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Mit. Editor :-TIio public WlW tobt) profoundly grateful to you fer the agltation you ure keuping U over tlio condition of our water supplv. It is dcvotitly to be lioped tliatyoii will not desist until there Is better state of lIuiijís. The water we are Ketting is fit for notliing but watering yards and scrubbing; not a drop of it nhould be taken into a blimsn stoinach. Yet a largo part of our population are dependent upon it for oooktug and drinklng md have puit.] for pure water. We shall be fortúnate as thiiifjs are goinjr if we escape an épidémie of typliold tever in the city. We eerttltuy cannot escape more or loss s ickness caused by the impurities we aroobliged to drink. Families muy protect themsclvus to a limited extent ly til terinr and bpfling the water, lint tliis Ig oDly a partial and very inadequate protection; bciides the great trouble of it. We piy for spring water that we can depend upon as pure. We ought to have it. Not a drop should be dr.iwii frotn the river. Is it sald that none is drawn trom the river only In specinlly dry weather wlien the springs are low and tlic amount of water used in the town is largef Yes, but tliat is exactly the time when the river is ecpecia'.ly low and filthy.and wheu, therefoie, not a drop should be taken fiom tlio river. Is it said that the water company have to draw water frora the river bucause certain persons use more than they are entilled to? But what kind of an urxumout is that? Must I drink poison water because my neighbor isu't honest? If I pay for pure water the company is boimd to furnish it to me, whether my neighbor Is honest or not. If my neighbor uses too much water the company must deal with hun for that, and not try to make up for it by depriving me of wliat I pay for. Some families are not U9lng the "water because they dare not. Others wlll be likely to follow suit uuless there Is a better state of things. There are three or four ways in which the water company eau increase their supply of water and make it adequate. But it is plaiu that snmetliing radical should be done. Tinkering away at the present metbod by adding two or three more little springs can only prolong ihe troubla nd uld to the tmeral disconteut. 'l'liu plan employtd at líifr Hapids, which you recently expliued in tlie Coukiku, wou ld Mem to be a good oue, and one which could be adopled in our case with comparatively little expense. It is to Le hopid lliat the company will give this miittei' iiionint and tarucst attention.


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