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In sotne places apples fall ofl' the trees ooóked. Harvest picnic at Kavanaugh Luke, Aiifi. 17tli. Tlie Ferguson giils bave gono from Cliclsen to Jerusalem. The Saline band now fuvors its people with opeu airconcerts. Much sickness reportcd from tlie western part of tlie county. Geo. H. Mitchell of Lima, liis rcturned from a business trip to Oliio. Carpct bugs have commenced thelr ravages in Manchester bouws Tlie Ypsilanti opera house opeus its season Aug. 10. Pretty early. One wbeetbarrow load of dead doga buiied at Chelsca. More m-cdeil. Hob. DeVinney and wife, of Lanaing, are visiting their old Iriends in Ikxki. W. K. Allen tlie Dexter Leader'a local t-cribe has been ill, bnt is uil right tiow. Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Ives have return pd home to Chelsca from tlielrsummcr tour. Judge Nimle bas been appointed administrator of the estáte of L. A. Barnes. Tht; Xorth L-tke school closed Friday of last weck with a picnic and n good time. Archic Wllklnson, fórmerly of Chelsea, has been admitted to the bai in Detroit. Next Saturday evening the Poung People's Society of the Saline M. E. Church give a social, near the 4 corners. Clins. H. Stannard, of Mattoon, 111., was married to Miss Lizzie Budinnnn, of Lima, by ltev. S. EL Adams, July 211. 1). Warner, of Dexter, raises grape Ic.tvrs mensuring 17J luches acroM and 85 in circumference, and grapta accordInjfly. And now the Qfeebea folks are red hot boomfln of base buil, while tlie Dexter iolks are very retieent about the diamond. D. A. Palmer died at the home of his daugbter in Mt. Pleasant July 30th, and his remains weru brought to Dexter for In termen t. It took two Hay Cityite? to help the Cuelsea boys win their recent base bsill victories of the Dexter and Ann Arbor clubs. 'Taint fair. Waslitenuw Co. will make a struggle for local optioii. What's Oakland Co. going to do. - Picket. Either will have a struggle with it f they get it and don't you lorget it. Our office thermometer ha melted and run over the top. - Saline Observer. One of the Ypsilant.i editors, who is a great sentinol, keeps stopping over all the time. TheSnnday School Convention to have been held ut Unadilla is adjourned untlj December, and the place changed to I'lainfield if agreeable to the people there. If not, either at Unadilla or North Lake. A son of Wni. liendre liirures on a slate Unit is HO years old. h desci'nds from hls great-grandftther and beats all the slatcs In the vicinity. - Pinckncy )ispalch. That boy ought (o muke his mark. sure. "Don" Brlffg, of Dexter, has been tryiiijr to cakli fish up at Base Lake, but il' our iurormiint is correct the lish were too smart for him, and he couldn't catofa 'ein. "Don" will lnive a good story to teil all i Ij i sanie. Stoneboats with barrels ;ro to tho lake for water, which seems drycr th.ui uu:il - Noith Lake cor. Dexter Leader. Well, North Lake water is very dry anywuy, twually, but not as dry as North Lake coirespondents. Last week Archie Dnny MOOmplIshed the extraordinary feat of swimmini; across Base Lake and rötornlng without stopping. The distanee is about two inilee, and was made in 5,! minutes.- Dexter Leader. The Saline Arbeiter Verein has made arrangements for a irrand picnic to be held in this Vlllage, Wednesday, A.Bg. 24. The grove west of the depot has been selected as the place for the exercises. - Observer. About 2ö of the inembers of Coqutoob post, G. A. II., will attend the encampment at Adrián the ÜOth. Comraander .(ames Kelly bas been appointed oAeec of the day on the third clay of the enca in pineut. - Enterprise. Hon. Jas. Gorman opencd up his whortleberry patch to all the woiuen in his 8ection, nnd thcy are bcrrying Jim mie with thanks. Our Senator sees the handwriting of wonian siillrage 00 the wall and la entrenchloL himself. The farmer whose pastures are as dry as an old carpe t, whose corn is burnlng u . wbose potatoeshavestopped growing, and who is driving his stock ten mllei to water, sliould be hxked after by Uob. Ingersoll. - So. Lyon Picket. The last pair heard of getting in thelr work ahcad of the new nariiage law, is Tilomas lligliland anl Mis. Parles, both Of Salem, and both past their three score and ten. They were united at Ann Arbor, July 2(!th.- S). Lyon Excelsior. It seems about right to see the laQles tüking active part In sehool meeting. Nineteen of theru voted last 'i'uesday evening. As lobyists they are a success and they well know henv to represeul thelr property. - Pinckney Dispatch. foii bet ye. Manchester has raised $245 for her base buil is.sociation, which has been organi.ed by clioosing Ilie following offlcer.s : President, V. L. Watklns; Seo'y and Treas., Qeo. J. Haeussler; Trustees, J. H. Kingsley, A. F. Freemnii and X. W. Holt. It is said that physicians are now condemnlng iced tea as a drink, beeause it produces abnormal nalpitation of the heart. - E Q terprite. If it would only protluee nbnonnal hearts it would ba a Hice thingto ine.seritie in mauy instances, wouldn't it ? David Roberts of Chubb's corners threshed 2HI buihels of wheat from 50 acres, 26.) bushels of barley from W acres, and 7(5 busl'.els of oats f rom tbrec aces. - Pinckney Dlapatch. And atlll we are thrcutfiicd with a lamine bcoause of the failure of crops ! Kecreatiou Park and buildings was somewhat in dauger last Saturday by tire. It seems the dry grns near the raflroad track caught lire and was l'.us! ipreadlng to the fair ground. By the aid of willing hands Oom here there was no damage done. - Chelsea Herald. A large wether that had dicd, being thrown lnto Portage creek was comleiely devonred by turtles, except his bones, in 30 hours. Over 40 wero seen irouml him at one time. - Stockbridc Sun. Well, that'ssort oí a obange from' lish and suake, anyway. TurtU's f good. The Waterioo Baptist churcli and Society have soid thcir churcli property for $250 la John Walsli of Waterloö. Tliey expect tii build a new hou-e of worahipon Spencer Bnyee'i plae. Mr. B. lias donated a lot. for churcli and sheds and giren $200 bcsides. - Stockbrldge Sun. The Dexter Leader man says he 9 "jrl'id to publUh obituaries, death notices," etc. Very frank, to be sure, but does it not makelt dlfference whether the OOtlce is about one who pays liis tubscription in advanee, nne who iicver pay-., or one who Meáis Clio paper from his ncighbursy Some of the Ypsilanli e tropera :ii Ba#e Lake cnagbt a L6-pound pickerel last week. This is the lirst i'i Itury vt have had front camp tlrii season. More 11 j)robably f'ollow. - Dexter Leader. Of course the lirst l'ish story oonvet from Ypsi'anti - they are tMuailjr premature, lint walt until the il - ii wkfdena get after tllClll. A new kind of bird witli but one wing was caught near Stony Creck recently. There was no trace of any other win;;, but the bird seemed perfectly able to navlgate the air wilh one wing. - Chelsea Herald. Now come on with your fish stories, snake stories or any other kind of stories and beat tliis if you can. Tliis one's a high flyer. Tuesday night eight houses In a line from Forest Ave. to Chicago Ave. by wnv of Bumrolt st. were broken lato. The losses in each case, howcver, were small, being mostly conlined to canned fruit, meat, vegetables and otlier eatable3. At Mr. Lee's on Summit st., and at Mr. Cole's on Chicago Ave., sniall qdantltlee I of money were taken. - Oommerolal. AVhile the train carrying state troops was laylng over at, tliis place, vosterday, private Ityan, of Co. H, 4lli Reg., lantl, witli others running for the Moody House, bunted bis head against the cormr of Ilodsreinan's brick store, receiving a bad scalp gash. Dr. Brown inserted ¦even stltches. .If the private thouglit South Lyon was made of soft bricks, he found himself in error. - Excelsior. The city council liave reconsidered their decisión relatlve to locating the electric light plant in the fourth ward, and have purchased a lite near the gas works in the third ward, from D. L. Quirk, f;3 x 80 feet, fr whicli they pay $00. Work on the building will cnmraence next week, trader the supervisión of Aid. Norton. The buUdlng will be erected at an expense to the city of about 11,300.- Ypsilantian. 1 'wo Manchester ladies in returning from Saline a few days ago, got on the wrong road and when they supposcd they were nearing Bridgewater Station, wbere they intonded to visit, lo and behold, the smoke stack of the Clinton woolen milis "bobbed up serenely" before their visions. They enjoyed a visit with a jolly aciiuaintance and getting the proper latitade came home sufely. It was a sad Case, but who Carr's.- Enterprise. They are over, and a vast majority of our people ís glad that they are. Tuose who attended with the most regularity are probably the mosttiredof them. But all tliis doesn't imply that they were nol a succe0?, for they most certalnly were. From lirst to last tliis meeting of the Ypsilanti Drivlng Club bas been characterlzed by good manageinent, and In thi, as in other cases, good management brings success. - Commercial. Out of a total Julv assessment of f22,500 for tbis city, $20.804.-17 paid in before August 1, leaving $1,0Jü.5;í to bc collected by Marshal Cremer, with five pur cent, penalty attached. The fact that the city tnxes were abuut $5,000 heavier this suminer tlian last made neccs.-arv many explanations bv the tax collectors. There yet remains $00,000 unpaid on the Hillsdale railroad bonds, after the $5,000 payment of the j)rei-ent year. - Ypsilantian. Messrs. Muir and lieicli, the tentevangelists, are keeping right on in their eftorts lo altract the attention of the sinners, in spite of hot weather, races, and other Impedimenta to suecess. Whatever may be saul a? to their ablllty and talent in thcir line of work surely their persev(ïianee must be admired. - Ypsilantian. They uodoubtedly fully appreciate the rlebitau of the field they are la nnd the gnvit need ol soine one to coinmence the harvest. The Silino Farmers' Club will meet at Wliitmore Lake, on Friday, Aug. 12, going via T., A. A. & N. M. miliond. Rutel have been secured at the low price of 50c for the round trip from Urania, Pittslield Jiinctiun or Ann Arbor. 'l'.iking the regular train at Urania, at 6:50 a. m. Standard time; and returning at 7:15 p. m. The club take (liis opportaaltr to invite their brother farmen and families In this vicinity, who have an interest in ¦ the welfare of the club, to Joln witli them in a day of rest and recreallon. Our ball club, aceompanied by about 100 citizens, went down to NurHiville last Friday to crois bat! with the great aggregatlon at that pi ico, iiippoalng that they would bc treated llke gentlemen but the j tttLUft thera WOuWat liave it that way. l'hrv imported a battery frora Plymontb, and refttied to paï for the boys mcals, ifter our boys fed them bere a whole day. Our boyi held the Wayne ('o. club down Well and wouhl h:ivc won but for twoorthree unpardooable erroia in the elghth Inning. Al it was, the score stood 10 to 15.- So. Lyon I'ickcl. Moral: You sliouldn't go away from home lo play ball. The following account of the deatb ol Ficd Bird, referred to laat week is taken from the Btockbrldffv Sun : "Gregory was badly exclted last Mondayover a sad case of drowning. Fred Bird of Ann Arbor, a son ol Rev. W. l Bird, a younger brotlier and a sister, were visiting tlieir cousin Bird Gregory, and the three boys went down to the Williams lake, at about ft o'clock to bathe. Tliey took a boat and went out into the lake and swam around lor ibout half an Lour, wticn thev were about 25 or 80 feet frora the shore, Frcd Hird started to swlm to shore, the otlier boys heard a cry for help and upon looking up found to their horror that Frcd bad disappeared beneath the water. He dld not come to the surfaiv and after about one hour and a qnarter's search by various parties, Dave Cbalker appeared and dove down and found the body of the iinfortiinateyoung man lying on its face in about ten feet of water, and brought it n p. Kllorts were put forth for about two liours or more to re8U9citate, but all to BO purpose. Dr. DuBois was called and superintended the efl'orts without avail, Mie was extinct. A telegram was sent to bil parents who arrived from Ann Arbor in the cvening. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of a large circle of acquaintances."