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E. A. Gott, of Detroit, is n the city tliis week. Dr. Jas. Stevens has gone to East Tawaa to lócate. J. J. Keed, of Chicago, was in town over the Sabbath. Goo. Osius, now located in Detroit, was in the city over Sunday. VVill Kennedy is taking liis annual vacation this week - tishlng. Miss Jennie Pugsley, of Iaw Paw, is in tlie city tor a short stay. Mísh Kinma Hayley is taking tier aniiii kl vrtcation of tour weeks. Treasurer Soule and family went to Topinabee Bay last Saturday. Dr. Frothingham left yesterday morning for St. Clair for a few dayg. Ex-Auditor General Stevens returned from his northern trip Monday. Judgc Cheever and son.Will, are vlsltlug at different points in the state. Wm. C. Stevens and grandson "Collie," are spending a few days at the lake. Oscar Schmid expects to go to Minneapolls, Mlnn., to-day or to-morrow. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Martin have been visiting in Detroit during the week. Yesterday a. m. J. T. Jacobs returned from a week's trip to ( 'olumbus, Ohio. Fred A. Peter, of Sclo, was home from Chicago last week, visiting old friends. Mrs. B. F. Watts and sister, Mrs. Johnson have gone to Flint for a short stay. Mrs. L. C. Goodrich and Mrs. Sprague, of Detroit, are visiting friends at Milan. Rev. E. Steele and wife will go to Bay View next week for a stay of a few weeks. J. A. Brown and wlfe, of Lawrence st., left Monday for Mackinac, Marquette, etc. Will Tuoniey returned Monday a. in. from a three week's trip to Marysville, Mo. Albert Mann returned Kriday evening last from a two week's trip around the lakes. K. Kittredge, of the Register, has been very III during the week past with bilious hm. Mr. and Mrs. Prof. C. H. Stowell are spending tlieir suuimer vacation al Bay View. G. F. Schleicher was out to Whltmore Lake last week and reveis now in fish stories. Miss Millle Knowltoa is spending a few weeks with her sister Mrs. V. II. Lane of Adrián. Miss Gertrude S. Wade leaves to-day for Minneupolis, Mimi., to spend the summer. Geo. L. Moore, wife and chlldren spent the Sabbat h with Mrs. M.'s parents In Ypsilunti. Kev. Sunderland and family have taken up quarters at Silver Lake for a few weeks. Clarence Liglitner, Esq., of Detroit, was the guest of Mrs. Henry W. Hogers over Sabbath. Prof. and Mrs. John Dewey revel in the pleasure of a little son bom on the 19tli at Fenton. Miss Fannie Taylor and Miss Amelia Lutz left last Monday evening for Mackinac and Petoskey. Mrs. H. W. Hayes and daughter have gone to Constantino to vislt friends and relatives for a time. Edwin F. Maek, cashier of the Citizeas' Saviugs Bank, Detroit, spent Sunday with his parents. It is hard to teil which is the happiest over that uew boy, Papa Fred Barker, or Grandpa George Feiner. Prof. G. B. Merriman, professor of astrouomy in Rutgere College, New Brunswick, N. J., is in the city. Mrs. John Moore and daughter Lulu went to Toledo Saturday to see that new grand-daughter of Mrs. Moore's. Miss May Hom, Miss Allie Bryan and Mr. Leslie Wood, of Owosso, were visitors at the university city Saturday. Al. Stuck, the leading carpenter and builder of Ypsilanti, was a pleasant caller at the Courier oftice to-day. Mrs. J. Foster, of S. Thayer st., and diiughters, who have been visiting in Detroit and Beileville, returned home Saturday. Mrs. Anna Watrous, nee Leonard, who has been visiting her párente for the past three weeks, left Monday for her home In Kingsley, Kas. Evart H. Scott and family take the boat this forenoon at Detroit for Bay View where they will remain the balance of the summer eeason. Rev. S. H. Adams and wife of this city with L. C. Palmer and family of Dexter have been camping out at Portage Lake for some time past. Prof. W. H. Honey, principal of the Caro schools, a gradúate lit. class of '81, was married at Plymouth recently to Miss Orrie Parsons. The four B's, Brown, Bassett, Benton, and Bliss went over to Saline Sunday to see tbeir- tlieir- well, their- no matter who they went to see. County Clerk Howlett will return to business next Friday, after having enjoyed several weeks fishing. We shall look for some pretty flsh tales. Dr. Vauguan was called to Chicago Monday, but returned in time to accompany his family to Bay View this a. m. by the way of Detroit and the lakes. Wtien Geo. W. Milieu puls on his soft clothes and starts off on the Saturday eveninj; traiu going west, we all know wlnch one will be happy over Sunday. J. A. Buss, of Elcajon, Cal., formerly of this city, writes to hls brother Fred. that he has completely recovered hu health in the grand Paciflc coast climate. H. M. Taber says he has not been Abel to go to Duluth yet aud E. B. Abel says he'll Taber any uewspaper man off with a sledge hammer that lies about hlm any more. Mrs. Abram Sawyer, mother of Ilon. A. J. Sawyer of this city, is quite 111 at the home of her sou in Clielsea. As Mrs. Sawyer is 91 years of age, the chances for her recovery are not favorable. Hon. Chas. R. Whitman and wife, of Ypsilanti,accompanied by Mis VanCleve, Miss Joslyn and Miss Burnstine were up to the piano recital Monday evening, and guests of J. C. Knowlton and wife. H. B. Dewey, of the bright and always readable Owosso Times, was In the city Saturday, for a short time, on his way to Detroit and the State Press Association at PortHuron, uext Tuesdayand Wednesday. I. N. Hall, a former photographer of Ann Arbor, famlliarly known as "Ich," writes to his friend N. B. Covert, that he is nicely situnted at Carrizo Springs, Dimmlt Co., Texas, In the same line of business. __ ___- Uead Bacli & Abel's change of ad this weck. Kev. Dr. Kanisay will occupy the pulpit iu tlie lecture room of the M. E. Churcli next Sunday morning and evening.


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