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Consu nipt ion Cured. An old physleian, retired from prartice, haviii ir dad placed in liis hands ly hu K;i-i hnlia missiouary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy tor the speedy and permanent cure f Consumption, Broucultli (Jatitrrh, Asthnvi, and all tlirnat and lung Affectraet, also a pogitive and radical cure for Nervous Dehillty umi and til Nervous Cornplalnts, after ha vine tested tg wonderful curatlve power in thoUMndi if case?, has feit it liis duty to muke it known to hls sutfering fellows. Actuated by lli motive and a desire to relieve human suflerinfr, I will send free of charge to all who desire it, thia recipe in Germán, French or English, with f til 1 dlrections for preparing and using. Sent by mail by addressitiji with stamp, nuniInji this paper, W. A. Noyes, 14!) Power's Block, Rochester, N. Y. Palinistry is not 8uch a new ernze ; we have known men togit around a tablefir lnmiK trying to tind out ahout eacli other'a Iiands. - Boston Commercial Bulletin. Lost. " I don't know wherp, Ican't. teil wlien, I don't see how - soinething of gieat vulue to me, and for the return of which I shall be truly thnnkful, viz. : a good appetiU"." And I Have lomiii, '¦ Ilialth and strength, pure bloocl, an appetite like 1 1mt "fa wolf, regular digestión, all by takin; that popular and peculiar medicine, Hood'l Úargaparilla. I want everybiKly Ut try it thls season " It lltQld by all druggitH. One bundred doses one dollar.


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