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11ATTLES AND LEADERS OF THE CIVIL WAR. Vol. 1. No. 1, Belng for the most part contributlons by Union and Confedérate offleers. Based upon " tue Century wr series." Kdlted by Robert Underwood Johnson and Clarence ClouKh Buel, of the editorial Btaff of "The Century magazine." New York : The Century Co., publlshcrs. Sold by Hubscrlpttou ouly lu parts at 60 cents eacli. This is destined to be one of the m09t popalsr, snd undoubtedly one of the very best publications so far issued upon the late civil war by any ublishliig house in tlie world. It Is prolusely illustrated, iind the portralta of many leaders of the war, not familiar totlie public vill be brottgiit out. Mucli uew matter In additlon totlie magazine articles will be introducetl, also, inaking the work as complete as possible. The events are narrated malnly in cbroiinliiifii'al order, connecting cliapters given, and tlie fullest and must authortative statistici), mttking it a wellrounded hlstory, wrltten by participants oti both sides, which can not tail to be extremely popular. Michigan people would be fflad to see the face of old Gen.Cass, who left Buchanau's cablnet because of the dominence of aecession sentiments in its counclls, in the tirst number, but will have to forepo the pleasure. Tlie work is sold on fubtcription only. C. V. Arnold general Hgent, Detroit Midi.


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