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Tbc last is3ueof the Big Rnpids Current contains a description of the water supply of that city and how it is obtiilned. In the first place an immense well was Blink, and just how It was done wc quote: The reservoir or well proper is built of brlck, lald in cement, twenty Inch wall at the bottom and taporing to slxleen. It is thlrty reet In dlameler, and plasterod lnslde and out. The flrst twenty reet was built above the ground, the bottom resttng on a heavy wroughl Iron frame or "shoe. ' The round was then ezoavated from below by relges, and the heavy calson settled down. Kor the flrst few feet. heavy boulders and stone were enoountered : these were removed, and In the cours of time the twenty feet of wall was down to a level wlth the ground surface. Ten or I wel vn feot more of masonry were added, and then the same Hettltng procesa vu oarrled on. liuU'k sumís were enoountered, but flnally passed. and the well In due time put down to what was consldered asultabledepth. Then, at the bottom of thia well, drive wells were sunk as indicatcd in the following diagram : The large circle lndlcates the big well or reservoir. The large black letter "V" lndlcates suctlon pipe counseling wlth pump house. The oenter letter "O," No. 1, was the flrst four Inch pipe drlven. Depth, 118 feet. No. 2 was next drlven 119 feet. No. 3 was put down to 120 feet. No. 4 reached 131 feet. No. 5 also reached 131 feet. No. 6 waa put down 160 feet. No. 7 the same dutance. No. 8 and No. 9 the same. No. 10 was put down 164 feet. Out of these drive wells, all flowing np into the big well, a never failiug aupply of 907,200- nearly 1,000,000- gallons of pure water every 24 hours is obtained. It is altogether probable that wliere the pumping works for our water system are located, it would not be necessary to go as deep to obtain a sufllcient supply of good water. Will not this solve the water supply question? Will not our water coDipany do soraething to gire us the quallty of water their contract with the city calis for? River water is villainous for "douiestlc purposes" and hundreds of families in the city depend entirely upon the water works for their supply of nature's beverage. AXOTIIKK THINO. There is a report which has gained cor siderable publicity throughout the city; to the effect that something very objectionable has been fished out of the reser voir recently. Whether this story be true or not, and tbc chances are that it is not, the company could easily avoid all talk or guspicion in this line by having erected a high, fine wire screen or fence about the reservoir, so that nothing could be thrown into it without immediate dotection by the brcaking of the wires. Circuit court stands adjourned until July 28th. One and one-third fare on all railroads leading to Ypsilanti next week to attend the races commencing Tuesday. N. O. Butts has concluded not to open an office in masonic block, butvill occupy a portion of Bach & Tremaine's office. Daniel W. Amsden has bought out th e WJod yard business of Qeo. Collins, and hereafter will enjoy sort of a monopoly in that line. The people of the 4th and 5th wards are as one man in favor of banlshing the h'mhly perfumed slaughter houses from t'ie city limiu. The way to boom is to advertise. Whut is true of a mau's business is true of a city or village. It is the wkle-awake merchant that makes business p;ty ; and it is the wide awake community that makes a oity boom. And $5,000 is a mail amount. Any man, woman, boy or glrl who will dellberately tle a horse to one of the shade trees that Une our st reets ought to be kicked by a mulé. It is a species of carelessness entirely inexcusable. The attempt to move part of the university, the clinic, to Detroit stiould not be permitted to work. Anu Arbor slioiild be the seat of the university and all appertaining thereto.- Stockbridge Sun. The divorce mili grinds briskly before the new law goes into operation. In the circuit court Meivin J. Bllss of this city has applied for divorce frora Ottie M. Bliss, alleging " extreme cruelty and desertion," as hls reaaon for desiring the same. The domestic infeliclty of Alfred X. Baker which canie to light in a justlcc court a few days since, has caused Kvelinc M. Baker to sue for divorce from him, because of " extreme cruelty." And so the sacred bands are being untied. The program for the fuurth animal cncanipinont of the G. A. H. Association of Southeastern Michigan, tobe held at Adrián, from Aug. 30th to Sept. 2d, Is out und can be had by applying to Sec'y Gus. F. Smith of Jonesvllle. The list of prizes is about the same as last year wlth the addition of one for the best drum corps. Gen .' Phil Sheridan has promised to be present o have also the following gentlemen : Gov. Luce and staff, Kx-Govs. Blair and Alger, Senators Palmer and Stockbridge, Col. X. B. Eldredjre, Ilon. James O'Donnel!, Capt. E. P. Allen, Lieut. L. H. Salsbury, Col. L. G. Rutherford (department coromander), A. P. Morse and others. The program is a very attractlve one and a highly sucecssful encampinent is assured. Posts intending to be present should make aarly applications for tenU which will bc furnished free,supplied with straw to all G. A. R. Posts, veterana and Qiilitla. Sunday morning at about half-past 12 o'clock the T., A. A. & X. M. R. R. " enjoyed" a flrst-class smash-up. The ao commodation train bound north, two hours late, was raaking up time rapidly, when coming around the curve somc two miles north of this city, near what is known as the third gravel pit, the engineer espied a south bound freight coming at a good speed, also. The nccommodation train whlstled on breaks, the engiucers and firemen on both trains jumpcd, and a terrino crash soon followed. There were no lives lost, but the manner in which the two euglnes and a few of tincar lay sinashed, jamnied, biinged in together was a sight to behold. The damages will foot up about $10.000. All day Sunday men were busy at work clearing the track and not until Sunday evening at 10 o'clock did they succeed. The fuult claims to have been with the conductor on the south bound train who mistook the register at Leland's and supposed he had a clear track to this city.


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