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THE Buperlorlty of Corallne over horn or whalebone has now been demonstrated by over slx yeara experience. It la more durable, mor pliable, more comfortable, and NEVER BREAKS. The Immense sale of these Corsets Is now over 7OOO dally. Beware of worthless imitaüons boneL wlth various kinds of oord. None are germine unless " Dr. Warnor's Coralino" la printed on lnaldof the steel cover. FOB SALE BY ALL LEADIBG MEECHABT8. (Uure wlth etnployment at home, the whole of Ibe time, or for t'ielr pnre moments. BníineM new llght and profltaMe. Pereon of eitber iel eaHT earn from 50 lo $.".00 per ivening, and a proportional ium hv derotlng 11 their time to tbe bnnene. Boyo aud virle earn -ara nettrly at macb a men. Ihat all who see thls may íend thelrartdress, and test the hu]m cc, we ïmtke thls offer. To uu-h as are nut well aiiñel we will end on dollar to pay fo' the trouble of writinir . Fall W ticuirtrn hihI "inil! frt'e. Addr8B Qkorgb Stiw3m t O'. Portland Mntne. MADAME MORA'S C0R8ET8. -BSfe rúan i nriicitw f jy f&Smti'-il-" n.n Un any curtoï ¦Mthpy evvr s'ld. PrciMnlrt O99BST V !'¦ omend thom tortatmwm OtflL J lhJi lunnut break vr W jr hip.. ...i tu-ulai !v br íílTtl lullea or (uil BtViPfJiSSK I IL íf,it'lí,.r"TTTK.i:u:ñAC. Lrï A wluch o-.ií tlio open ipac V V5r ¦¦ml... Hutlitlytk Mídame Mon'i Éonteur. K rs CO , Madame Mora's Ca 3cine. _Urnll"t',llv"'. . Madame Mora's Aldlne. -¦ SSSJfsL ' _ Madame Mora' Comtort Hip. ntowu_ mif C DTÏC CD O or th,vho w!h to uttiln Ril I Elf I lOCIfd Ni pap... or obUin MthnM on advortning p.c. wh.n In Chicago. ,ll (ind it on liK 4s to49 Rndoiph st . npn ff,TunySa


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