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Miss Edna Dean Proctor wlll otter a poel's tribute to " The Lady of the White House," in the July number of the American Magazine. An illustrnted artlcle on " Literary Life in Phllfidelphin," by Moses P. Handy, witli sketclies of leading celebrities, will be a feature of the American Magazine for July. Frank G. Carpenter, in the July American Magazine, will describe the amui-ins; clilticiiltii'sin regard tocostume with which our representatives abroad have to contend when they take part In courtly ceremon les. Amonji the latest of Cassell & Co'i National Library series, at 10 cents each, are .Tiitii is Caesar, by Wm. Shakespeare," " Plutarch's Llve8 of Cato the Younger, Aa' Cleomens, and the Graeehi," and "Muider asa Fine Art," by Thos. DeQuincey. The Lincoln Life in the July Centuiy reacties a point of the very highest polilIml interest, as it includes a full account of the great debate which sent Doujflas to the Senate and Lincoln to the White House. In this installiuent will ftppwf si-MTul hitherto unpublished letters by Lincoln, and a characteristic letter by Hornee Üreeley nbout Lincoln. In the August number an account wlll be gtven of Lincoln'd Ohio speeches and bis fainoiis Cooper Institute speech; and in September will follow a descrlption of the Baltimore coiivenlion and of the Chicago conventiou t luit noininated Lincoln, and of Lincoln's election to tlie Presidency. The frontisptece of the Magazine of Art for July Is a capital reprodiiction of Detaille's "In Time of Peace" which represents two soldiers of the Empire in tlicir picturesque uniforma wnlklng iilonjr the bank of ¦ stream with lislilnr rods over their shoulder and their thoughts on the ftentle sport that is bofore thim. The opening artlcle, Verona Pa Degna, which has an architectural interest is followed by a paper on fascinatiiift Angélica Kauffinan. This paper is illustrated with reproduotloDi In sanguine of several of "Miss Angel's'1 best known pictures. Current art is discussed at length and we are given some excellent wood engravlngs after some of the more important pictures exhtblbed In London tliis hmoh. Kujiler's Italian Schools of Paintinjr !s revlewed and tliere Is a spirited description of a ride to Dorking by coach. The. notes on art are full and interes! ing und the number Is altoírether a capital one. -


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