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Onr Little Ones, fiesh, blooming and beantiful each inoutli, is a joy to the liniiM'liüld in which little children hIpoiiikI. 'I'Iic RaneM Publishing ('o.. Botton, Mass. f 1.50 per year. General Oreeley, of Arctic fumo, aud DOW Lhe Chief of the Weather Bureau, will have u narrativa in the Midsiitniner Century, entitled: "Our Kivitrtok; au Episode of the Lady Frunkliu Bay Expedition." What is said to be oue of Edward Atklnson's most valuable, suirgessive, and timely econoinlcal papers will begiven in the August Century. It is entitled "Low I'riccs, High Wngcs, Sinall ProtUs: What MaUes Thein?" Fronilsrii. Fisher, Toledo, ühio, "Darling I Will Come Again," by Geo. W. Persley, and "Where Hive They Laid tny Darling?" by W. A Ogden, 35 cents escb, New sougs tliat will work their way to popularily sooner or later. The latest publications of CasselPs National Library are "Knickerbocker's History of New York, by Washington living," two volumes, and a "Midsuinmer's Nlght's lream, by Win. Shakespeare." 10 ets. eacli. Cussell & Co, N. Y. City. Part No. 3 of "Battles and Leaders of tlie Civil War," continúes the story of that great event wilh unusual interest. This work, whloh come3 in parts at f,0 cents cacli, is the crowning effoit of the Century Co. in book publications. It is ahead of all other histories of the war. Those who desire new and cholee inusic for voice or piano, will weieome the following : "Sluniber Song," by Maud W. Stuck, (as sung by Madame Patti); very artistic; for voice of considerable compass and expression; very choice, (35 ets.). "Twas in the Loveïy Month of May," "The Tears that Night and Mornin," - both by same aulhor as above, willi Germán and Englisli words, (35 ets. each). "There's a Garden in lier Face," a deliglitful song for soprano, by Avon Saxon, (40 ets.). "The Sea Hatli lts Pearls," (Germán and English words), by Maud V. White ; after the modern classic ctyle; (35 ets.). "Slumber Gently," a song froin the opera Priaonof Edinburgh, (30 ets.). Two songs by Hills, "Ma vie, ma Marguerite" (35 ets.), and "The Brooklet," (30 ets.); both artistic and very choice. Any of these pieces of music sent to any addreas on receipt of price, by Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston, Mass. "I can hardly teil," says Mr. Hubert Howe Baucroft in The San Francisco Kxaininer, "how I came to devote my lifc to history rather tluin anvthing else. Looktng Imck it seems to have been. accidental. The motive was neither a longini; lor wealth nor a tliirst after fame, wliile the development was easy, gradual and natural. My history Is nearly linished nou , and about half of the force which h:is been eontinuously employed at my library' for nearly twenty-tive years has been retired, yet there's still befOfS me several years of hiítorical labor. A temporary interrtiption was occasloned by the burnlng of the bookstore and the attmition to business añ'airs that disaster invnked. So soou ns the establishment is entirely rehabilltated I will again devote myself in a great measnre to our ulstory, which embraces seven volumes on California, bíx on Mexico, three on Central America, two on Oregon, two on the Xorthwe8t Coast, and one each upon tbe othes Pacilic Coast States."


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