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¦¦¦ lIKKTORir. 4,s A.BBOR CoHïASDiRï, No. !¦! rooetstlrst Tuesday of eb iiioiith. NV . Q Uoty. h. C: W. A. ToLcbani. Recorder. (Uwurtsnv Ca.iiTER, No. 6, R A. M.- iie,ts Brat M.Huhiy each month. Isaac Huuiiy, H P ; t Kouth, Secretary. BUSINESS CARD8. DR. H. R. ARNDT, PHYSICIAN Okfkk Ovku Fikst National Iïank. Honrs lïom 9 to 11 a. m., From 2 to 3:30 i. in., Siuuliiy l'roni 9 to 10 a. m. V. II. JACKSOX, r',l E3Ü NTIITIIIII SUTIL OFFICE : Orer Bach & Abel's Dry Good Store. Kn trance next to National Baak. WILLUM IIERZ, House, Sigo, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! PaperluK, Olazliie, Oildinp, and Caldmlnlne, and work t evcry danerlptloi) done in the beat style, and warranted to give aatiafaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St-, Anr, Arbor. V. W. & A. E. SIICHOLS, Rooms Over Aun Arbor Savings Bank, Muonic Temple Hlock. GASorVITALIZED AIR Aimiiiiitered for the palulew extractlon of teeth. CLOTiï CASKETS, METALIC ,u pmasi i'otnas. OaHi aiunted t" Dm or Nlght. BmblmlBg a ipeoial. ''- room on E. Waslilngtou street. Resi.l. ur. Oor. Liberty and Kiftn CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Secarity held for the protection of the pollcy CHRISTIAN MACK Beuresunte 'he followlne flri-i-cU-n eampral which one. the itna, ha lone paid #5i,(Wü,0OU ürc oeece n sixty-nve yare : Etna, of Hartford... ,W2,H Franklin of Philsdelphia 8,118,718 Gernwnia, N. Y 8,700,738 Gennaii American, N. Y 4,0i . Loiidon Assurance, Lomlon.. . 1,41' Mtohlnn K. & M., Detroit.. . W,608 N. V. Underwriten, N. V 2,596,679 National, Hartford 1,774,605 riuL'iiix, Hrooklyn 3,78jW8 Loss libcrally adjusted and promptly puid. Policles issued at the loweat rates of premium. ïmtf LÏTMBER"! LUMBEK! LÏÏMBER! It yon ootitPinpliitc batlUiBg, cal 1 :it FERDON Liltf T sri ! Ooraer Fourtli and Depot Sta., and ge our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumber and guarautee AERY LOW PRICES -Givc ui a cali and we will make t to yur interest, as our large and well graded stock fully ustains our assertion. Telephone Connections rith Office. r. . K.KBCH Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop A. DcFOREST. Fire Insurance Plate G-lass Insurance, Steam Boiler INSURANCE! Lowest Kates, Honorable Adjiístnieiitíi and Limm Promptly Taid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS Sl'K4'IAL ATTENTION QIVEN TO CoLLKr I I"'or Rknth and Mahagkmf.nt of Rkal EsTATE I.NTKRESTS FOK NoN-RESIDKNTH. E.NTIBK SATISFACTION TO OWMEKS GUARANTKICD. A. DeFOBKST. Mmore moDej than at anythlngelee br tas lnx an agifiicy for the best veiling book out. Beginnera soercod giandly. None rail. Terma free. IIai.i.ett Book Co., l'ortland, Malne. The Great Kiiglioli IrexiTitlion. A aucceasful wmd over XÍA ÉA:iO yeare in tbuusands o l:ll-ls m ïl 5 t'ure Spermut'tt 1 h t. .frrnin!& Jj X Weakne, Emitsion. mpotencyt ? 'NJMk nd all dixease s cauwt by abua.VaBk íbefore] indi8crtiioo. or over exertimi. Jaktkr] Wa packaKes Uiaranteed to Curt v;htu uit (!,¦ t'nil. Aak your Uruggist for '"' in-m Knrll-1, l'rt-pcrlptiun. talie II" snhsf t tilt-. packafft $'. six $.". lv niail. Write for Pamphlet. Addrew Eureka li. nilrul Co., Detroit, ,'llrli, S ild In Ann Arbor, Mch , by Eberbach & Son 1390-73 I,'IIT can Mvoat hotne.and make more money at I I III w"rk f"r us' ''"'" '" "" ' '''"-' ''8l' '" "''' I UU Capital not needed ; yon are Btarledfree. Both sexi's ; all ages. Any ne can do the work. Lare carnlngs sare from nrt Urt. Cnntly outtlt and term Tree. Bttai notdcluy. Coste yon nothiug to send us your addresaand fled out; if y.m are wic yon wlll do eo at ooce. H. IUi.lett Co.. Portland, Malne. Lm IMl iKSAL %"iu.k. Lt Vjwir Knd Wlw- 5 ; SLá " jt 2 - k Ontanni&l Award, JaZLPtC o I W WMtMlt A Httail. "" Old Blhi Rrnrwi-d 9 f 8i to, Ctodn E. J. KNOWLTON. nn Arbor, Mlctv A COMPI.KTK AKKAMiMMKM FOB Payaiciin ui Families. Keiter and Cheaper AND MOIIK CONVENIENT THAT A 8TATI0NARY BATUTUB WITH ij ncrama o bat room AND KIXTUKKS.


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