciich uf -nul .l.iVK, to recue, cxanitre and ad jast said claim. Dated, Mnrch 7, 17. JOHN BlUtit. I Commlsi'lone B. WILLIAM H. STKS'KNS. f STATE OF MICHIUAN, The Circuit Court for tliH County of Washtenaw, iu (.'liaucery Einmu HUI, ( 'Diiipluinnnt. I va, )¦ Ernest Day Hlll, Defemlatit. It sfttlsfnctorlly ppearlng ly HftMuvlt tlmt the defcnilAiit. Kraetl Hay Hllllniuitarr ¦ ilt'Qt of lilis Ht-ate, but at i'ln.aii.i, tu tbe state of tlllnofa, on motlon of Urlitiu A Warner, solicitors for ooniplaiuant, II is ordered thal tlit' salil ileleiuiatit, Brneat Day Hlll do cause hls appeurance to be enlerrd In thls catisr witliiu four iiioiiths Irom llif ilale ui tlils order, to wit I On or heiore the'JVth da y of August, A. D 1S87, and that iu detaolt tlie lilll ol' complalnt In this cauaa te tiiken iis eonfaaed bj Ibe said ilcfoiidiint. Dated, Anu Atbor, April 2t, Is7. C. JOSI.YN, 6 w. 1348-51 C inult Juügp. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main SI., Ann Arbor. The olileHl of;enoy In the city. BataMWiad ovil a ijuartir ol I ilury agO. lU-pn sinllng the foflowlDg tli'Ht-rlass oom paules with over $0,000,000 Capital "' Awcti. llo.MK INs co., of Now York. CONTINENTAL INS. IX)., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. U1KAUD INS. ei .,..[ l'tii iHtla-l Pl li. 0UBNX INS. CO., of Hartford. COM.MKIU'IAI, UNION, ol I.,ili.l..n. LIVERPOOL, LONIXN and (1I.OKK. WASHINGTON KlIiK und MAK1NK, Ot MO8tOU. Kulis l.oit -i 1 l.nni'Nt, Loéaèi l.iln-rally Adjlisted mul prompt l l'iiiil. C. H. MILLEN.


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