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Miss Eliza Ladd left Monday nlght Tor Charlevolx. Frank Randall is homo from Detroit, on the sick list. Hon. Thos. W. Palmer is the guest of Dr. Stowell and wife. Miss Carrie Potter, of Detroit, is visiting i'rii'inls in tlio city. Chauncey H. Millen is conöned to his home witli rheutnatUm. Miss Anna Ttowbiidge, of Detroit, is visiling iricuds in the city. Mr?. Hatstedt of Monroe, is the guest of Mrs. Rev. Schinidt this week. Miss May Sipley, of Lansing, ia visiting her uncle, City Marshal Sipley. Prot. Dolos Fall is the guest of his brother, Dewill C. Fall this week. Bol. VV. K. Gibson and son, of Jackson, are the guests of Bralt Scott. Miss Kate Grifüth, of Jackson, is the guest of Capt. O. II. Manly's family. Mrs. Frank Lansing, of Howell, has been in the city a few days visiting friends. Mrs. John llulm, has gone to Laporte, Ind., to vijil her brother,Chas. Dessow. Prof. C. W. Dodge, Ut. '86. of the Detroit schools, is the guest of Uilbert Bliss. Dr. and Mrs. Luscomb of Marsliall, are the guests of Mrs. Fischer, on S. Main st. Walter C. Mack and sister Clara leave Monday for a two week's stay at Charlevoix. Miss Clark, ut Jaekson is siending the week with the family of Gilbert Bliss. Drs. Walsh, Sterling, and Sprangor, of Detroit are guests ot Prof. Ubei. tiiis week. Dr. R. C. Leacock, class of r84, is the guest of O. 1!. Cümch und tainiiy tbis week. Dr. C. B. Porter and wife of Bay City, are visiting their daughter Alice this week. Miss Kelle Hhanklan ttOMoago, is stopping witU her sister, Mrs. C. T. Dounelly. Prof. W. N. Ferris of Uig Rápida was the gutst ot Mrs. Lucy M. Cuirk last Saturday. Mis Marmaduke, of Fremont, Ohio, is visiling 41 rs. lienry Wren, on W. l-ibiily st. Dr. J. NV. McLaeldau is spending the week wilh his brother Prot. D. A. McLachluii. Mrs. Will Stimson starts Tuesday for a lew weik'ssuy al Traverse City and Petoskey. Albert J. Volland and wife of Grand Rapids, are guests of his párente for a few weeke. Itobert E. Costello, of Chicago, is visiting his iiiuther Mrs. A. Keacney, for a (bw weeks. Dr. P. Ii. Rose litis been home from Chicago during the week, visiting fainily and Incluis. Mrs. R. M. Barker, of Klint, is viniting her sister, Miss Alible A., and brother Geo. B. Pond. Ker. Dr. Goodwill, of Chicago, is the guest of II. J. limw ii, and fainily diirmg comniencenient. President Adam of Cor nel 1, accompaniecl by Mis. Adanis, is laking in the seuii-centcuuial. Rev. K. A. S[ ence is home fiom bis Saginaw inlsfciou tbr the Btuii-ceiit eiinial remming Kriday. M. O. Graves, lit. 'SI!, and bid motber, now of Wvandutle, aru In thu city tuis, wreek, visitiug triends. Dr. A. B. Crint, of Ionia, ex-president of the state homeop. society, spends the week as the guest of Dr. Wood. Dr. A. J. Parker and wife, of Caro, are visitiiMC rejattves and triends in the cily and tuking in the ceini-centennial. EJ. Roberts, editor of ths Democrat. at Fort Madison, Iowa, is Visiting Geo. W'. Milieu and olher frieiuls in tlie cily. Kx-Lieut. Gov. M. S. Crosby, of Grand Rapids, accompanied by his wife and son are the guesls of Prof. M. E. Cooley. Mis. Levi Hiscock, of Earlville, III., and Mrs. Clark, ot the same place are the guests, this week, of Daniel Hiscock. Hon. S. G. Ives. of Chelsea, was down to the city yesterday, and wlll take in the semi-ceiitenuial to-day and to-morrow. Dr. J. C Coolidge, homeop. '79, of Scranton, Pa., orator for alumni day, is the guest of Drs. .McIj:ichUn and Wood. A. M. Clark, of Saline, talks seriuusly of making a permanent renidence at Ann Arbor. Símil glad to welcome him here. B. Frank Bower of the Evening Journal stalt', spent SaturJay evening and öunday wilh his inother and (bUera on N. Ingalls street. Miss Cook and Miss Harriet Reade, tonner students in thu university, are the giiests of Mr. VV. G. Doty this week. Irylug K. '79 and Allen B. Pond '80, now of Chicago, are the guests of their parents, Mr. aud Mis. E. B. Pond, on State st. Mrs. Reien A. Reynolds of this city, has been vinting West Branch, the guest of M. II. French, formerly city recorder of Ann Arbor. C. Q. Tappan, of Caro, Register of Deeds for Tuscola county, is visiting his alma mater and enjoying the eoiumenceinent exerciies. Geo. ff. Knight, lit. '78, professor of History in the State University, Columbus, Ohio, is In the city, visiting his parents, J W. Knight and wite. Victor H. Lane, circuit judge elect of the Adrián district, accompanied by bis wife, are the guests of E. J. Knowlton and family this week. Dr. Flynn and his brother Will, of Wett Branch, have been in tlie city during the week, called here by the death of their father, John Flynn. xy Miss Kate Molony, formerly connected with Lawrence Barrett'B, and also with Edwin Booth's dramatic coinpaaies, is visiting in the city. Miss Joan Kempf, of Sault Ste Marie, is home for the summer vacation. She will return to the Soo again in August where she is engaged in teaching. John Reed, principal of the Saginaw schools, accompanied by his wife, botu graduates, are attending the celebration this week, and guests of J. Q. A. Sessions. Editor Thos. S. Applegate of the Adrlau Dady Time", accompanied by bis wife, is the guest of Dr. Frothingham, and was a pleasing caller at the ('oruiKit sanctum this a. m. Mrs. Ruth Thomas, nee Henion, of Huron, Dakota, is visiting relatives and friends in the city, accompanied by her mother Mrs. Minerva Henion, of Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Dr. H. Olin, of Detroit, president of the homeop. medical KNriatYi and of the state homeop. medical society, with bis bride are the guests of Mr. hik) Mrs. Dr. D. A. McLaclilan. C. E. Sclmttuck and wife, accompanied by their daughter, Mrs. Todd, of Owosso, are attending commenceinent the guests of their son J. C. Hhattuck, wbo graduates fiom the llterary department. Peter Polson, who went west a few weeks ago to grow up with the country, after traveling all over the prairies, mines, mountalni and ranges of the great west, returns home perleolly salisti.-d to remain In Michigan. J ulitis V. Seyler of the Detroit Conservatory of Music is spending a few days with his parents in this city, before attending the national musical conventioim at Jackson and Indianapolis. lic will spend the vacation in Ann Arbor. Mrs. John H. Maynard, of San Francisco, ís visiting at John W. Maynard, accompanied by her nieces, Misses O race and Florence Pieice, who are on their way to New York City to complete their studies. Previous to which, however, they will viit the White Mountains.