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The State Teachers' Institute For Washtenaw County

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To be held at Ann Arbor, commenclng at ten o'clock a. ni., Monday, August 15, undclosing at 4 p. m. Friday, August 19. The value of the instructiou rcceived at tliese institutes ia beiug very generally reeognized by teachers and school offlcers. As a rule, it has been the experience of Couiity Examiners and other examinin; offlcerp, thiit the most successful teachers are tbose who liare availed theinselves of the normal instructiou ollcred by these local institutes. The daily sesslons of the institutes for tli is year will, as heretofore, be devoted excluatvely to topics of special interest to teachers, presen ted by persons of extended practical experience as teachers, and who have made a special Btudy of iustitute work. The evening lectures will bc of a popular character. Th ingtitutc law allows teachers, whose schools are in session at the timo appointed for the County Instltute, beid under tlie direction of the Stat Superintendent, to close their schools during the contiiiuancc of such institute without forfelting their wages for as many halfdays as they are in attendance at the iustitute. This provisión of law, and tho fact that there will be no tuition or eurollment fee exiicted, sliould insure thö attendance of every teacher in the county wlio posseeses the true professional spirit. Full particulars in regard to board, etc, may be obtained upon application to the local committee, Mr. Krnust Perry, Ann Arbor, Mich. Therc is a man in this city who says lie will wager $25 that wlien the season. close the Detroit league base hall club will not stand above tliird fyaee in the race. They certainly have not the sand necessary to win the pennant. The following table shows the stuud ing of the league clubs up to date. Won. Lot. Ter cent. Detroit 49 1 628 Chicago 47 80 .lo Boütou 33 .57! New York 41 ) .550 Phlldolhl 41 38 .518 Washington 31 41 .430 PlttsburKb !( 47 .381 Indianapolt as 5J .49 The hearts and hopes of all true lahoring men to-day are with their sensible and able leader, Terrence V. Powderly. Ile is consclentious, brave, and a leader who has never yet mado a mistake. Wlien his advice has been followed it has lead to succoss every time. At Detroit they are passing the invitation to President Clevelund around and getting everybody to sijfn it, and those who cau't write, are iillowed to make their mark of course. Senator Palmer, who is to present the Invitation to the President, thinks it will be a tc-marhable document. A former student writes us: "The CouniEit reached me to-day. You can bet I was glad to have a visit with the old town even though it was on paper. I was also glad to learn that the towuspcople have decided to boom the towu.'1


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