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$25,000.00 IN GOLD! KIM; BE PUI) FOB ARBUCKLES' COFFEE f RAPPERS. 1 Premium, 81,000.00 2 Premiums, - 8500.00 each 6 Premiums, - 8250.00 " 25 Premiums, 8100.00 " 100 Premiums, 850.00 " 200 Premiums, ¦ 820.00 " 1,000 Premiums, 810.00 " Forfull particular and directlons gpe Circular in every pound of Aiibiceleh' Corree. imi-hh FRANCIS L YORK, M.A., Wlll recelve durlog THE COMING SUMMIER A Limited nutnber of I'upIlN In PIANO, ORCHN AND HARMONY, At grt-atly EEETJCED EATESApply by mail or at NO. 30 SOUTH INGALLS STREET 1'TÜSEÍIÍ! In proinulgiitinfr esoteric engitatious or articulating superficial sentimentalities ml philosophical or psycliological observations, beware of plfttftndinoai ponderosity. Let your statements pos-ess a claiified conciaeness, compacled comprehensibleness, coale.jcent consistency tnd a coiiccntrateil cogency. Kscliew all ooiiglomerations of flutulent eamility, jejune b.ibblement and] asinine nffectation. In iryliiy to impress upon othere the Miperiority, reliability, and purity of ;ill medlclnw anil oliomicals at Goodyetir's Drug Ston it Ks not nectssary to IUpJhW brMken. Let your exterapuraneous deS(iintin9 and unpromeditatod expatmtions liavc latelligibillty aml veracious vlTHcity, without rliodoiuontade er tlirasionical bombast. Sedulously voiü all pollvsyllabic profundity pitlaceoii8 vaeuity, veutriloqual verbosity vandiloquent vapidity; shiiü doublé eutemlies, prurient jocosity and pestifeious prolanlty abscurent or appareut. In otber wonls, :alk plainly, naturally, gensibly, and rutliiiilly, m.f, tliat Goodyear' Drug Store ia really the bot place in Wuhtemw Cuiinty to buy pure drugs, etc, at ow prices; also tliat especial attention Is rivi-n to the careful prepaiation of precriptions ai'd tuiuily medicines.


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