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A man may chía A miin may work Kor the temperance cause hII day; But he can't go a-flshlng And obaerve prohlbitlon, Because he aln't lmll t ihul way. The clty milis of Swathel, Kyer & Peterson shut down MoiuUy for a few duys rest. Evart Scott bas broken gróund for a $1,500 cottage upon one of hls lots on E. Aun Si. Bev. W. W. Ranisay exchan;ed pulpits with Rev. Mr. Springer, of Ypsilanti, last Sunday foreuoon. Excursions went into Wliitmore Lake from north and soutli last Sunday, and a big crowd resulted. The city autliorilies shoiild have the 8de streets all tnowed, and all streets cleaned of weeds befare commencement. Prayers were offered at St. Andrew's church, Sunday morning for Mrs. Corselius aud Mrs. Loomis who are t-eriously 311. There will be no celebration of the glorious Fourth in this city, on the 2d or any other day, the schenie having been aban doned. Remember thc observanceof St. John's Day next Friday, the 24th, at Masonic Temple. Rey. W. H. Benton, of Saline. Is expected to conduct the service. The public are invited. Mr. Heury D. Platt, of Pittsfleld, went up to Lansing last week and received hls comtnisslon as state oil irjspector personally from the governor. We are all glad of Mr. Platt's good fortune. T. S. Kirkpatrlck, the President of the League of AmerlCHU Wheelmen, will be in Ann Arbor at the Michigan División Meet July 8th, and negotiations re being mude to secure the famous Bicycle Band of St. Ju In is. Jas. Duffy is serving ten days and Edward Tracy tlfteen days ia the county jail for vagrancy. Good enough for theui. Sure lodgings and clean meáis with no work. The stone yard for these chaps is what we net cl. The water from the spring at the norfti end of öttte street, has been conducted to the corner of Kuiler street by pipe?, and u drinking fountaln of clear, cool spring water now jjreets the thirsty way-fayer in that section. Ie is a good thing. Last Monday Horace Coy, of Northfield, deparled this life, aged 78 years. Mr. Coy was the gtep-father of Chas. H. and Klam Worden, of this city, and was one of the most respected of Washteriaw county pioneers, having cetue here over 50 years ago. If Washtenaw connty should vote for prohibitiou uiider the "ew local optlon law, we shnuld like to know how the law will be entorced in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Dexter? All revenue would be cut off and no difference made in the eale. That is the way it looks. The Northville Record in describing our water works, sys : " Theworks were put in by a private company which takes water from a lake four miles out, and carrie9 it to a large reservoir." Hardly. 'i'he supply is wholly obtained from sprints about three miles westot the city. Monthly meeting of Washtenaw Pomological Society will be held July 2, at 2 p m., sharp. All snippers of fruit are especially invited as the committee on transportaron will give a full report The coming fruit erop and ts disposai and other important mattere will be discussed. Exhibit of fruit oí the season, Tlie Wheelmen's Record says: "We have received a copy of the Michigan Road Book, compiled by Chief Consul J. H. Johnson. It is ¦ neat book of ninetysix puges, with tabulate.l routes and mans of principal ridiliR ilistricts. As au o:d time printer we want to s;iy it a particularly fine piece of tyciraplil(-al work .and reflecta great crc.lit on the Continu press. Joe T. Jacobs while in Ohio last week enjoyed a pleasant chat with ex -President Hayes. (Henoticed that tlie only jewelry the ex Pres. wore was the button of the Loyal Legión.) During the conversatlon Governor Luce's veto was spoken of by Mr. Hayes who sald: " What makes Michisran known tliroiihmit tiie world ia lts Univereity." This is what the Gov. proposes to cripple. For the keeping of the school monies of the city and town the following were the bids: National Hank, i% quarterly on deposiis and overdrafts; Savings Bank 4%% quarterly on ileposiu and overdrufts; Farmers' and MecliHiiies' Bauk % on deposita and charge 5% ovenlrat'ts. The bid of the suvings Bunk was acccpted last evening by the Board. The toads gatlier ir. large numbers nnder the electric lights to feast upon the lnsects attracted thereto by the light. And we have notlced in one or twoinstances boys killing the toads. Boys. don t kill the toads. They are of great benefit to us all in destroying bus and psects. It is cruel aud wicked to kill these harmless animáis. Don't do it, for oinetliiDg awful liapns to people wlio kul toads. There were four bidi received for fur mshing the new gteam heating apparatus for the county house. They were from Schuh & Muehllg and Hutzel & Co of thls city, and from a CtiicaRO and a Toledo flrm. Being about $1,000 more than what the superviiors had figured on it wasdecided not to take any action until some ol the supervisors could beconferred -ni ' , Ato be hoPed that tlle scheme wlll not fall through as it is so necessary, Postmaster Duffy tells us that Information has been sent him from Washington that before the free delivery goes into effect thnt the names of all streets must be placed on slgns at all street ntersections ; that every building inuxt Have the correct number placed upon It that every street on which delivery is made must have a ndewalk, and that unless ilieie things are done there will be no delivery. It will be seen that the city has something to do, and the citizens coniderable, to comply vvith all of these requirements. The house of J. T. Swathel on State St., was struck by lightning last Friday p. n... but not Injured to any extent. The same evenlng the Huid entered through some channel as jet undiscoverable the bath room of the house of Geo. W. Moore, on ourth St., and tore the tub all intoframentü, but where it came in or where Tt ZZ Ut 'f ? great lny8tery. Mr. Moore (Cri Ter f0ur feet ws renhe l,eLarly-,:leaf for 8everal h bv Hi!..ih Tlle re8i(le'";e f Geo. P. hmÏÏ y Wltl' 801ewl'"t. but DO Kreat inury reported. After quoting the Colrier's article sL" !l'e 'a 4tl' re8ime"t reunión, the Shiawassee American adds this Mn In the 4th?anS - Chapln ri)Ml("V onel of th li ï i " promoted to iS SloiSST1"1 "Ud dl"d " few Heinomber the coramencement concert next Wednesday evening. Rev. S. Karp delivered a sermón Sunday morning especially for the members of Hobart Guild. To-day Is the last day of school in the wards, and the grin on the small boy's face is all-ubsorbing. Tlie jury was discharged this a. m , all but a few living near the city, who were retained until the latter part of July. And now the rains descend too frequent, interfering with hayinjr, and giving the weeds a great start in the soft ground. Justice Frueauff sent Sarah Seabolt, who claims Flint as her home, to jail for 10 days lastMonday. forbeinjj Urunk and disorderly. Geo. Neidhammer, a prominent German farmer of Scio, living live miles west of this city, died Sunday f rom ttie effects of a kick f rom a horse. The solicitors for the banquet funds were perhaps the best ( ?) feeling people in the city yesterday. But then they got there after a time all right. On July 5th Thos. and John Roth will have an examinatton before Justice Pond, on a charge of assault and battery preferred by their brother Jacob. The County treasurer reports the saloon i:i all paid in this city, but there are tlve s.ilixiiis doiug business in Ypsllanti wliich have not as jet paid their tax. Thos. F. Leonard was badly liurt yesterday neur the fair grounds, by his horse running away. He had an ankle, two ribs and a collar bone broken. Sheriff Walsh will accompany Daniel B. Brown to Toledo to-morrow to try and identify the two fellows who swindled the latter out of $2,700 recently. The ancient "Elijah" went up in a . chariot of flre, the one next Wednesday evening will go up in a gruña chorus of song, and you will be dellghted therewlth. If the Common Council want to help the Free Dellvery system let them see that the streets are named at their intersections, the houscs numbered and sidewalks laid. Prayer books, changed according to the actions of the general Episcopalian convention are now n the hands of Rev. S. Earp and can be obtained by leaving your name at Hobart Hall. The oíd 4th Michigan are on hand today, and enjoying a reunión once again. The boys are less in numbers each suceeedlng reunión. To night they will be given a granil bimquet at the armory. The Sons of St. George on Thurlay next give an excursión to Detroit and Walpole Island. The fare to Detroit and return being $1.15, and 35 cents extra to the Island. The tirst of the season. The leglslatlve journal of June 14 gives the valuation of the various counties of the state, Washtenaw standing tlürd, at $30,000,000. Kent with $45,000,000, and Saginaw wlth $33,000,000 only standing ahead. One of Mills Bros. horses attached to one of their milk wagon, took a notion to run away Monday, and scattered the lacteal fluid quite proralscuously and generously over the street, making au earthly milky-way, so to speak. At the recent commencement at HUI dale college the degree of M. S. was conf er red upon Mrs. A. M. Garrisrues, of thls city, aud B. S. upon Mrs. Belle Brown Waller, also of th9 city, both former gradúate? of that college. C. S. Russell, of Juckson, was one of the passengere of the ill-fated ChainpUiin that burned on Lake Michigan, last week, and died froin exhaustlon after hu ving swam nshore. He had relatives and many triends in this city. Last Monday night after the class consisting of Messrs. Snnill, Blake and Button, had been initiated inco the mysteries oftheRoyal Arch degree of niasonry, a banqiut was spread and a number of impromptu toasts responded to in a very happy vein. The occasion was a happy one. The "Ladies' Battle " which is to be presentid at the Grand Opera House on Monday evening, Juue 27th, by the University Dramatic Club is a production of Legoare, who wrote for Rachel the play "Adrienne Lacouvreur,1' made so fainous then by her, and since by Fanny Davenport and Bernhardt. The Lansing Republican thinka "Elijah " a very appropr iate theine for the the commeneement concert at the Univcr.sity, for "Elijah" went up, and so dld the appropriütion bilí. The editor of the Republiciwi is especially invited to a front seat at thls entertainment. Perhaps our gov. may be present too. If we are not very much mistaken, the present legislature pissed a law taking Immadlata effect, imposlng heavy penalties for the carrylnjr on of so-called buckct-stiops, and yet the lirm of Norvell & Co., of Detroit, have a brancb office liere. Dealing in options is now classed wlth all other species of gambling, as it should be, it beinjr gauibling of the most dangerous kind. The Feuton Independent makes 110 niistake in saying this: "Dr. Donald Maclean, the surgeon of the University hospital, is working hard to get the hospitals moved to Detroit, where he claims tliat the students will have greater clini( il iidvantagc8. The scheme is a good onu for Maclean and Detroit, but a very poor oue for the University. With the hospitals removed the now flourishing medical department would soon beunderdermined, and it would be the entering wedge to the dismemberment of the University. The hospitals should be kept vvhere they are." The recent action of the citizens of Bay County in voting to construct stone in ui-; is of the greatest importance to that community, and will be a source of prosperlty to that County of incalculable valué. Not only the present geueration but generations to come will bless the founuers and promoters of that grand enterprise. How long will it be before olher communities in Michigan will see the wisdom of this actiou and do likewise? Will the time ever come when the tramps and criminal classes wiil be made to earn their livellhood by pounding the utone to construct these roads? Jas. Dancer, of Pittsileld, Is pecullarly unfortunate in respect to lightnlng. Last Friday evening he had a couple of steers truck by llghtning and killed, and what is peenllar, they were 20 rodsfrom a tree, not near any building, and entirely arate from the otlier oattle in tlie fleld. At different times witliin a few years Mr. Dancer luis had liia barn struck and burned, liad a team killed, a colt killed, und his housc struck. If he could only gather in tlie electric fluid tluit hovers about his premiües and control tt, he could ruu an electric Muhi plant very cheaply. Scientists thinlc ttie atfinity of lightniíig for that lociillty indícales either an iroa mine thereabouts or perhaps a vein of gas or olí. Dancer bétter bore for luck. A few nights since while stopping in Chicago, Mac IeHeau, had a very close cali for his life. There was a defectlre gas tlxture in the room he was assigned to and before inoniing it liad leftked considerable gas, so much in fact that Mac continued sleepint; uní il about 2 o'clock p. m., when he Rwoke with a choking sensation, mul becoiniiig sulflclently aroused to under?tatid the situatlon, lie succeeded in crawliog to a door and opening it. Had Mac awoke in the otlier world instead of in tlie fact would probably have teen heralded as a case of suicide, for the hotel owners would never have tdmltted nny fault on thcir pirt, nnd tlie truth would never have been knowi). It maken our genial I ricud turn palé now to talk about it, and he won't take any stock in a gas company - natural or otuerwisc - very aoou.