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A FiiiMhlnR brute kick ml hlR wlfe and f...

A FiiiMhlnR brute kick ml hlR wlfe and f... image
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A FiiiMhlnR brute kick ml hlR wlfe and famlly oul of doorn In Ihelr nlght clothea. HU wlte fiiinted twice ou llie way lo anelghbor's. - Daily Paper. Wlij' not adopt the wlnpplng post for wife beaters mul for the crime of rape? These are two crimes thst are inexcusable and contemptible. Thoy result froin allowing the brute pasMous to jrain mastery over one's self, and ought to be punihcd In i manner commensurate with tliclr depraTlty. Tbeu two crimes are becoming i'Xtremely frequent, also, and pnnlsbmentl tlicrefor amonuts to littleor nothiiig. It is rime somethiiifr nvhs doiie to brins this miserable class of oflenders to justice. If the cat-o-niue-t;iils wil) do It, iet's have it. The standing of the various. clubs in the HM for the league peunant is as follows, up to last night: Won. Lont. Percent. Detroit 42 ï:, .016 Otilcago 40 H8 ,000 Bostou 80 2S Bi New York +) SI .&a Phlladelphia 85 500 Washingtou H7 :m .428 PittüburKh 87 89 AW Indianapnlls IV 4!i ..(79 The Detroit club lias been in hard luck for souie time, having hud some of' its best playera disabled, aml others sus pended for "indifferent " playiug. The winning of the game from Chicago Monday by a score of 15 to 3 revived the de¦pondent friends of the Detrolts here bouts Homewhat - only to be cnisiied the next day.


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