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fiiöPRiCE's c& VcbeamT pL fj H VlAVORIDg AKlKg ! I # IPQWDEtf ' tXTRíCíS V fS---_ -TíV J NATURAL FRUIT QÑFTÑJ "-AVORS MOST PERFECT MADE rtvpared RÜh strlet reznrd to Purltv, StrenRtti, and Beuthtolnats. Dr. I'rn-K's BikWgPowder con taina noAiumoniii, Mint', Aluin orPhosphatt'S. Ur.rnr.' w Extracta, Y anilla, Lemn, etc, flavor delidouüly. WC f BAKMG POWDfff CO. CHccgjm_Sr_Lows_ MAX Y LAMP CimiXKVS AHJffl offered for salo represented as gOOdM ilio laiimus PEARL TOP BIT TilEY ARE NOT! And likc all Counterfcits Ini-k Iho Rciuarkablc LASTISG t nul i lies OF THi: EiMINE. ask for the: PEARLTOP And Iuslst yOly T II I S upon j Hp@k Exact tlicm k SaaiP " Each PatOct, 30 , lí:í. The PEARÏTTÓP is .'fliiiiiifix'liirod I.V by GtO, K MACBtCfH & CO., PITTSBUKGH. PA. C. H. St. CLAIR&SONS MANUFAl-l'UKKRS OF Scïöölaöifccl FURNITUHE. 0PI1RA HOUSE III 1IIIS AND WIND-MILLS. Are now preparel to manafactareScbool and Cborota Kurnlture, and Oper [House i'liuirs, I.UWH St-ttees, Camp rallies and the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL riiefbcst nud s'mplest and most reliable In ose. Kepalrlng done on short uotlce. Also dealers In PUMPS, CYLIXDERS, l'IPES, ETC. TANKS MADE TO ORDER. LADDERS, PEACH BOXES, BERRY CKATK8, In tact, any artlcle made to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, ANX ARBOR, MICII. FOR DYSPEPSIA. MENTAL AND PHYSICAL'.EXHAUSTION, NERVOUSNESS, WEAKENED ENERCY, INDIGESTIÓN, ETC., ETC. [f m ACID PHOSPHATE. A liquld preparatlou of the phosphates nd phoHphoric acid. ReoommeDded by riiysk-ians. Il makes a dellclous drink. Invigoratlng and strenthenlng. Pamptaet free. FOH SALE BY ALL DEALERS. Rumford Chemical Works, l'nividciicc. - Uhode Isiaml. %W BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. BEALÉS2A1E insurange" agengy. OP J. A. SESSIONS, ATTORXEY AND NOTAR Y PUBLIC Real Estáte sold or rented and renta collected on reasonable terms. NiMit but old and Uret-clans Insurance Companles representeU- witli Insurance capital of llu.OW.ixio. liute as low as any other Insurance company and losse promptly pald. Office over American Express olllce, Main Street, v ii ii Arbor. Mlch. tEGANW IMPERIAL TRt)SS. s [ i i ru 1 Spring, k rji (1 ed irom 1 to ti pöandi lo pn-ssure. WORN DA Y AND NIGHT, by au lnfant a week old, oran ailultso yaurs. Ladlea Trusses a perfectlon. Enclose stamps for testimoniáis of cure, etc. EGAN IMPERIAL TRU88 CO.. ANN AKBOR, MlCH. INSURANCE ¦BAL ESTÁTE and LOAN AGENCY OF A.W. HAMILTON Office, No. 2, First Floor, Hamilton Block. Partles desirlng to buy or sell Real Estáte wil! Mud It to thelr udvantage to cali on me. I represent ISflrst-class Flre Insurance Corapaules, havlng an aggregate capital over 130,UOÜ.OOO. KatcH Low. Lossen liberally adj usted and promptly pald. I also Issue Life and Kivestment Pollcles In the New York Mutual Life Insurance Company, Assetts, $75,000.00. Persons desirlng Accldenl Insurance, can have yearly pollcles written for tuera orTraveler's Coupon Insurance Tlcki ' il [.ow rates. Money to Loan :i t OarrMt Kilte. Ofllce hours from 8 a. in. (o U mi. and 2 to 5 p. in. ALEX. VV. HAMILTON, Haiuilluu Block.


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