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What Michigan people cauie nenr witnessi...

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What Michigan people cauie nenr witnessiiiff in our own state is told by a Rhode Island dispatch of a recent date, wliich shows wliat a miserable failure the prohlbttory law in In that state : Searches and setzureN umler the prohlhltory luw during the pust lew days have creatfd only a temporary panlo MDODg Hhode Island licuor dealers. The prohlbltory law as amended, glves the chlof of State pnllue virtually autocratie power, Hearul hisdepuMes can search, se'ze, arrest and lmprlson as thiy please. rtuspiclon of the reasonableuess, of which they are Judges. is sufllclent tojustlfy, uuder the law, aforclbleentry lnto a private house. Chlef of State Pólice Uiistls isamun who wlll uot knowingly abuse hls authorl'y, and so fiir tliere hiui been no cause locomplaln aüülnsi lilin as belng tyranleal. He uiight aa well however try to hall out Namitransett liay with a water pail hs ciiliiuviir to stop the free sale of llquor In ProvIdence. Tliere are more place selltiiL' thiiu uuder llcense. The Ann Arbor Democrufs "M.ui about Town" expresses himself as follOWl about the water being furnislicd tor every day use to our cilizeus: I do not know what our city would do without the water supply and we all know that many families are obllged to ubc the water forall domestic purposes, but it Is too bad for the company lo (hink they fan Imisr upon our cltl.ensand make them tlilnk no rlver water carnes from the reservoir. I idvlse the people not to use lt for bousenold purposes unluss lt Is Illtered. Thls can be lone by tyiDgn thln plece ormuslin over the moei, and you will be surprlsed at the fililí whlch wlll collect tu a very short time. Thls wlll enableyou, at least, to keep the worins ind dlhet frum your stomaeli, which are not li'xirahleatany timo. No vessel should be Illi-d directly from fuuccl. I know of a lumher of lamlllcs who wlll uot use the waer without flrst bolllng lt and then coollue t wlth Ice. TIío followtng table shows the stuml ng of the IflagUQ clubs ii to il:ite. Wou. Loet. Percent. ïetroit 46 27 .(j:JU htcago 41 2M .811 BoMon 80 .58.1 New Yotk 42 81 'hliadelphla ;w .ir 60 WanhiiiKtoii 28 40 .411 ttteburgh tt 43 .ItH udianapoUB B ÍS '97


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