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In view of the po&sibiüty that the llftieth Congress muy be oalled togother in extra session, tlie jiolitical complexión of the body inay be of interest. The niember8hlp of the senate was cotnpleted June 14th, when the New Hampshire legislature elected Mr. William E. Chandler. The división of the senate polltically, on gcogrnpliical lines, is more marked today than It ever was before. Sixteen simthern stutns are represented by two (innocrats each. Keighteen northcin states have each two rcpublican senators. Indiana alone of the northertH states has two democratie senators. The doubtful Mr. Klddleberffer, of Virginia, is tlio only aepublican senator froin any state of the euth. The representaron of threestates, Virginia, Ohio and California, isdivided. Tlius, while there 8 but one republiean ¦emrtot trom tlie soutli, there are but four Ueraocratic senators from the north. The new house of representatives will con8ist as nearly as can be ustimated, of one hundred and sixty-ciftlit, onc hunclroil and litty-thrce republicans and four memfan of the labor and greenhai-k partles. The dcinocrats will therforo be In full control of the body, and, as in the last congress the two branches will be out of sjinputhy with each othcr polltically.


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