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NO FEE!! f ifiTiBLisB i8(t. ) Merrif UNTIL BETTER ƒ PETKOIT.MCH ƒ Block ' T?"! Th EeKulr' Old-Etbl!hed jL_ya PHYsiciAii & surgeon wj8KILLAND 8ÜCCE88 YOUNGmen,middle-agedmen and all persons who by thcirown acts of Imprudence or Follj at any pertod of li ir have brought upon themselvcs, the cvil effects following closcly upon the heelt of transRression of the lawi ot nature, should consult the celchrated Dr.CUrke at once. Itememberl Kerro as H #' with or without drems) or debilita and loss of nerva power treated scienüfically by new methods with rever fniling succes. MJTlt makes no difference Tvhat you have taken or who ha failed to cure yoo. -Vie terrible polon of SypMitu and atl bad blood and kin llsen, complctely rradlcated without mercury. Kamembr that tliis oim horrible dlseMe, if negrlected or improperty irealcd, curse the present and coming gcncrutiuns Jtj-AIl unnatuml discharges cured prompt! y Without hindrance (o business. No experiment. Itoth sexes consult conflilintlally. Afe and experiencn important. A written c unrantre of cure fftren in rvery case undertakpn. J99-8aflTrrem frnm any dironlc dleae wrrte History and Sympt4nis of yuur case - plamly. Cases solicited which otliers have failcd to cure. 55"Send two stampg for celebrated works on Chronic. Diervous) and Delicate Discanes. You have an exhaustivo symptotnatolog by which to study your own case. Con&uitation, personally or by letter, free. Consult the old Ioctor. Thousnntls cured. Offices and pnrlorn private. You see no one but the Doctor. lïcfore confidinj? your case consult DB. CLABKK. A f riendly letter or cali may save future suffering and shame and add golden vears to life. Medicines sent everywhere secure trom expotnrt. llourst 6toS Sundayst9to ia. Addrest, F. D. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mtck CURES Coughs,Colds,Asthma,Tickling In the Throat, Whooping Cough, Quinzy, Sore Throat, Consumption, Bronchitis, and all Pulmonar Diseases. YOUNC'S í jCo u GHj DansvIllo.Mlch. % Howell, Mich., Au. 14, 1874.-! f Oct ÍB, WM. - 1 I was atuckeri t ! have trled Dr. K. with a e ver e J i A.Tuunx'a Cnugh oold and i I and Luiiu Syrup ened with lungf _ _ for more than a fever while on a J II year. as I had oo Tisit to Hudson, ! m I a retneilieh . aboat ! J dy for Oolda nd munth ago, oí JCoughs. and mach so thnt I' found Itarellitble was unable toflll i pa medicine. 1 hare an appolntoient f [¦ % used hls Ague to preach on f BJk f and I.tvtr Syrup account of my IV inmy famlly with lierere cuuiihltiK. I ¦¦ l the beat of suibut managed to ! i csi, curln mj k-"t hmne.and S I ¦ ' mother iwbose in the house, and! 11" tck of mycough leftmei I F ever and A(tue, as auon as 1 1 n ! "Her the second menced laklng It. U chili and ferer. and I tlnd B 1 1 take pleaanre nent relief when ! In recommendlnK 1 am attHCked ¦ J the aboTe renieby cough on JJdles to all who liinij cninplalnt. -rf „eed them 1UV. lUmr t'OPï. Itzv. S. B. KlilMII L. SoldbyalldniKKlst. Prlce, Mc., 50c. and 1X0. I ii' hnttlca ent free on recelpt of prlcv W. JOHNSTON Sl CO., '6TROIT, MICHICAN. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! o. 4 Sonlji Main SI., Aun Arbor. The oldest agency lu tbe city. Establlgbed over a uuarter oía century ago. Represent! Dg the fullowlug tlrsl-clnss rómpanles with over #60,000,000 i apilal Hllfl l. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., oí New York:. NIÁGARA IN.-3. CO., or New York. QIKAK0 INS. CO., of Pb Had el ph la. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Boston. Rateg Lovr as tbe Loirest, Losses Liberall) Adjusied aud promptly l'aid. C. H. MILLEN. TÜE ANN ABBOR SAYINGS BANK, ANN AKBOH, MICHIGAN, Transacts General Banking Business. CAPITAL, $60,000. Organized under the General Banking Law of tbls Stau-, tbe stockholdore are indivldaallT Hable for au addltloual amouut equal to the stock held bj them, thereby creatlng a Unarantee Pnnd for the benefit of DepoBitora of $100,000.00. Three per cent. Interest Is allo ed on all Savlngi Deposita of oue dollar and npwardn, according to the rules of the Dank and Interest compounded eemt-annually. Koiie; to Loan on nnincambered roal estáte and otbr good security. DIUECTORS: ('HKISTIAN MACK, WK. D. HAKKIMAN, W. W. WINES, DANIEL HISCOCK, WILI.IAM DKÜBEL, WILLARD B. 8MITH. DAVID RIN8EY. OFFICERS: C. MACK, Pres. W. W. WIN BS, , 'ce-Pres ,. ü. HISCOOK.Oaihler. ANN ARBOR Small Frmt Irsery! All Kinds of BERRY PLANTS. Fine Plants of tlu SHARPLESS, The Best Strawberry Grown. FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TUSES Krom EI.LWANOER& BABBY, Rochester, N. Y. llnlws imiHt;be ent oarly. WINES AND SYRUPS. swi'it Home-made W'lne for Invallds mul Uir KuohunM. öour Wlue, Rtupberry Hrup. shrub Pear 8yrup, and Plyiiiniiili Rock BKgt. EMIL BAUR, W. HURÓN ST. l8-tf RINSEY & SE ABOLT'S BAKERY, GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep conitintlj ou hand, BREAD, C1UCKERS, CAKES, ETC, For WholeKale and Kutall Trade. Wu sball also keep a anppljr of SWIFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Delhi Flour, Kye Flour, BuckwhcAt Flour, urn IMeal, Feed, Etc, At WholesaU' and Ketall. A general stock of GROCERIES ani PROTISMS CoDstantly on hand, wblch wlll be sold on aa tiTin as at any utlitr hoaau lu the city. t'aoh pald for BUTTBR, KOUS, and COUNTRY PBOOCUB Renernlly. (ioodo delivored to any pin nf the Iftj wiilii.nt uxtra cliarjre. RINSEY NEABOLT. sTB!OT"iYttë"cÖüHÏÈR


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