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Bucklen's Árnica Salve. The Best Salïe in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcere, Salt Rhenra, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chllblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. lt Is guaranteed to glve perfect satisfaction, or inoney refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For Sale by Eberbach & Son. It is no safer to leave a 3-year-old child in a room with a shotgun than it isto leave an 11-year-old girl at home with some negro hired men. - Buftalo Express. Sore Eyes The eycs are always in sympathy with the body, and afford an excellent index of its condition. When the eyes become wrak, aud the lids inflamed and sore, it i an evidence that the system bas kecume dlsordered by Scrofula, for which Ayer'i Sarsaparilla is the best known reniedy. Scrofula, which produced a painful Inflainination in my eyes, caused me much -utlci iilt for a nümber o( years. Ity the ndvice of a physician 1 commenced tiiking Ayer' Sarsaparilla. After using thi medicine a short time I was completely Cured My eves ore now in a splendiil condition, nul 1 am s well and stroug as ever. - Mis. William Gage, Concord, N. II. For a number of years I was troubled with a humor in my ëyes, and was uuablu to obtain any relief imtil I commenced Uring Aver's Sarsaparilla. Thi mediciue has effected a complete cure, aud I believe it to be the best of blood puriflers. - C. E. Upton, Nashua, N. H. From childhood, and untll wlthln a few moiiths, 1 have been afflictcd with Weak and Sore Eyes. I have used for these cumplaints, with beneficia! resulta, Ayer'a .:n saparilla, and consider it a great blootl puritier. - Mr. C. l'liillips, Glover, Vt. I suffered for a rear with Inflammv tion In my left eye. Three ulcera formed on tlie bal!, deprivlng me of sight, and oiuising great pain. After trying many other remedies, to no purpose, 1 was fiiially iiiilurcd to use Ayer's Sarsaparilla, aud, By Taking three bottle of tlils medicine, hitve been entirely cured. My sight lias been restored, and there is no sigm of Inflammatlon, sore, or ulcer in mv eye. - Kendal T. Bowcn, Sugar Tree KiJgc,'Ohio. My daughter, ten years old, was afflicted with Scrofulous Sore Eyes. During the last two years she never saw light of any kind. Physicians of the highest (tandiug exerted thelr skill, but with no permanent success. On the recommentlation of a írirnil I purohased a bottle of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, wbich my daughtcr rommenced taking. Before she had uscd the third bottle her sight was restored, and nhe can now look stcadily at a brllllant light without pain. Her cure is complete. - W. E. Sulherland, Evaugellst, Shelby City, Ky. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Trepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer k Co., Lowell, Uw. 0iU ly II DruggliU. l'ric. $1 , alx bottlo, $.


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