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The Pope--the News -- Mcglynn

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Wliile Father McGlynn was belngeducated for the priesthood at Rome, accorulng to the story of a New Jersey prlest, he atteoded exerclses in a liirni' huil. A paule was causad by the heams KunportiiiK the tloor giving way. Young H cUlynn rusbed to the platlorm and In commandlng tones ordered the frlght ni il crowd to return, as there was nodanger. The people obeyed, when Pope Plus IX., who was on the platform, asked hls nelghbor who the young man was who had checked the disorder so successfully. It was young Edward Mc( ilynn, an Ainerlcan student, hls holmess was inforrned, and then he sald : "Thlsman whosaid that wlll surely inuke hls mark in the church." - Ex. Bilt alas! poor McGlynn liad the ternerity to believe that political opinions and religious opinions were entirely different matters. That church and state wi -re not ouc and tlie sama tliing1, and persistinR in his belief he has been exroiiimunicated by both the l'ope and the Detroit Eveninp News. The edict of the News was published In a recent issue, and that of the Pope several days previous. The l'ope was content to confine his edict to McGlynn bnt the News had to ring in the entire body of Protestants. In its very able document we lind this langu;i{re: "Even should his ( McGlynn's) faith break down he can not rest in Protestan tism. Between Catüolieitm and absolute unbelief there it no stone upon which he can rest his foot." 'l'his is the inanner in which the paper that opposes the university insults the Protestants of America. Hecause tlny are not Catholicg they are unbelicvers. There may, possibly be as sincere believers in Cbrlgt and his teachinfs, as honest, as honorable' and as devout Christian ]eople in the Protestant eb ure h as is the editor of tlie Evenin{ News who thus Insults his readers of that faith. Again we quote: "He (McGlynn) is out of the churcli, and he can not gèt in again except Peter's keys in the hands of Peter's successor, turn the bolt ftnd open the door lor liiin." In otlier wortls in stepping out of that chtiich lie is out of lieaven. Perhips, when the editor of the News comes before St. Peter and demanda entrance through the pates it may ¦0 linppen that Dr. MeGlyOD will stiinil beside talm. and St Peter may not ask of fither: " What form of relijfious faith have you obseived on earth ? " Uut he may ask: "What deeds have you domwliile on earth entitling you to admission here f " Ttie Aews follows on in this manner: " When a Protestant isexpelled from one cliurch lie can quietly go tu motín r - even of the saine cienonriiiatlon - and be as conifortable as ever. He will be reccivcd in fnll oommnnlon, and lind complete ppiritual rest and content, üntwardly aud in conecienee lie iü undisIlirbcil." ThatBUtement isa falsehooc!. No person can be expelled from one Protestant ohurch tor immorality, for crime, or for violation of the laws of his country ainl be recelved into any otlit-r Protestant chnroh, but Protestant churches do not set'k to interfere with poliikjal belief. The Times, publislied at West Branch, ( ganun ('o., hasawoke from lts lettuirgy, growB In sic ind n anterpriie, and comes out now a U col. qnarto li 1 led with uews.


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