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DOFT ÜSÊ BIB WDRDS I In proinulufiítiu esoteric cogitations or trtlcnlntlng BUperflclal sentiinentalities and phllotophleal or psychological obs( r rationa, beware of platitudinous pomlerosity. Let your statements pos?oss a clarified oonciseness, compacted compn 'hensiblciiess, coalescent consistency and r conoentrated eogency. Kschew all oonglonierations of ñatulent garrulity, jejune bfibblement and nsiniue affectations. Iu trying to impress upon otlicrs tbe superiority, rellability, and purity of all medicines and chemicals at Goodyear's Drug Store it is not necessary to nse jawlni'akers. Let your exteniporaneous descantillas and unpremeditated expatiatoiis hare tntellljiblllry and veracious viracity, without rliodouiontade or tbrasonieal bombast. Sedulously avoid all pollytyllablc profundity psittaceous vacuity, Tuntrlloqual verbosity vandiloxuotit vapidity ; slum doublé eutendres, prnricnt jocosity and pestifeious prolanity obscuient or apparent. In otlier word, talk plainly, naturally, sensibly, and truthtully, pay, that Qoodyear's Drug Store is really the best place in Waahten.'iw County to buy pure drugs, etc, at luw pricei; also that especial attention is given to tbe careful preparatipn of pwscriptions and family ïiicclicincs. Summer School of Mi. JÜLY 6 tolü6UST 12. IN'STRUCTIÜNS AND CONCKKTS WILL BE GIVEN BY CALVIN B. CADY, Piano, Iliirmony, Maat aal Atmlysis, rhoral Mu-ic (Sight KeudlUK), Teaetiliig. ORÍN B. CADY, Volee Culturo, Sloclog and Mothods of Teivchlng. Miss Mary Louise Wood, riantst. Miss Julia L. Caruthers, riuuist. Mr. William Luderer, Vlollnbt. Detroit Philharmonic Club, Ml!. VM. VOUCIC, lst Violln. Ml!, L. K. SCIHTI.TZK, LM Vlolln. MR. WALTBB VüIiir.VUNICK, Viola. MR. KM1I. SCHIPI'K. 'Cello. Si Plauoa, od Orgma.two vioMuh Ksoltala, ona Oonoert by nctroii riiiiiiuriaouicj Clttb. TUITION VERY LOW Fot ( Ireulars Aihln-s CAL.TIA) B. CADY, Anu Arbor, Mleh ft f T Tl Hl m K'itr. kil IhoM wk rito to I ' I I I Sl"l''" .rorllMd, Mln.williKelT f Tl I II rrM fl1" iuformiitloo bout work whlch I ¦ llitj f o to, ,nd lWlboru,lhlwillp7 w ¦¦¦ them froin 5 lo f 25 pr dj. Roma h.T. uiiiilovr$Mlln Jj Kllhrticl, jouniorld. CaplUl nut rqulrpd Yoo ritftrtd frte. ThoM wbo itart at oim ftit lisylutely ur uf iuu liltU rortoac. All la Bw.


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