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One of the best known newspaper men iu Michigan Is Torn S. Applegate, editor and proprictor of the Adrián Times and Expositor, daily and weekly. For more tban 20 years he has keept the local and editorial columns of tliat newspaper up to 'uil concert pitch. Alwnys a stauncli republican sheet, its editor has never failed to speak out wheu the intcrests of the state, or of the eommunity where hls raany friends reside, demanded It. Mr. Applegate was born in England in 1838. Coming to thls country with his iiMrciits, he landed in New York Jan. 2, 1850; and in the suramer ofthatyear moved to Ithica, N. Y.; where he attended the public schools. When the Pchool trustees of Ubica organized the tree academy, he ws one of the rlrst draft of scholars selected. boon after this bis parents moved to Rome, X. Y., and tliat was the last of hls .school n. What he has learned since has been in the school of the printing office. In June, 1H55, he entered the office of the Home Daily Sentinel, and served a four year's apprenliceship thero, at the expiraiion of which Ie went to New York and worked at the case, doinr an occasional job of reporting. He cast liis first vote fot president for Abraham Lincoln in 1860. The wort on which he was engajted in New York was intcrrupted by the riots of 18ü3, and he went to his home in Rome. While there, hearing that the Adrián Watch Tower was for cale, he, in eonnection witti G. W. Lurwill, boucht an interest in the paper. In ktoptemher, 1SÜ5, (en. Humphrey having purehaseil au interest in the VVatcli Tower, and Mr. Lurwill haring prevlously retired Irom til ni, ttití Wateli Tower was stopped and tlie Times stiirted, tlie lirst nu moer m.iki ii i its appeamnce Sept. II, 1865. Jan. 1. 1887, consolidution was effected with the Expositor, which was tben the teadllg republICHii paper, and the public -ilion luis siuce been carried on under the Times and Expositor. Mr. Applegale nuver held any politica! otrlce, but was a meniber ol the state central executive committee undfr Zachariah Chnndler, with Jumes McMilaii and K. A. Beal, and is now a member of the same committee. He was appointed by Gov. Crowswell a membT of the board of commissioners to lócate and establi?h a m-IhkiI for the blind, and is a member of the hoaiil of trustees of that institution. He is a bellevtr in ihe tour-page all-thenews daily, as distinuished from the blanket sheet, and if there is anythin; in11 in jiuirnalism he is sure to known all ¦boot it or it ian't worth knowinji.


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