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neufo NO FEE ! ! 1 establisred isíi. ) Merrill ÜNTIL BETTER ƒ PKTKOIT.MICH ƒ Block. ' rjíOs The Kognlar, Old-Establishod L{ J rilYSICIÁN & SLRGEON ? Jijr lt rtill trctto with tha eretort J8XILLAND 8UCCE88 TOUNGmen,middle-agedmen and all persons who by their own acts of Imprudence or Folly at any period of Ufe havc broaght upon tliemselves, the evil effect eloMty upon the heels of tTn gr- ion of the laws oí nature, should consult cei-!r,itt.-(l Dr.Clarke at once. Remember] Nervout dlaeaae(with or without dreams) or dfblllty and los of ñervo power trcated scientiíically by new mcthods with never success. jfH makcs no diffcrenc ivhat you have taken orwho has f ai led to cure you. JtT'.ie terrible poinotis of Sypliilis and alt bad blood and skin iliseasca, coropjetely cradi cated without mercury. Bemomber thnt thisono horrible dlsease, íf neglectcd or irnpmperly ireateti, curses tlic present and coming gencrutions 43-AIl nnnnturnl discharges cured promptly wuhout hindrance to buvincM No cxperíincnts. iïoth sexes consult cuntid nt lally. A tSfí and cxperincp Important. A wrftten cunrantre of cure given in evry case uiidortaki n. fl-Sufferer from any chrunlc dlncase write History and Symptoiiis of your case - plainly. Cases solicitud whicli otliers húve failed to cure. L5=Send two stamps for celébrate d works on Chronic. Nervoun and Oelicate Distases. You have an exhaustivo flyniptoinntology by which to study your own case. Consultation, personally or by letter, freo. Consult the oíd Doctor. Thoúsands cured. Ónices and parlors private. You sce no one but thc Doctor. Bc f ore confidin# your case consult Dit. ('LARKK, A fnendly lcttrr or cali may save future sutfering and shame and add golden vears to lifc. Medicines sent everywhere secure Irom exposuro. Ilours, btoÖ; tiundays, 9 to 12. Addrc&s, F. O. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mlch CURES Coughs,Colds,Asthma,Tickling in the Throat, Whooping Cough, Quinzy, Sore Throat, Con sumption, Bronchitis, and all Pulmonary Diseases. YOUNC'S [Co u 9 Hj TansvlUe.Mioh. t Howel!, Mlch., Auk. 15, J87i. -{ Oct. 2H, I I was attnrkíMi t .Jfc have tried Dr. ¦. with a Reveré t A.Yuimk' ('ouch OOld umi 5 ¦ and Luiik Syrup ened with lung % mm g fr more than a fever wbile onaj m# year, an I had ocTlslt tu Ilmlson, ! m J casion.a h rcnicMich., about a !dy for Colds and month ago, eof GoofchA, and much so thnt 1 ¦ $ found ltarellable was unablo to tl 1 1 aja ! medicine. I have an appointment $ J $ used bis Ague to preach on !l ¦¦ f and Ltver Syrup account of my j I ¦ sin my famlly with eevere oonghlog, t ¦ ¦ $ the best of sdcbut manatred to J ¦ eens. curltig my get home. and S I ¦ ! muther (whose modlately tooit $ aKe was orer sotne of I)r. K. A. # $ qCventT vearn) of ..11 h 1 1 1 ! llfter the second iii.Micml takirivr it. Ê f chili and fevpr. and 1 llmi S take plenum.nent relii'f when ! In reonmanllns I am attacked 1 the kbOTa remebj cnugh or(l ! die U) all who luns complalnt. w: ml(l thom Hev. Uubt. Cope. Kev. S. B. Kihmkll. Sold by all drugglsts. prCe, 2Sc., 50c. and I1.C0. I.artfe bottles oent free on receipt of price 9 W.JOHNSTON &CO., "ETROIT, MICHICAN. Kslalc or Lucy V. S. Morman. STATü oK MICHIGAN, Cuunty oï WaaktMMr. M. At a öession of tho Probate Court for ihe County ui V i-ihti'imw, holden at tlie Prohate ÜIBce. in the city of Aun Arbor, on Motulsy, th; twcnt"-third day of My, in the year one thousand eight hundred and etuhty neven. Freeijt, Wnlium D. llarrimin, Juile ol Probate. In the matter of the eetate of l.nry W. S. doMMOd. on readimi and fliiag thapatl lion, daly vcrifii'd, of Franklin L. l'arker praying that a eertain lniitrnment now on file In t hls court pi r[iortín_' lo be the lal w til and testament of aid deceand, dJ bc adnüttsd to probate, and ttial he and ytia 0, Johtison and fcMward D. Kirme niay be iipuoiiited 'Xecutore iheraof. Thereapuu il in ordeied, Ihat Monday, the twen tielh day of June next, at ten oYlock In the forenoon, 1)'' Msiffned fur the hearing of iaid petitioD, aiici ttmt devUeM, lagtt'V1 and lielrt at Inw of said deceast-d .-tri ! al! other pereona Ínteraatod la faid entate, are reuuired to uppear at a seavion of aaid ooottf thtsu tobe holden at the Probate lVi . in the city of Ann Arbor, in faid cuunty and show cause, ir any there be, whj th1 prayei of the petiliotii'i ftUould nol begranted. And it is lunher ordered, thnt aaid petlilonei i-'ive notice to the ptronn interested in paid eptale, ol Uie pendency of eaid petition. and the bawlBR thereot, by caiiïini a copy of thls order t') be published in the Ann Arbor C'ouriVr, a newspapeí printed and circulatintr in said county. three iucks prevlonx to said day of hearing. W1LI.IAM 1). HAIilflMAN. (A trut' copy.) Jndaeof Prohate. W.M. (. UuTÏ. Prohate RerUUT. 1S86 13BB. Kstatc of Dalias I'iercp. STATE Of MICHIGAN, County of Washtcnaw, At a seseion of the I'rohnti' fourt for ihe ('oonty ol Waölitenaw, holilt'ii at ''róbate otlic e. in the city of Ann Arbor, on Krlday, Ihe thlrd day oí June, in the yrar oue ilioiiHand eitiht hundred ind elihtj-teveB. Pre.-eut, William D. Unrriinan. .Imie of l'robate. In the maner of the estáte of Dariue Pierce. deceasrii. On rendiini and tilins the petition, duly verlfied. of Nathun l'ierce, prayinL' that a certaiu laatrament now ou lile in this court sarportlns to to thfl last wlll and testament ol Mij decwaed, m admitted to probate, and that lie niay be appointcd exrc.itor ihiriof. Thereunon it ie ordered, that Tuesday, the 5th day of July next, at ten o'ciock in the foreuoou, lieassiL'iied for the hearing of said petition and that tlie devisees, leiiatt-es, and heirs at law of siid deceased, und all other personB lnteresud insaid (atate, are reuuirid to appemr at a sección ol said court, then to be holden at the Prohate (ulier. In ihe Ciiy of Ann Arbor, and show caueo, il' any there be, why the prnyer of the pe titio.ier sliould uot begraiited. And it is lurther orderei}, that aid peutioner give uotice to the peraont lntertMted In sauU-sute, of the pendency of said petirion, and the hearing thereo!, b eauiiiL' a copy ol' thla order tu be pilblislled m the Ann Arbor Couner. a newspaper prinied und circulatedln naid county, tliree saeMariTe mwkl prrviOU6 to said duy or hearint;. (A trnacopy.J .VlI.UAM D. HAHKIMAN, Judireoi I'.olmte WM. Q. ))TY, Prob.ite l:.'.iter. 1351-157. Cunnilmtloner' Kotlee. O I'AI'KOK Ml IIHlAN.Coiirn. olW.i-htei .s. O rn.' Uliileisifiu tl li.i . hy the i'iMb,ii.' Conrt for saM 0uiitv. Coipinli-alouei lo rcceivi1. esamine ainl ailjnt ill claüna and dmati4fl l all peiv ¦¦ - :im -l Ihe '-tJta1 'l .l).r K iur, tale oí aid cuuntVt deeaased otlce 'hut -ix 'rin ihi'f ;ir :il!o il, ly urdcr of :ii.l l'rob.ile i'oiirt, fr to prcsuDI their Claiini iiratnst the estáte ol suiil decaaaed, und tbat iliev iil meet fit the offleu of Ztlia V. Kit ur. il. the clt) of Ai n Arbor, in said connty. on Tti'-s 'lay, thc7ih day of J una, ná on Wednesday. the T t tï cl;iv of Oepiemhar DeH, at ten o'clock A. l ot eacta of -aid daya, to rec i i-, axaailpe and ad iid claim-. II il. il, M irdi 7, 1SST. JOHN lÜ'llli. i r,iinmis-i Wil, I AI S.S1KVKNS. f tjTATB cK B-ICBlGAh. Tile Clrmilt Coort 0 for llii' Couuti oi HaKbieuaW] in li . Kmin i iiiii, Complalnant, ) v. }¦ BriMal Duy Hiil. DefMMUnl. It afttiafaotoriJx appeartog by affldavil tbal Ihe defendant Ernest Day HUI la nota resdent of ttils stmo, but resides ui Ubieaio, m tbealataof llUuols, on Motloo of Grlfttn A W'ítini'r, siiliritors tol' eoinp!:iinant, 11 Is ordered Irml the suiil defendant, Brnest Dasy il ill üocnuMtila appearaoee t" M (otered lo Lbla i'üihf witliin fout inonLiïM from tbe date 01 tliis ntiU-r. lo wil : OD or hefore UieL'iUli iln ot iii;ii-t, .. l I8S7, mul Hl la defanll Lbereol Hit iiii ofoomptaüai it) tuis nam e laken aa ooafeased by ibe nmíiI d i'emluutDaled, Atui A bor, April X, 1887. 0. JUSTjYN, öw. 1818-51 cii.uli .IikIkp. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Maja St., Ann Arhor. 11 1 oldeat aceno; In tic elty. Batabllnbed over a auartw ol ¦ oeuturj ano Repreaenllng the fulKiwlng Bjat-claM oompanltn, with over #00,000,000 Capital aiiil AlwM. H0HB INs ru., or New York. CONTINENTAL INS. m., ol New Yi.rk. N1ACAK V IN-l. Cl).. Ol New York. UIK.UU) INS. CU., ol Philtuletpliiii. DKIKNT INS. CO., of Hartford. I Kt I I, UNION, of London. LIVEKPOOI,, LONDON und GLOBK. WASHINGTON KIKK und MAHINK, of Boston Ktes hm as Hn iiowost, Lonm ijihtnlly AdjnsttMl itud promntly I'ald. C. H. MILI. EN.


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