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In attlc or oellar, graclous! glory ! In towu, on farm, tn every spot, Every where you go. the lame i olü story"JeewuiHtBn glnger ! alnt thia hot? Muehlig had three funerala to attend Tuesday. Win. H. Langa, infant son of Wm. Langa, of the 2d ward, died July 25tb. The infant cliild of Michael Snierle, of the town of Scio, was buried yesterday. Tlie corn and potato erop in a large portiou of tbis county is a total failure. An infant son of Geo. B. Schwab, of the 2d ward, died Sunday of cholera infantuiu. An excursión party of about 200 Owosboites, took in the benuties of Whitmore Lake last Friday. Hev. R. H. Steele preached in the Jefferson Ave. Presbyterlan church, Detroit, last Sunday. Mr. Mellor has reslgned as übraria of Hobart Guild, and L. P. Jocelyn bas been appointed in liis place. The Ypsilantlan finds fault wlth the wording of one of our personal Ítems. Sorry, but we can't please all. CUarley Craig, of Saline, carne to the county jail last Friday on a ten day's sentence, for careless use of flre arms. Ambrose W. Murray, of the township of Superior, died July 23J, aged 66 years, 7 months, of cancer of the stomach. Miss Caroline Kittel, of Salem, died Saturday last and was buried Monday from the family residence; aged 17 years. James Eagan, of the 6th ward, died July 21, aged 5t5 years, of kidney trouble. Tho reuiains were takeu to Clinton for burial. A new norse for the Express wagon was sent on Sunduy from Chicago, a clappled gray, and a beauty at that, so Mr. Ames tells us. John J. Fees, of Illinois is canvassing tliia Section in the interest of a remedy he has for the ktlHog of insect that intect fruit and fruit trees. The M. E. Sunday School of which Prof. G. B. Mcrriman was once superintendent, were delighted to listen to some remarks trom him last Sunday. The unión S. S. excursión to take place in about two weeks will be the cbeapest and plcasantest excursión of the Beason. We will give full particulars next week Hibhani, of tlie University nine, is reported to have signed wlth the Pittsburghs. And McMUlan is playing 2d base in one of the clubs of the Ohio league. This is the 50th year since the organization of the Methodist church in this city, and lt is proposed to hold a grand jubilee celebration or fair about December lst. The little babe left by Mrs. S. C. Andrews followed ita mother to the unknown land last Friday, and it remains were taken to Paw Paw and interred by her side. Uev. Mr. Wright, of Chicago, will occupy the pulpit of the Congregatlonal Churcb of DexUr, for the coming year, cornmencing u's pas tora te Sunday, August 4th. The Ann Arbor Schutzenbund are on tlie boards for a grand Schutzenfest on the 14th and 15th of August, which will be attended by a large number of sharpshooters from all over the state. W. E. Metzger, of Detroit, who took part in several ot the races here at tbe tinifi of the tournament, and helped win the tenm race, has leen quite sick slnce tliat event, but is recoveriug now, Thos. F. HUI and Mrs. Charlotte T. Taylor were married last Thursday . ra. This is the "up-Hiir item we suppressed last week by request. And if we ever do -m-Ii a tbing agaia we hope to squeal. The Big Six dance last Friday evening was largely attended and the silver cups, for the most graceful waltzers, were awarded to Miss Eliza Ely, of Ypsilanti, and Mr. John T. Kenny, of this city. Mrs. Mary C. Whiting, attorney at law, who bus opened an ntüee in this city, saya that there is room in the prnfession for lady pr.ictitioners, and that business has cotnmenced very favorably indeed. TUe horse and buggy of John Hagen was stolen from In front of bis farm house, about 2l.i miles north of this city 'st Sunday nlght, and the thlef drove it through the city. No further clue at this writing. Oov. Luce will go to Whitmore Lake Aug. 20th and return vU ttie Grand Trunk. lt is more economical, you know, and then he inlght get sight of the University buildings If he came around this way. If the floods which have been desoending in the east could have been dlvided and a portion of theni given to thia part of Michigan, it would have been a good tliing for everybody here. Rain water Is needed very much. E. Baur, secretary, announces the monthly meeting of the Washtenaw Pomological Society on the 6th of August. Reports of committees. The peach, pear and grape erop will be discussed. Circular by Secretary Gartield. There is a story running around the city about one of our merchants living upon Lawrence ptreet, shooting flsh out of bis water hydrant for brenkfast. But t is probably a nh story, us no tlsh have ever been planted in the reservoir we are told. The Register is evidently not in favor of women's rights or even in justice to the fair sex, in its enumeration of summer schools last week, the prosperoua a nd excellent shorthand summer school of Miss R. K. McCaughna was entirely gnored. But the lady prospers jutt the saine. The man who says that the free delivery system is satisfactory mistakes tbe public sentiment. It takes a long time for the public to make n radical change from old cu8toms. In the course of a few years the feellng wlll alter probably, and tlie free deüvery system gradually grow in popularity. But as the Courier told lts readers some months ago, when the subject was first being agitated, the peoPe would be glad to clmnge buck to the old system agnin. Th members of Welch Post, No. 137, G. A. R„ present at their last regular meeting, having voted unanimously to attend, tn a body, the next annual encampment for this, the Southeastern Dist riet, to be held at Adrián, August 30th ad 31st, 8ept. lat and 2d, it is deslred that all members of the Post wlll fall In [or one hour'g drill, on each Thursday wnliilt ut 8 „Vloek, (commenclng tl ui Manly Mas consented to act as 8ufflnf"iter n the8e occasions, which is sufflclent guarantee of their value. Bach & Abel are niakiiig Borne very Iow prices. The thing most needed just at present is a good, soaking, three-days rain. H. Hawkins has opened up a steam laundry in the gtore of Wni. Burke, on Aun ít., fnrmerly occupied by John M. Gould. Mrs. Mary Chumbera, who has lived at the corner of Kust Aun and North State streets Tor a long time, and in this city souie 50 years, died Moudiiy of cancer of the stomach, after au extended illnesf, aged about 69 years. We regret to learn of the deatli of Morna, the iufant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. ft. Chamberlain, at their liome 2718 Plcasant Ave., on Tuesday, July lOth. The inany frtends of Mr. and Mrs. Chamhcrlain in this city will tender theiu their sincere sympathy. Thu Sioux FalU Daily Prcas of July 2d contains a full report of the inaugural address of Prof. McLouth in taking the Presiden t'g chai r of the Brooking Agricultural College of Dakota, located at that place, and In au editorial articlethe paper complimeuts Dr. McLouth highly. The booming street just now is that part of E. Ann street known to fame as "Lover's Lane." New houses are springing up there llke magie, and when the fences come to be taken down along the street, and one or two other iuiprovenients made, it will be one of the hnndsomest residence places in town. There are some trees on N. Ingalls st., near the corner of E. Ann st., the limbs of whicn knock the hits oñ of tall men, and the umbrellas and par.isols of short women, while the nodJi of the boards together with the old nails sticking up tn tlie sidewalk trip up their feet So there's bother over hed and uniler foot both. The Rome, Watertown & Ogdcnsburg Railroad senda us a book of "Routes and Hatea for Summer Tours," which is full of interest just at present. The book is very kandsome, and contains the inforniation that niany persons are seeklng just at present, and has many valuable maps. You can obtain the work by sending ten cents for postage to Theo. Butterüeld, General Passenger Agent, Oswego, N. Y. The Ypsllanti Drlving Park management is not quite as courteous as is the Detroit Club management, which sends to the editors of the state a ticket of admistlon which is a work of art to look upon even if one does not care to use it. Here the Ann Arbor papers hare been advertising free gratis, the Ypsilanti "hoss trot' which comes off next week, in severa] issues, and yet no "comp." is sent around, which is not very compliraentary. One of the most attractive events of the past week, was one that occurred on Washington st. during the past week, and which created considerable merriment for a large crowd that quickly collected on the scène. It was nothing more or less than one of our prominent and out-spoken prohibitionists retiirning a case of empty beer bottles to Fred. Rettich's. To add to the charm of the occasion lic was driving the rig of another prominent prohibitionist. With a smile on his face Indicating intense delight, and a cigar in his hand (which looked something like bribery) W. W. Tldd, foreman of the Courier bindery, approached ye scribe Monday morning, and we knew by the peculiar expression of bis tace that it wasn't a boy. But then Tidd says girls are ever so much nicer than boys any way, and contentment in this world is happiness. Last Saturday night the important event occurred. There is a dangerous practice growing up among some of the younger bicyclists, of running their wlieels upon the sidewalks. This practice is severely condemned in the bylaws of all clubs of wheelmen as tending to bring the pastime into dlsrepute. In onr city. with its flne grave'ed st reets, there is little excuse for using the walks, and those who persist in lodoing will tiinl an ordinance that makes it a misdemeanor. So boys, don't do it. Keep in the streets where there is no danger to llfe or limb. The South Lyon Picket just about hits the nail on the head : "The successful towns have been made successful by the property owners pulling together Public improvement Is an investment that pnyg. Don't waste your time over dirty neighborhood quarrels, and hold back your aid from some good object for splte, but work for some good, and you will find yourself benerited. Get at it. Wake up. Kustle. There Is no time to be lost, and every little helps. Toot your horn and toot it loud." A young man giving bis name as Uoward, was arrested here Saturday for forging a check for $35.50 on the house of J. El lis A: Co. of Toledo, which he claimed to represent as agent. Mr. F. S Cole, of tuis city, being in Manchester Saturday, struck up a chance acquaintance with "Howard" and together with a merchant of that place identified hlra at the bank so thai he could draw the motu-v. He then rode to Ann Arbor with Cole and put up at the Franklin house uuder a stlll different name. The telegraph soon told tlie story of the forgery, and the arrest immediately followed. Howard claims that this is his maiden offence, Dut refuses to disclose his identity. Mrs. Mary E. Clark, relict of the late Rev. C. G. Clark one of the pioneer Presbyterian ministers of this county and state, who bas resided In this city for many years, is about breaking up her home, and will visit eastern friends and relatives for some time, after which she will reside with lier daughter, Mrs. Jas. B. Lee, in Brighton. Mrs. Clark is a remarkable lady, though having reached the grand old age of 81 is yet active and strong. She is proud of being a descendant of Jonathan Edwards, and the cnergies of the closing years ot her Ufe are being devoted to the Presbyterian cause, of which she is a devout advocate. Her presence will be greatly missed from tlie circles in which she moves n this city. In going about the city a few nights 8nce ye local noted various electric lights that ought to be elevated. In some localities, notably at the intersection of S. Ingalls, HUI and Tappan sta., the light is of little value now, while if it was placed on top of a 60 foot pole it would light a large arca. The lights at the corners of the campus cnuld be made to do as much again service by rauing tliem so that they would shine over the tops of the trees. And these are only a few that ought to be rained. Except in the business part of the city the lights are generally too Iow, and In many places If the wires suspending thelamps were brought up tuut, they would be far better. This isa subject the people, the council and the electrlo light company are all interested in, and deeply 80. B. Liizell, superintendent of agencies Is in the city Ibis week looking aftcr tlie interests of the Michigan Mutual Benefit Absociatiou, of Hillsdale, and has made some changes in the local board, which will hereafter be constltuted as lollows: l'rfulilt'tit- W. II. Smitli, M. D. Seo'y and Trea.- James K. Bach. Advlaory Board- J. J. Robison, E. E. Heul, II F. Belser and K. B. NorrU. Medical Board- W. B. Hmlth, M. I). and ï. J. Hullivan, M. D. Collector- Jaa. R. Bach. Agent-N. U. liuttB. The company has gone throuh the struggle of the laat two years, paid up all lts old lomes and to-day stands a solid and lirin company, one of the very best in the state, having paid to its beneficiarles over $160,000. Mr. N. G. Butts, who now takes the field for work, will be pleased to give Information to any one withlngto protect their family, which it is the duty of all to do.