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WHITE-In CheUea, July 19th, 1889, Mr. Jane S. K. Wbite, aged 9 years. Another of Michigan' pioneer, Mrs. Jane Sophia Kees White paued awaj in CheUea July 19, 1887. Mr. White wil 1 be remembered by iniiiiy of the surviving pioneers. She was bom March 81, 1818, at Watervllle, ünelda Co., N. Y. ín 1835 In lier 17th year lie carne to Mlch. and setlled In the townsblp of Lima, Washtenaw Co. On Nov. 24, 183, 48 years glnoe, she marrled Mr. Curran White whosurvlves her. And of three chlldren, Mrs. Negus of Chelsea, alone survives. For 31 years Mrs White has been a resident of Chelsea and earnest in every work ot public Interest. She wlll never be forgotten by Ihose who kuew her- so klndly in her hospltalily- so qulck Ín sympathy- often with adroll out-spokeness and often a query so shrewd as to reveal her ready lnslght lnto all one could teil her. Over all a qualnt fun-lovlng humor whlch radlated on those abont her llke the flre llght on a frlendly hearth. She loved society from lovlng human kind- the lastlngness of thls love has long been one of the crucial tests of character. The sordld and selflsh has no place Ín one who loves society when the chili of age creeps In the veins and Mrs. White loved society whlle she oould oontrol her faoulties and when thls falle.! she sttll showed her love of frlends around her. In November, 1885, she had a stroke of naralysis and Just a year precedlng the day of her death she had a stroke whlch deprlved her of all her facultles. In the elkhteen months before her death she had a nuiuber of strokes, perhaps a dozen. So thls mysterlous dlsease encroaches on the shortening line of human Ufe. Formerly only people over 80 were subject- now it crowds lnto the slxtles and strikes 1U vlclluiH among those wbose fnll experlence and earnest interest In llfe ranke them necessnry lo uu and glve us a shock and deep sense of loss to mlngle with the grief and sharpen the pain of partlng. Death thls time truKgled a yearwlth lts victim. A year of death !- thus we learn how streng thete henrla of ours chu be. In herearller yearn she was a bellover In the Chrlstlan religión: but in mlddle llfe wassomeunsettied by thesclenllflc luqulrles of her husband. But wemay rejolce that when the shadow of iige feil on her heart she returned to the fa th of her childtiood aml we may too reJolce that later sclentlflc research U bearlng the brlghteat mlnds bevond the shoals of doubt lnto the ocean of Truth. Science Is gainlng the reverenoe and humlllty whlch attends on wlder knowledge and the coming age wlll suffer en because lts