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Two mes woro beheaded on th 14th by an explosión in a mino at Crystal f all, Mieh. Th Comptrollor of the Currency on the 14th appointed Hobcrt A. HcQregor, of Minneapolis, to be National Bank Examinor for MlnnesoU aud Northern Wiicousin and Michigan. John Williams, a farmer residing near Indianapolis, lnd., had his cyos put out on the Hth by tho burstingof a bottle of acid. Six wagon-loads of gambling paraphernalia, contisoatcd by the pólice, were publicly burued on the Htti at Atlanta, Ga. Thk statue of Nathan Uale, the ltevolutionary horo, just placed in the capítol at Hartford, was formally dclivered to the State on the 14 th. Thb forty-Unrd annual commun catión of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Wisconsin commencod at Milwaukes on the 14th. Tuk bill providing for lnstruction in the public schools upon the effect of alcohol and narcotica upon tho human system was defeated in the Illinois House on the 14th. Os tho 14th two men were killed and two shockingly mutilated by an explosión in tho MUI Crcok mine at Wilkesbarre, Pa. Matthew Rapp, a St. JoseDh (Mo.) farmer, went to his door on the Hth, during a violent storm, and was struck by a bolt of lightning. Ue felldcati in his wife's arms. Parke, Davis & Co., of Detroit, on the 14th startcd the ball in motion against íoreign labor by disrharging men in thoir faotory who livod in Windsor and were not American citi.ens. Thb 14th was the one hundred and tenth anmversary of the adoption of the stars and stripes as the National cmblein. Thb prospect on tho 14th were that the wheat erop in Dakota would bo the largest ever known in that Tcrritory. Two Italian boys, aged ton or twel ve, unable to speak Englisn, arrived at Denver on tho Hth, having come all the way from Italy alone. They bore tied to their coats the address of their relativos in Denver. The Mastor-Car Builders' Association met at Minneapolis in twenty-tirst annual scsslon on the llth. The strikers at the Pennsylvania salt works at Natrona, Pa,, were serveü with writs on the Hth ordcring thera to vacate the company's nous; on or before the first Monday in July. The alternativo is eviction. Thk Croste Iron & Steel Company of Fhiladolphia made an assignment on the 4th, with pref eren ces of 1378,000. Ths biggest wheat corner Chicago ever saw collapsed on the Hth, causing the failure of three large flrms in Chicago and four in Milwaukee. The Amalgamatod Association of Iron and Steel Workers preparad a new scale of prices on the Hth at Fittsburgh, Pa., which is an advance over the old list The Western Iron Association, the employers, saiii they would close down their milis ratherthan grant a general advance. Pbotests were sent to President Cleveland on the 15th from Iowa and Ohio against the return of the rebel flags captured by the sldiers of those States during the war. At Jersey City, N. J., Charles Burch, ¦ policeman, while temporarily insane fatally shot his wife on the 15th and then committed suicide. The second day of the troubles on the Chicago Board of Trade resulted on the 15th in the failure of uiteen firms and the utter oollapse of the corner in wheat. The total liabilities of the failures were placed at 2, 000,000. The strike of all the building trades in SU Paul, Minn. , was inaugurated on the 15th. 1t was announced on the 15th that the Bunday law enacted by the Missouri Legislature last winter would be rigorously enforced in St. Louis. It closes all saloons, beer-gardens, theaters, base-ball parks, etc. Michael Nhkeiian, ninety years old, cut his throat three times with a razor on the 15th at Kansas City. Ue said he was too old to live. He would recover. A number of immigrants arrived on the lBth at Nogales, A. T., from the socialistic colony of Topotobampo. They told sad stories of the hardships they endured, and say the scheme is a wicked fraud. Five hundred persons went to the colony. Hunger and privation reduoed the number to one hundred. Sidney A. Dwiqht, cashier of the Coxaackie (N. T.) National Bank, was on the 13th said to be short bet ween (50,000 and 160,000 in his accounts. Mator IIoche on the 15th issued peremptory orders for the closing of the houses in Chicago. It was decided on the l.ïth by the cokeproduoors in the Connellsville (Pa.) reglón not to grant the advance demanded by their employés. Tho strike would, therefore, be prolonged. Bernard Mebcheedorf, one of the survirors of Waterloo, died in Brooklyn on the 15th of paralysis, aged niuety-two years. He was born in Frussia, and becarne a soldier when he was eighteen years old. William Wood, of Montreal, was on the 15th elected president of the Master CarBuilders' Association at its meeting in Minneapolis. Carlislb D. Graham shot the Whirlpool rápida again at Niágara Falla on the 15th in a barrel and carne out all right. The jury in the Sharp boodle casa at New York was nnally completed on the 15th, the twenty -second day of the trial. The whole number of talesmen examined was 1,196. Repobts of the 15th from Calhoua County, Fla., say that an epidemie of rabies among dogs and cattle prevailed there. S everal persons, it was said, had been bitten by the rabid dogs. Tub Iowa Sunday-School Association began it twenty-socond annual session at Des Moines on the 15th. Oovernor Larrabee delivered an address of welcome. An English syndicate is looking for grazing land in the Southwest, where they propose to try the experiment of raising pure Arabian Hor se on American soiL Liohtxinb struck a wire fence on the 15th near Mankato, Kan., and demolished all the sound parts entirely, leaving the rotten and decayed ones intact. John Woqdwabd, of Frederickton, N. B., committed suicide on the löth at New Albany, lnd., by piorcing his heart with a pair of scissors. President Cleveland on the 16th re¦cinded the order for the return of the Confedérate flags captured during the war. A hurbicane on the ltith at Grand Forks, D. T. wrecked over seventy housas, uprooted many trees, killed three ladies and injured a number of other persons. The losses were estimated at 1100,000. Captain Murchisox died at Jackson, Tenn., on the 16th, af ter living ninety days without food or drink. crackers in the hands of ohildren on the ltith set Ure to a house in Corona, L. I., which was destroyed, and six ot the inmates were severely burned. An assignment was made on the 16th by tho Prospect Machine and Sngine jan y of Clereland, O., with lmbilltios ot 200,000. Tiiií great coke strike in Ponnsylvania prartieally ended on the lfith wtieii the Hungarian strikers returned to work at tho oíd schedulo of wiifjos. Natural gras and oíl were diacovered on the ltíth at Bromor, Ind., in paying quantittm. Hou. Samuel L. Wilsox, a prominent member of the Erie (Pa.) bar, was Urownod on tho 16th whilo fishing. Onlt One failure oceurred on tho Chicago Board of ïrado on the lBth, and oonfldence wasbeing gradnally restored. Tuk Maaonic Grand Lodge of Dakota, in session on tho 16th at Hurón, passed a resolution that no saloon-kecpor sball be recelvod in any subordínate lodge in their jurisdiction, and that no Masón koeping a saloon shall be recoived in any lodge by afflliation. TnB indications on the 16th were for a wool clip in Michigan of 11,641,000 pounds. The number of sheep in the State was 50,000 less than in 1884. Miss Caroline, who moved in (tood society in Brooklyn, N. Y., committed suicide by drowning on the löth, owing to disappointment in lovo. A dista: in of the 16th f rom Olouceiter, Mass., den ios that American nshormen have takeD any mackerol in Canadian waters this season, aa alloged ia telegrams reoently sent out from Dominion points. Ak association of Confedérate veterans, who uitu in Boston on the ltith as gaests of a (. A. ]{. post, wore roneived wtth great cordiality. It was estlmatcd on the lfith by the Master Car Builders, in session at Minneapolis, that the 25,037 locomotivos in the United States killed 1,436 employés and inju rod (5, MS during the past year. The Washington Manufacturing Company of Fhiladelphia, makers of cotton and woolen goods, failed on the löth for tsoo.ooa A number of the trainmen who were arrested for complicity in the Pan Handle train robberies at Pittsburgh, Pa., were on tho 16th re-employed by the company. They had shown a disposltion to act honorably, and the company in tended to givo them another trial. Jacob, who was respited when on the scaftold at Reidsville, Ga., several weeks ago, was hanged at that place on the 17th for the murder of nis parainour; Fred Morgan (colored) was hanged at Louis ville, Ga., for the murder of Emma Lewis, also colored, and John W. Smitli was cxecuted at Atlanta, Ga., for the murder of Bonner Baker. Julius Selmso, of New York, a boxmaker, shot hls wifo Ellen dead on the 17th and then shot himself fatally. Jealousy was the cause of the deed. The Hormons issued a cali on the 17th for a constitutional convention to meet at Salt Lake City June 30. Tho purpose of the convention is to apply for Statehood. Tuk propeller Champlain of the Northern Michigan linoi en route from Chicago to Cheboygan, waa burned shortly after raidnight on the 17th off Little Island, six miles from Charlevoix, and twenty-nve of the crew and passenger lost their lives by lire (ir drowning. Many bodios had been recovered. The steamer was valued at 130,000. A DE9TRUCTI ve rain and hail-storm passed over Kalamazoo, Mich., on the 17th, blowing down feúcos, trees, cbimneys and outhouses. Advices of the 17th say that the loss by the recent hurrkane at Grand Forks, D. T., was more serious than at nrst reported. Six persons were iustantly killed and about twenty-six injured, some of them fatally. The aggregate destructiom of property was estimated at $150,000. On the lïth soldicrs' and sailors' monuments were dedicated in New Haven, Conn., Boston, Mass., and Brattleboro, Vt, with imposing ceremonies. An explosión of a cartridge on the 17th at Philadelphia seriously injured Dr. Carver's eyes. lt was fearod that the famous marksman would suffer total loss of sight. Foktt-sii delegates met at La Grange, Ky., on the lTth and organized the Union Labor party of Kentucky. A constructiox train feil through a trestle on the 17th on Huntington's new railroad, back of Newport, O., and four workmen were fatally hurt. There were 213 business failures In tho United States duricg the seven days ended on the 17th, against 140 the previous seven days. The prospecta of the cotton erop were everywhere reported on the 17th the mo9t favorable in seven years. A ctcloxe on the 17th near Crookston, Mimi., did great damage to buildings, trees, telegraph Unes, etc, and killing four persons. A man namod Bryant B. ('randall, of Buffalo, N. Y , who was supposed to have committed suicide April 3, 1886, was arrested on the 17th at Salem, Ore. Insurance companies had paid over (0,000 in policios on ti is life. The flre department of Chicago was kept busy responding to twenty-four alarms of Ure on the 17ih, the aggregate losses being 1100,000. The weather was warmer in Chicago on the 17th than for six years, the thermometer marking 97 degrees above in the shade, and seven cases of sun-stroke were reported. The heat was general throughout the Northwest. The two hundred and nftieth annlversary of the settlement of Duxbury, Mass,, was oclebrated on the 17th with appropriato ceremonies. Benjamin Haxce (colored) was lynched on the 17th at Leonardtown, Md., for criminally assaulting Alice Bailey, a white irl. Thb strike of the twelve hundred orehandlers at Cleveland, O., was settled on the 17th, and the men resumed work. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. Hon. James Thokinoton, of Davenport, Ia., ex-Congressman and ex-United States Consul, died at Santa Fe, N. M., on the lSth. Mr. Powderly declared on the 13th that he would not accept a nomination for the Presidency next year from the Labor party or any other organizatlon. James N. Bukflm, ooe of tbe last of the band of abolitioniats led by Garrison and Phillips, died at hls home in Lynn, Mass., on the 13th, aged eighty years. At Philadelphia on the 13th John Russen Young, ex-United States Minister to China, was elected president of the Anti-Poverty Society (the Henry George-Dr. McGlynn party). William E. Chandler was on the 14th cnosen by the New Hampshire Legislature to nll the unexpired term of the late United States Senator Pike. The election of Mr. Chandler completes the list of Senators and Senators-elect of the Fiftieth Congress. The roll stands: Republicana, 39: Demócrata. 37. CoLONKi. Jamks E. Morrisox, of Brooklyn, N. Y., Chief SUte Civil Service Examiner, was stricken with apoplexy at BuSalo on the and died soon afterward. Thk will of the late Vice-President WiUiam A. Wheeler gives 135,000 to home mlsaions and $5,000 to foreign missions. The Illinois Legislature adjourued tim die on the 15 th. The Demócrata of Iowa wlll hold their State convontlon at Dos Holnes Soptoinberl. A State conference of the Union Labor party at Klmiru, N. Y., on tlie löth aüopted the platform of the Cinuiimati Unioa Labor convention. The delegates aigncd uu agreement to sevor all connection with other political partios. The Virginia Demócrata will meet in Btate convention at Roanoke August 4. Si nci.a in Touset, president of the American News Company, died at New York on the 16th, aged seventy-two yoars. Ex-Puesident Makk Hofkius, of Williams College, a scholar of wide attainments and the authorof several phitosophical works of great merit, died on the 17th at Nnrtli Adanis, Mass., In hls clghty-slxth y e ar. Judgk O. A. Lochkane, one ol the most eminent luwyers and jurista in the South, died at hls home in Atlanta, Oa., on the 17tli, of heart-dlseaso. Tnn Rhodo Wand Legislature ailjournod line die on tno FOREIGN. Panama advices of the 13th say that a landslul on a farm in Concordia burlod Senor Peter A. Restrepo, his wife and nina children and the servants in the housj. In all sixteen persons were killed. A FAHMER living noar Fanuma was rocently, while returning froin work in tha tiolds, surrounded by un eleciric Ham", whirh burned off part of his halr and beard, contumod one eyebrow and pluy mI othor fantastic trlcks with hun. He suffered intensely, but was recovoring. Advices of the 14th say many laboren and cattle have been killed and great iluniage done to crops and buildings by hilstorms in Eastern Roumelia. Documents are displayed in the Nors department of the American exhibttion in London to prove that Amonca was discovered in 985 by an Icelander named Leif Erikson, thus antedaüng Columbus liv hundred years. A dinamite plot to be carricd out uuring the Queen's jubilee was discovered on the 15th by the London pólice. A tamine was provailing on the 15th on the Cioilis plain, in Asia Minor, esusod by the failure of crops several years in successen. About 80,000 peoplo out of a population of 130,000 were destitute. Advices of the 15th say a revolution la Tucuman, a province ef the Argentino Republic, was suppreased by the Government with a losa of four hundred lives. The Onvernor of the province and other officials were made prisoners. A UN1VERSITT student from Breslau was arrestod at Warzburg on the ltith, suspected of impltcation in a plot to kill the Emperor of Germany. S mei itF.y, the oelebrated landscape pain ter, died at Dusseldorf on the 16th. A roRMí darle movemeiit looking to tha overthrovr of King Kalakaua was on the lfith said to have been organized in the Sandwich Is land s. A mutiny participated ín by live hundred men in the garrison at Herat was suppressed on the löth. Thirty loyal troops and üfty of the mutineers were killed. Hos. James G. Bi.aink arrived at Southampton, Eng., on the Hitti. A sensatios was caused ín French high life on the ltith by the sucoessful kidnaping in Paris of the Counless Campos, recen tly divorced. Eioht nuNDKED houses were destroyed on the ltith by Ure in the city of Botuschany, Roumania, and seven persons perished in the conflagratlon. The Queen's jubilee was celebrated at Glasgow on the ltith by a memorial religious service and a number of bal! and banqueta, Six thousand poor people were glven a dlnner at the public expense. Advices of the ltith say that the Oaceit were committing many depredations aud outrages in Burmah. Two MiLLios acres of land in Sonora, Hex., have been purchased by Eastorn capitalista, whose purpose is to estabhsb. an American colony. A papek factory at Kicf, Russia, was destroyed by tira on the ITtti, cauaing a loss of 1250,000. Six THOC9AND striking ship-builders returned to work at Belfast, Ireland, on tha ffefe. LATER NEWS. The record of tha base-ball clubs In the National League for the week ended on the 18th was as follows: Detroit (games won), 28; Boston, 2Í; New York, 25; Chicago, 21; Philadelphla, 20; Pittsburgh, 15; Washington, 14; Indianapolis, 10. It was announced on the ISth that a rich discovery of gold and silver had been mada In Burnet County, Tox. A SEVBRB earthquake shock was feit at Summervülo S. C, on the morning of tha l'.ith, accompanicd by a prolonged roaring. No casualties were reported. The Union Labor party of Kentucky, in convention at La Grange on the 18th, nominated a f uil State ticket, with A U. Cargin for Governor. A Southern Pacific express-train was robbed by bandits near Flatonia, Tox., early on the morning of the ISth. The passenger were relloved of over 115,000 in money and valuables, and it was rumored that 175,000 was secured from the expreucar. The bmsiness portion of the town of Washburn, Woodford Couoty, IU., was destroyed by Ure on the lüth. Loss, $100,000. The jury in the McGarigle-McDonald boodle case in Chicago, after four hours and a half deliberation, returned a verdict of guilty on the lSth, fixiug the penalty at thrce years in the penitentiary. Mrs. Peakl Lacbt, of New York, a twoweeks' bride, shot borself through tha head on the ÏMU in a fit of homesiokness. Dispatches of the IStIi say that a boat containing 250 pilgrims was capsized whila erossing the Danube river near Paks, and most of the occupants were lost Over one hundred bodies had been recovered. The losaos by the floods in Hungary wera eomputed sn the ISth at (5,000,000. Fifteen hundred farmers had been totally ruined. The New York World balloon that at. cended on the 17th at Bt Louis 'with four occupants, with the ntentlon of reaching the Atlantic coast, descended near Centralia, 111, at 8:15 p. m. on the ISth. At ons time the balloon reacned a height of sixteeu thousand feet, the hihost on record. A stage-coach wil robbod on the ISth near Barnotts, Mo., by masked men, about $250 In money and valuables being taken from the passengers. Dritiso a squall on jake Michigan on the evening of the 18th George W. Baker, Edward Clark and William B. Miller, threa prominent young men of Chicago, lost their lives by the upsetting of their boat. AT a circus exhibition on tha ISth in New Lisbon, O., two elephants becamo unmanageable and seriously lnjurod several women and babies. Five men were fatally injured on tha 18th by an explosión of coal gas in a mina at Pittstou Junction, Pa. Tas exchanges at twentysix leadlnj elearing-houses in the United States durlng the week ended on the 18th aggragated $l,082,!88,834, against $1,016, 628, 7BT, the previous week. As comparod with the corresponding week of IS, tha increasa amounts to 11.6 per cent "Helio!" exclalmeil a moteor, wli, movlnjr in the upper e relés t t lie air luid met an obutruction. " What ís tliis? Wfco are yon ? " Don't you know me ? " " Nver met you before." "Oh, yes yon diil; several spasons upo. I'm tlie top ot' m


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