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Not The Dog's Fault

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A very Indlgnant man leading a dog stalktd into Únele Epli's house, yesterday, and said: "Kpli, yon blaek raseal, liere's j-our dnr; ve me back the jvS I pakl yon tor t." ' What'8 i)e ruattah wid de Uw{" asked Epta, calm and mmilrled. ' Yon wirrantL'il it to Imnt cliiekens, dUln't you?" "'Air don't "e? " asked Eph. " No; he isii't worth n cent at it." " Diil yon try de dawef " sald Epb. "Ci'rtainly í tlid, ai:d lie" n liist-cliss fraud." " How war de cliickeiis cooked ? " " Cookvd ! '" " Yes; was dey biled?" " üf course not." " Did you roas' dein f " "Wliy. vou oíd idiot, thcv were alive prairie cliickeiis." " Dat 'splains it," said Epb. " I fonglit dar w:ia suttiti' wrf)D(f. Vou just cook de chickens and gil) U: davg Imlf a chance, an' see how tie'll liunt íor dem. Folks 'tpect too much," be added, as the ;("n(leman kickeil [be úog into a comer and rathéd out, " dey 'speets tirely too mucb from de cullud people. Kf dat man was fooi 'nufl' to Vpect dat he war grwlne to git a dawg tor l'ree dollars dat vould hunt live cbickeiis; he was fooi 'nnff to Me b dat wc's Kijuiir in de nüddle of de milleenyin, and tvcrybody kuows liow big a


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