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It's Always the Way. "Didn'tltell you so?" suid a gentleman to au acquaiutaiice whotu he cli.-uu - ed to meet on the street; " it's always tbe way." " What'8 always the way ?" inquired a mutual friend of the two men who happened along just then. " Why, just this," replied the first speaker; " you see Sinitn, here, the last time 1 met him h had one of the worst coughs you ever heard. He ever complaiued ot a loss of appetite, of night-sweats, of low spirits and otber unmistakable premonitory symptoms ot consumptlon. 1 told him to get a supply of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medscal Discovery at once. He dld so, aud look at him now; Did you ever see a healthier looking man ? The 'Dlacovery' uas snatched thousands ir cunsumptives' graves. I knew it would cure Smith. It's always the way. - - Uood Kesults iu Every Case. D. A. Bradford, wholesale paper dealer of Chattanooga, Tenn., writes that he was seriously afflicted with a severe cold that settled on his lungs: had tried many remedies without benefit. Being induced to try Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, did so and was entirely cured by use of a few bottles. Since which time he has used it in his faraily for all Coughl and Colds with the best of results. This is the experience of thousands whose lives have been saved by this Wonderful Discovery. Trial bottles free at Eherbachs' drug store. " How lonjf sliall girls be coui ted ?" asked a newgpaper. Not lonjjer than two o'clock In the morning, we think, excepting when it ralns, or you have to catch a train. AVETD'C Sugar-Coated rt I Ll O Cathartic Ir the Llver Ql I O comes torpld, if the I IL_L_O. bowels are constipated, or if the stomach falla to perform its functions propcrly, use Ayer' Pilis. They are invaluable. For some vears I was a victim to Liver Complaint, iu consequence of which I suffered from General Debllity and Indigestión. A few boxes of Ayer's Pilis restored me to perfect health.- VT. T. Brlghtney, Hendersou, W, Va. For years I have relied more upon Ayer' l'ills than anything else, to Regúlate my bowels. These Pilis are mild in action, anddotheirworklhorouKuly. I have Med them with eood effect, iu cases of Sheumatlsm, Kiilney Trouble, and Dvspepsia. - Q. F. Miller, Attleborough, Jlass. Ayer's Pllls cured me of Stomacli and Llver troubles, from which I had inffered for years. I consklcr tlifin the baat ptlli made, and would not be without them. - Morris Gutcs, Dowusville.N. Y. I was attackcd with Bilious Fever, which was followed by Jaundice, and m io dingerously ill that my frieiuls depalrcu of mv recovery. I coinmenced taklug Ayer's Pilis, and soon regalned m customary itrength and vior. - John C. Pattison, Lowell, Nebraska. Last spring I suffered preatly from a troublesome humor on my side. Iu spite of every effort to cure this eruptlon, it increased until the flesh became cntirely rw. I was troublcd, at the tinn;, with Indigestión, and distressiug pains in iThe Bowels. By the sdvice of a friend I befran Inkin;; Ayer1! Pllls. In a short time 1 w;i tree from pain, my food digested properly. the ¦ores on my body commeuced healtnK, and, In U'ss than one month, I was cured. - Samuel D. White, Atlanta, Ga. I have long used Ayer's Pilla, In my famlly, and belleve them to be the bet pllls made. - S. C. Darden, Darden, 51i. My wlfe and little glrl were taken with Dysentery a few days aeo. and 1 at ones began giving them small doses of Ayi 11 Pllls, thinking I would cali a doctor if the disease became any worse. Jn a short time the bloody discharges stopped. all pain went awar, aiul healtli was restured. - Theodore Ksling, Kichinund, Va. Ayer's Pilis, Prtpred by Dr. J. C. Ayr Co., Lowell, Mui. Sold by all Dealen In Medicine.


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