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I'rof. Beaman and iamily luwe gone to Charlevoix. Mr. Quarry returned from his eastorn trip Tuesday. Mr. and Mra. Dr. liatusay expcct to go to Ohio next weck. John E. Miner left Tuesday for the camp at Straight' Lake. Miss Euima Bower left yesterday for a few weeks' ëtay at Orion. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Goodyear left for New Vork Tuesday mornlng. The choir of Bethlehem ehuich spent yesterday at Wliitin re Likc. .Miss Ernily Q winner left Monday for a three weeks stay in üwosso. Miss Llzzie Brehm is ipmdlug the reek la Detroit with friends. T. F. 1 1 til and bride have rcturned from a sojourn at the Oaklanl. Ferman Easton of Lima, will soon remove with liis family to tliis city. Miss Edith Z ine, of Washington, D. C, Is visiting at John R. Miuer's. Lewis S. Anderson and wifu of 8. Ingalls st., are both on the sick list. Miss Emily Gundert leaves tuis week for Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. Master Cliff Norton, of Detroit, is visiting his young fHenüfl in this city. Prof. Levi D. Wines and wife spent the Sunday and Monday In Detroit. Dr. C. W. Ilaze, of Pinckney, was in the city a few days last week on business. Jas. Coleman, accompanied by his mother and sister, has gone to Colorado. Mrs. F. Harria, of E Cathariue st., has gone to Btllevue for a couple of weeks' visir. J. N. Wallace, of Ypsilauti, was a pleasant caller at the Coürier office last Friday. Master "Ricey" Beal leaves for Detroit to-morrow to visit relatives and friends 'or a week or so. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Prudden a couple of our old residents, are quite ill at their home on N. State st. Mrs. R A. Beal and Miss Been have returned home from a trip to B iy View, and other points of interest. Miss Amanda Mack has returned from Chicago, wuere she went to atteud Miss Annie M. Kimball's wedding. Misscs Nellie L. Childs and Lizzie Campbell are visiting their grandmother md other relations in Augusta. Miss Georgia M. Saunders left for Deroit this mornlng to spend a couple of weeks with relatives and frientls. E. P. Aanderson, a gradúate of the U. of M., has been appointed principal of he Flint schools for the coming year. Mrs. Dr. Stone, of Wnlioo, Neb., is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. W. Bliss. The i.ti rs had not met for twentyeight 'ears. Mrs. Jas. 1!. Bach mi] little dftUghtef who have been visiting Mrs. B's sister, Mrs. O, J. Parker of Ilowell, have returned home. Juilge Crofoot, of Ilowell, has rented tliss Tessie Slattery'l house on E. Huron treet, and will remove here to edúcate lis family. Elmer E. Beal leaves to morrow for Alpena to visit relatives, fish for whales n Thunder Bay, and have a good time generally. Mrs. Ely Moore, of the 5th ward, left he city Tuesday morning, accompanied )y her father, for a few weeks' trip iround the Lakes. Mrs. Uiith Thomas, who bas been visitng friends In Ann Arbor and Mt. Pleasant for the past two months, returns to ler home in Huron, Dakota, to-day. J. E. Meal was to spend last Sabbath in 'ortland, go to Boston on Monday, from bere to New York on Wednesday, then vas goiug down on the Jersey coast for a few days. Mayor K ip aml son Lee have gone oll' to the north woods where musielonge and pickerel doth abound and mosquitos perfórate the epidermis in a ight smart inanner. Dr. H. R. Arndt li;ts rented an office ver the First National Bank, and now hat his health has been fully restored, iroposes to give his attention to the pracice of his profession hereafter. Mr?. Wilüam A. Porter and her üuugher Mande, who have been visiting riendi and relatives In this city for the at two weeks returned to their home at ilt Pleasant, on Fridny evening last. Leouard Bussett, of Saline, will nmke lis future home in this city, baring pur¦liased a resiilence on Thompson st. A act is pleasing to clirouicle. Ilis on Merritt will etiter the medical department of the University this fall. Mrs. N. H. Pierce and Mrs. Julia Farïer left Ann Arbor Monday. Mrs. ierce to attend spiritualistic seanoes In Joston, Mass., as well as to visit friends liere, and Mrs. Fanuer for the ptirpose f visiting relatives at Albany, N. Y. Fred. W. Job, whose pleasant face his nany friends here were glad to meet lirough a four year's course In the Uniersity, has located permanently in Chingo, his address being 41 Borden block. Ie Is at present with Robert 11. Mctlnrdy, oue of the prominent attorneys f the wimly city, nd a gradúate of the niwrsity class of '80. Mr. Job writes liat he i meeting with far better success iifiti he anticipated, and thinks that Chiago is the place to rise In. Many heaits will be touched to learn lie sad news that young Alfred Bird, ldest son of Mr. Win. F. Bird, of tliis ty, was drowned on the lst inst, sotnevhere near Unadilla - beinf! ut liis grunduther's on u visit. Tliey are at woik on the steam lieating pparatus in the county house and will ïave the same coinpleted about Sept. Sth. A large chimuey 58 feet lnt, has een erected south of the west wiig to ccomodate the boilers. The ventilation vill be thoroughly atteuded to also. There is a cali out for a meeting at Cropsey's hall to-night to take the initlaory ftcps for a special eSection upon rohibition in tliis county, under the rovisions of the new luw. The county owns may vote prohlbition on Aun Ariir, Ypsilanti, Dexter, and Chclsca, but icy ean't enforce the law for tliem, JiiBt he same. We must not say nnything about the apsule factory; nothinji about the water works; nothlDg about putting any more lectric lifihts upou poles where they will o some good; nothiug about trarnps béng allowed to run rlot througlioiit the nunty; nothinz ubout atiytlilnjr; hotr In ication is a fellow (ioin to get out a lirst laM HeiiH.ilional journal? (Jness we hall have to pitch into the whole "ca(IMIlllc." The second animal Sunday School cxuriion u which all of the Protestant SumUy Boltooll f the city imite, will be given nxt Tuesday. Trjiin lcavcs the ilichigau Central Depot at 7.30 a. m. tandard time, and rctiirning leaves Deroit at 0.00 p. m. standard time. The Ide will be down the Detroit River to ake Êrie and back to Belle Iale. This vea a boat ride of about sixty miles, nd plenty of time on the island. Fare or the round trip, $1.00; children under welve, 50 cents. Jolin Moran is burnlng a monstrou klll of brlck in liis yards south of Ui city. There are 13" cottages and 7" tents a Bay View. Forty cottages were built tlii i year. Aftcr next Sunday there will be n further preaching in the Congregationa cburcli during the montli of August. The extremely dry character of cvery thiug readers it very dangerous lor fire3 and those who have fire out of door should be careful. Kov. ï. C. Oardner will preach in Ui Methodist church next Sunday forenoon and in the eveuiui; tlierc will be a unioi service at the Congrcgational church. Burglars entered the residence of A II. Holmes, the Gth ward livcry man, ran sacked the premisos and stole a watcli Jlonday uight. At least that is all that i missed as yet. Scretary Lehman paid into the count' treasury yesterday $177.50, fees collected by hlm from teacher's examinations which amount is credited to the Teacher's Instituto Fund. Secretary Childs is gettlng ready for the annual September assessment of the Waslitenaw Mutual Fire Ins. Co., which looks now as if it would be the lightest onc levied iu sevcral years. On the day of the Sunday School excursión ( Tuesday, Aug. 9th) the Detroits will play the Washingtons. A good chance to see a good game, and also enjoy the advantage of an excursión rate. The Ann Arbor and Toledo rallroad will bulld a new depot In Ann Arbor thls fall, at a oost of $10,000. The shed now used as a depot by the road above named iu Ann Arbor ís wortn about slxty cents.- Ypsilantian. If we remember aright Ypsilanti's second raüroad, the Hillídale branch, has not even a sixty cent slied for its passengen. If President Cleveland and wife will only come to Ann Arbor, and catch one strain of tbc flute like calliope whistles of the T. A. A. & X. M. H. K. engines 'hey never cin be induced to move out of our classic shades. We (hall have them for permanent residents sure. Wlien looking around for one of our very best exchanges we always piek out the Ann Arbor Courieu. This excellent paper last week furnisned handsome cuts of the Unitarian church and Christian Association buildings of that place, accompanicd with a well-written description of the same.- Ueed City Clarion. The 9th annual picnic of the farmer's of Washtenaw, Livingston and Oakland counties, takes place at Whitinore Lake, for wbich the following Is the official program: Prayer S. W. Burd, Whitmore Lnke Address of Welcome by the l'resldent, Hou. Wm. Hall, Hamburg Address Oovernor Luce Paper. Mrs. Henjamiu Kelley Paper O. U. Starks, Webster Recitatlon Miss Mary Lord Interspersed wltli inuslc. Business meeting, electlon of office, etc, ou the t;roiinU at 10:30. Dlnner In the grove at 11:30. Program exercises at 1 o'olock, sliarp. Mrs. Mary Cliambers, after bequeathlng $2,400 among twelve relatives, in sums ranging from $100 to $500, leaves $."00 to Sc. Andrew's church, of Aun Arbor, "the interest of which is to be applied aunually toward the Hector's salary." Tlie balance of the estáte is bequeathed "to the diocese of Western Michigan, for n.lssion, to be entirely under the control of Bishop üillespie," who is appointed executor without bonds. It is estimated that the estáte will inventory about $5,000 over and above all private bequeets. For the month ending July 31st the various carriers have delivered and collected the following amounts of mail matter: Carrier No. 1- Letters delivered 8,951, postáis 1,665, drop letters 970, papers 0,862. Collected : letters 4,638, postáis 1,124, papers, etc, 411. Carrier No. 2- Letters delivered 7,375, postáis 1.401, drop letters 580, papers 4,490. Collected: letters 4,809, postáis 1,101, papers, etc, 151. Carrier No. 3- Letters delivered 7,052, postáis 1,38o, drop letters 340, papers 5,223. Collected : letters 3,788, postáis 1,188, papers, etc, 4. Carrier No. 4- Letters delivered 5,294, postáis 1 185, drop letters 4,021, papers 4,106. Collected : letters, 2,483, postáis 620, papers, etc, 149. The Ypsilanti Commercial chronicles a swindle upon one of our respected business men: "Our friend Qibson. the genial and popular Aun Arbor photographer, was swindled out of $345 by a ftllow named Shannan, this week. He lntrusted Shaunan witli mouldings of that value, to sell on commisslon at Port Hurón, but Mr. S., after disposing of them, promptly pocketed the proceeds, and ¦ktpped." This fellow bas probably gone to fiud McQarigle, the Chicago boodier, and when he returns witli liim, theboodle and the reward, all will be explaincd and settled. Kight in the face of one of its great dailies the school board of Detroit has appointed a university graduate as principal of the Detroit high school vice L. C. Hul), another university graduate, resigneil to take a $4,000 professorship in theLawrenceville Acadcmy in New Jersey. Prof. Fred. L. Bliss graduated with the class of '77, and while in college was a live student and made many friends. He was managing editor of tlie Chronlcle one semester, and iu that capacity displayed inuen push and energy. His home is at Jackson, where he has held a position in tlie public schools for somo time. II: was also superintendent of schools at La Porte, Ind., for a time. Dr. J. O. Wood, of the Homeopathie department, while passing through Howell Monday, on tlie train, was surprised to have a summons served upon hlm at the instance of one Mrs. Josepli Lameraux, of Cohoctah, iu that county, who came here last winter and had a very delicate surgical operation successfully performed. After going to the hospital it seems that one of the bottles of hot water - usually placed around patients to revive them after an exhausting operation - in some marnier came in too close contact witli the litnbs of the patiënt and burned her somewhat. Just liow that was done does not appear, but it was certainly nothing that Dr. Wood is respoiiaible for. The lady was very grateful when see left here, but some way seems to have changed her mimi, and bas now sued the Doctor for $10,000 damages. When it is known that the operation certuinly saveil her lift', that it was one that has been seldoni performed; that the Doctor expended much valuable time upon her case in order that it miglit be successful, the sult for damages appeari to say the least, to be surprising and singular.