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"a Little Nonsense."

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- A physlcian says: "If a child docs not thrive on fresh milk, bou it" Tlii is too severe. Why not spank itP - Town and Country. - Colorado will not allow womon to act as notaries. They think out there that it is improper to swear before a lady. - Omaha Hcrald. - No matter how good-natured a young lady inay be her gentlemen friends can look for a tie-raid when she determines to make a silk quilt. - "Man proposes, but" . Upon thinking it over we don't believe he proposes half so often as the girls would like him to. - Cincinnati üazelte. - His Card: Servantgirl (to mistress) - "There's a gentleman at the door." Mistress - "Did he giveyou his name?" "No, he gave me a kiss." "Oh, that's my brother Torn. Let him in."- Troy 'Times. - A Montpelier (Vt) girl steppod up to the post-office delivery window and began flirting with the clerk when the postmaster came out with the suggestion that it was not lawful to trifli) with the males. -Quite Another Tlnng.- Young Lady (to book-store elerk with hia neck tied up)- Have you got th Newport AquarelleP Clerk (reas.surngly)_Oh, no. Miss; it'snothing but a common boil. - Harvard Lampoon. - The Best Thing.- 'Now, what li the best thing about me-r Wherein is my admlrablest charmf" Then he eald, as he placed Hls arm 'round her walst- "The beut thlng about you f- My arm." - Tid-Büs. - Sitter (in position for photograpli) - By the way, what do you charge for photographs? Photographer - Ninc dollars the half dozen. Now let your eym rest naturally on that sign, "Terma Casli," and look pleasant. - N. Y. Bun. Kailroad employé- I'm sorry.niHin, to inform you that the last train has just departed and that you are left. Klderly maulen- Don't worry; I guess I know what being "left" means. 1 haven' t lived all these years for nothing- - Mrs. Jollyboy- Where on eartn have you been ? Mr. J. - I can not teil a lie; l'v' I'1" at m' oilish. Mib. J.- ïhat's Where we dlffer, I can teil a lio_when 1 bear mie! [Cruel silence, during which souiethiii(f ia heard tv drop.]


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