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Liquor dealers have pald about $200,000 ...

Liquor dealers have pald about $200,000 ... image
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Liquor dealers have pald about $200,000 taxes iu 'Waynecounty tliis year. Hotten is giving tiie world lots of gas talk just now, and its all natural, tuo. " Tlio South 13 for Cleveland body and eouI." Ves, and Cleveland is for the South. It is BnlnaL The Vernou Inter-Lake has suspended for two weeks In order to let the editor off on a vacation up north. Elof a waj to do business.- Cliesaning Argus. The tendency to adopt shorler honra o; labor for clerks and other employés i growing, and it ought to grow. Al stores ought to close at 6 o'clock p. m. George William Curtisadmitstliat Mr Cleveland's administration is not a suc eess in .i civil service reform sense. Quit iistonisliing tbftt Qorg Win. lias found it out. The emigrant "tcliooner'1 is very sel dom scen in this part of Michigan jus dow; but there is a "schooner" here tlia gome peopta start out with before they ea) for ponies. llenry M. Stanley, the African explore is not dead, but well and pushing lila ex peditlon forwaid. Some jiolitieian would ive all their old boots to be re Ived agaln as Stanley has been. There are only two kinxdoins in tb world ruled over by queens : Knglani and Spain', but there are thoiipands o (ineens richt here in America who coul rule ¦ kiiigdomin "right peart style." Senator Palmer and Gov. Luce are doIng i bnp of work just now in the wa of tpeeches to farmers, pioneers, etc lioth have a kettle of lish to fry and ar preparing a lieap of bait for future ang ling. Cleveland is going to "swing arouiu the circle." Historv teaches us that po UUeally it is not profltabta business. Mr A. Johnson once po sivnii. Is histor. about to repettt Itoeif! Perhap! 1 frequently does repeat. The Detroit Free Press don't like th " Purity of election blll," which cam so near becoming a law last winter. I would have t f;reat tendency to wipe on democratie ninjorities in large cities Henee the F. l"s tears. Tlie 4th annual reunión of the Suldiers and Sailors' Assoeiatlon of Northwester Michigan occurs at Reed City on the Otli 7th (iiid Stli of September, and the Chirlo of tliat place invites all the boys tlier then to have a jolly good time. Last week Texas voted by 70,000 mi jority and i little over, tliat thcy "didn want no prohibition in theirn."' The wlll Uk "theirn" straight ns usua Even a three yeara' droagtb couldn' fetch Texani down to cold water. A new tlieory of the final destruction of the earth Í3 tliat the polar ice Is pene trating the interior of the globe like wedge, and that as ?oon as it renehes th furnnce therewill be an explosión tlia wlll split the world into pieces too smal for truck patehes. Hcnry Goorde will ba the labor candi date for president in 1888, and his candi dacy will make many a politician howl in a way not happy, and Bvvear by George in a maitner so frantic ns to wring tear of chagrín froni the cast ron ¦tataet o Justice on court houses. A thoughtful exchange advances th idea that the terrible drouth of this summer is a punishment inflicted npon the people for electinf; a democratie president. There might be something In this were it not for the well known circinnstance that a scarcity of water is no punisliment for uemocrats. It is pleasing to note the general un tinimity of the daily press In asserting tliat the encampment of the state troop just closed at Island Lake lias been an honor to the 8tate. It lias too ol'ten been a disgrace, and the state press will only bc too glad to chronicle a clianse for the bet ter. At the saine time the people may thiink Kx-Oov. Alger for the reform. Ik is the one who inangurated it. The Detroit papers are sendlng out feelers In edltorlals and endeavorlng to work tin i'cnple up to having the cliDicnl branch o Unlversity medical department of Aun Ar bor moved to Detroit. They say a lare city wlth lt.H hospitals and lts varinus diMasei and i-iiMüilt in. Is necesRary to a thoroilh ac qulremeut of tlieart of beallug. It, muy le so Whntdo the Ann Arbor people tiiluk aboul It?- Cbesaning Argus. What do Ann Arbor people think? Just what the Dutchman's boy thoulit hen he wns being whipped. It is sonie of Maclean's daslied nonsense. The Bourbon element of the South carne nearexperiencinga paule last week, when the republican candidato for governor of Kentticky carne so ncar wiping out the democratie ïmijority in tliat democratie headcenter. A republiean viotory in Kentucky ! It could never be! And the back county returns wcre "seen to afore they cum in," and the great danger averted. The rapkl decline of Raed the lawyer who defended the assassin Guiteau, who ii few days since sought to end his existence by suicide, teaches a lesson. Tlie In nous ollense of Guiteau should have found no one wllilnjt to delend its perpeIrator. Beed nubed in thinking the notoriuty would help hini, luit it has ruined li in instead. Vuiin' lawyers should remember Keed's fate. Notoriety is not fainc. nor does it briug protpertty to um'sduor. Wc have reeefredtbe Kalamasoo Telegrapli'c Illuftrated pampklet booming edition. It is u moilcl of neatness and beauty, and ipeakj vulmnes lor theenargy uid rit of t lic proprtoton o( the Telegrapb. '1'lit-rc are inany hamlsome IHlUtiHlioiis, anil the city and its attractiuns are well written up. lint tlierc is Olie lault, viz : t is too largo, maktafc It awkward to handla and undeclnible to jircsci vc Had it been one-fourth the ¦Ize wlth a corresponding increase In paget, it wovilil liiivü been better lor all pnetlcal purpote. Uut the enterprise is one worth pralrtng, and is wortli more to the city of Kalamu.oo tlian the willever acknewledge or ever pny for. Itweni i,, !„ the taak of publliben to buil.! op cilio and lowna gratis.


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