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One of your readers while on a trip tlirougli Michigan hd occasion to visit tlie Northern AJylutn for tlie insane at Traverse City. ït is situateil about one and ;i halt miles trom tlie city on a sli;li elevation with a beaiitiful back ground right unir of woodland hills wlio-i luifflit green foliage sends the view very pictureeque indeed. In the dlstañce, can be seen Grand Traverse Bay, with lts attractive suirouiidings of native forests, and ts blut; waters dotted with sailing craft and swift ;liding steamers. In a lew years with a few needed improvemenU this asylnni will be one of the finest for locallty In this or any other state. Dr. J. D. Munson, the Kentlemanly superintendent, appears to be the rifili man In the ri;ht place. Everything about the institution is in excellent condition, all its departments are running in good order, perlVct cleanliness nbounds, nnd all is well organized iu every respect. No employé is ever allowed to use violence on a pstient, i f he does he loses bis maatton. As ne viited the warde, it w;is very ple.ising to notice the happy way the Supt. had ot casting plimpses of bnht sunliylit hito the durk recesses of dibcased as he reeted tliem with a hearty good mornlng and inquired after their welfare. The asyluni has nbout 600 patlents, ncarly its fiill eapacity, :iud it is Dow very evident that it sliould have been built 011 a much larer scule. Tours,


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