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lllood Wlll Teil. There is no qupgtioii about it- blood will teil - eepocinlly If it lic an linpure blood. Bintehes, eriiptiong, pinipb-s anti boils, are all symptoms of an fmpure blood (Ine to the lm proper aeilon of the liver. VVhen tlils important orj,'an fails to prop. erly pp.rform Is functlon of porityrtlg and eleansinjrthe blood, imput Ules re earned to all parts of the sysleiu, and the eynitoms abovc relerred to are merely evldciiccs of the Klrugyle of Nature to throw Off the poisonous gemis. Unless her waniing be heeded in time. uerious resalís êjb certaln to füllow, culmlnating In livcr or kiiliify disorders, or eveti in consiunpiion. Dr. l'ifrce'g Golden Medical Discovery will prevent and eure these nisea.-is, by rJstoriiiK the liver to a healthy condition. Accordinj; to astronoraers we may rxpect the appearance of Uw. " Simt of Bethlehem '' thla year, whleb will be thp slxth sinee the birth of Christ. The Uur is said I" !ipeiir dircctly nortb of the N'orlbstiir, ¦iimI lo be visible, in lts diizzliiiff livlit at iinnnilay. It is a solar orb, many timiw the magnitude of otir sun, whose orbit is yet iincalcnlatcd by any Mtrnnuraer, and It is the most inarvelous of the celestial phenomenA.- Mnnrvapolfa Journnl. To be IimiIiiI.-I) ( erlain of most thinp Is dilHiilt, bilt if the niiitp.l tcHtimony of people in every wnlk ot lilï-, tor more tbno a quarter of h century, be good evidenee, (bel) dyspepsia, Ioüs of appetite, headiiche, wakefulness and clpbilitatlon from whatevereause, may bcciucd by Dr. Hartei'a Irou Tonlc.


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