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Giving Way To Moods

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It s unphilosopliieal and wrong toyleld to moods. Thoy rob life of mueli of te enjoyment. Tlie mind is s anienable to the will as s the body. The most productive mental workers in all depart ment?, are ttiose who have their facnlties under discipline, and who go regularly to their mental tasks and oompel the obediencd of the tfilnd. To ttiose who liuliituate themselves to this, and hold njoods under control, there 8 do difflculty in performinfc pracrtbd tasks at lloted times. And such persons endure longest, becanse of the regularity of their bablts. MooilineB8 ií, indeed, a form of disease. Il draws on the nerves and pradually leatls to nervous prostrntion. Whcn it controls will, it has gainul headwiiy that Is very dangerous. And thus its natural tendency is to injiire health and liappiness. To repress and overeóme t, is tu suppress n form of disease, whieh in U lullcr (levclopments is distressinir and


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