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The Apple Conundrum

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How niMiiy ipples did Adam and Ere c;it S e sny Eve 8 and Adam 2- a totnl of 10 only. Now we ligure tlie tlilng out (Mffereirtly. Eve y and Adam ate also - total, 16. And yct the ibove flgWM re entirely wroiif;. If Kve 8 and Adam 82, certainiy tlie total will be !(). Bctentltlc men, bmrever, mi the strengt li ol' tlie llieory tlmt tlie anüdiluvitins were a mee of glants, reason somctliinjr like Ihis: Eve 81 and Adam 82- lotal Iü3. Wronj; :igain; wliat cculd be cleurcr tluin If Eve SI and Adim 812, tlie total was B9S! If Eve Slist Hnd Adam 81a, would not the total be 1,628 ? I believe tlie following to bc i fair solution: Bfe 814 Adam, Adiim 8124 Evi - total, 8,998. Still another calculatlon is the followitfe; If Eve 814 Adiim, Adam 81242 oblijru Kvi.- total, 81,056. We th'mk this hever, not a raflSolent MmtltV. Pot thouyli we iidniit that Evt; 814 Adam, Adam. if he S1S1212 keep Eve company - totul, 8,1S J,(i.-)( All wrong. Evi', wlien slie 81812 many and probably she feit sorry for it. bul lier coinpanion to relieve her priat, Sl'3. Therefor, when Adam 8184240fy Eve's depressed tpirils. Henci'. botli ate 81,890,804 apnlcs -


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