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WHO IS UNACQUAINTED WITH THE GEOORAPHY OF THIS COUNTRV, VILk SEE EY EXAMINIHC THIS WAP, THAT TH '" wi ¦¦ -T kj. " Ü'Í i r '-¦ '- I CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC R'Y By reason of its central posltlon, close relation to principal llnes East of Chlcapo and continuous linea at terminal points West, Northwest and io tho only true middle-link in that transcontinental eystem phich Invites and facil' itates travel and trafflc in either direction between tiie Atlantic and Paciflc. The Hoek Island ïnaiu line and branches include ChicaprOLJoliet, Ottawa, La Salleeoria, Geneseo, Moline and Rock Island, in Illinois; Davenport, Muscatine, Washingfton, Fairfleld, Ottumwa, Oskalnosa, West Liberty Jowa City, Des Moines, Indianola, Winterset, Atlantic, Knoxville, Audubon, Harían, Guthrie Centro and Council Bluffs, in Iowa; Gallatin, Trenton, St. Joaeph, Cameron and Kanaas City, in Missouri; Leavenworth and Atchison, in Kansas; Albert lea, Kinneapolia and St. Pari, in Minnesota; Watertown ia Dakota, and hundreds of iutormediate cities, towiia and villag-ea. THE CREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE Guarantees Speed, Comfort and Safety to those who travel over it. lts roadbed ia thorouffhly ballasted. lts track is of huavy steei. Il bridges aro solid ctructureo of stone and iron. Ita stock ia perfect as huinan skill can make it. It has all the safety appliances that mechanical g-enius has inventod and experience proyed valuable. Ita practical operation is conservativo and method1 pal- lts discipline strict and exacting-. The ltixury of its passeng-er acconunodaUons is unetmaled in tho West- unsuipass6d in the world. ALL EXPRESS TRAINS between Chicago aud the Missouri River consist rf comfortable DAY COACHES, magnifleent PULLMAN PAL ACE PARLOR and SLEEPING CARS, eleg-ant DINING C ARS providing exceUent meals, and -betwaen Chicago, St. Joaeph, Atohison and 2.ausa3 City- restful RECLINING CHAIa CARS. THE FAMOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE Is tho direct, rnvorite line betweon Chicapro and Minneapolis and St. Paul. Over this rout solid Fost Express Trains run doily to tho buminsr rodorta, picturesuue localitiea aud hunting; and finhing prroundo of Iova and Minnosota. Tho iich wheat üelda and prazins londs of interior Dakota are reached via WaterLcw.i. A short dosirablo route, via SenocaandKankakee, offers superior inc'ucünicnto to travelers between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafayntto and Council Blfls, St. Joseph, AtcJiison, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, St. Paul anci intormodiato points. All classes of patrons, especially families, ladies and chüdren, roceive frooi official and employés of Rock Island trailla p.-utuction, respectful courttsy u 1 kmdly attention. ' For Tickets, Mapa, Foldors - obtainable .i all princiuiJ Ticket Ofilceu in lue United States and Canada- or any desired iaformation, address, R. R. CABLE, E. 3T. JOHN, resldont and General Manager, Chicago. Geno.-al Ticket and Passenger Airent, Chicaeo


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