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Tlie followlnjr article in refurence to llie recent HCtlon of (ov. Luce on the unlvergUy, is taken from the BflnnotpolUi Ëvenlng Journal, and b vaiuable in the the way of abowlng In what high estecm the (JnlTenltj is liehl by people ïu the ftraat west, where the seat of empire, for nation will soou be : "As everj' one knows, the university of Michigan is the crowningglory of one of the fiiiest etliK'ttlonal systems in the land. Darlnjc the l iit-f fifty years in which it lias grawv trom a germ to one of the forvuiort educatlonal institutions in the vorld, it ü progresa has been constantly lm peded by a constant laek of nioney - not tliat the state legislatura has not made ffenerotu provisión for it, especially of late year, hut that its rowth has been al most too rapid for the low movlng bieimial legislatura to cope with. Necessarily a uulvewlty of sueh wide fame has atlracted man y of the youth outside of Michigan to il s doors, and DOW nearly huil ol the 1,800 students carne from all the stutes in the Union, from Cunada, from Enyland and even from Turkey, Costa Rloa and Japan. In every city its alumni ure fouod in reepootibta pcêltiooj Tliis year the lejrislature, many mentben of which are university alumni, made very genertHH pproptUltloiw to meet the instiiutionV pressing needs and 111 lintain the high standard it has attaincd in the educatlonal world. The approprlationi were Intelllgently made, too, for a oommittce of the legfelature had visitcd Ann and looked the situation over carefully ¦ This was the situation wben the bill (jame luto Gov. Iiiice's hands. The govemor is a farmer, luit is certainly 110 credit to the ntelüjrence of th progresive agricultural population of the state. He doesn't believe in the trae sch 1 sysli'in ut all. In tul, In' has expresad UimBell in tavor of the oíd rate system, whereby the ezpenaea f the schools were di'viilcil anioii'i the parents ol tlie cbllflren attendlnjt. Moreover, tbc Ieishitnre liadn't given bis pet a'iiciiltural OoHejW all be asked for it. Bo tlie gOTCrnor vetoed the university bilí, with a sugifestion that the forelfrn sünlenis be made to pay more for their tuition. This was a deadly blow at the university, and at the whole free school lystem of tlie state, and the issue thus ruised will be bltterly fouglit out. The senate committee's rep rt just made completely riddlcs Luce's arsuments. It shows that the legislature bas no control over the tees charíted foreign studei'ts, that rest Ing entlrely with the regent wlio are eleoted by tiie people; that the United states goTernment rave r30,000 worih of land to the university - a uatiniial yift that should l)e met with gencro-ity to rtudenM trciin other states; that t'lie fces of foreign stiulents forui si-ven-rli;veiiths of the tocóme from fees wiihoiM in creasing thecost of Instruction, and tliat while non-resident students are now a source of botb reputation and prolit, were the fees t be nrreased this ouroe would be alojost completely cut Off "The Issue therefore s between free schools and the Michigan of lo-day on the ne hand and the old rate system and the Michigan of tvventy years ago on the other. It will be an interesting conflict, and the Wolverine state is nol what we take her to be if Luce and fogytom win.'" After quoting the above the Keed City Clarion adds these prophetk; woids : The Eveninjí Journal, and every other friend to Michigan's magniflcpnt universky will be deeply pained to learn that Luce and fogyltin have won- at least for a time. The legislatura failed to carry the approprlation over the veto, and there the matter must rest for the time. Hut the people of Michigan have too much pride in their university. and ap preheud too well its valué to allow the matter to remain here. There will be a rVüterloO tor those who had a hand in this business, and herealter a more liberal and falrralnded pollcy toward the insütution will prevalí.


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