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Sept. Ist. Sept. lst. Seit. lst Owing to the busy season among Far ¦ mers and the absence of a great many o i our citizens for the past fuw weeks we will extend our Great Keduction S;ile until Sept. lst. See our Children's Cutton and Klaiinel shirt Waists. J off. Everybody is surprised at the Prices we are selling our Boys and ('hildren'8 Sults. Keilii'inber not an article in the store but what the Price Is Ciit. N. B.- Until Sept. Ut. J. T. Jacobs & Company, 27 and 29 Main st., Ann Arbor. SACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. The way Summer SILK5 went out the past ten days is a caution, Puiling, picking, cutting all day long. Some of the patterns are out, but the assortment is still good. All Summer Silks that were $1.00 and $1.25,now 55 cents. AU Sunnner Silks that were 50 and 55c, noiv 35 cents. At the Parasol Counter yesterday it looked as if the season was just opening. New Parasols at about half price don't go a-begging. Ladies' All-Linen Handkerchiefs, Woven Colored borders, 10 cents cach. You have paid 20 cents each for no better. In window this week you will find small assortment. Women's White Embroidered Muslin dresses verycheap to close them out. No refuse or rubbish ! Fresh, perfect and handsome. Have been $4.50 to $12. They're now $3.'to $8. SEERSUCKERS. There are dozens of styles in which beauty seems to have been the last thing thought of. You think so when you see them in the piece ; but whoever saw an ugly SeerBucker when made up1? The 9 cent Crinkles have been 12} and this week the 12í were 15 cents last week. Plenty of Creams at 5 cents. Plenty more at 6 cents. Rattling good quality, either of them, for much more than the wrice. CORDED GINGHAMS. Among the newest, nattiest, neatest of the Cotton noveltiest. You'll likely think they're from Paris. The idea is, there's French fancy in every pretty thread, but the the work is Yankee. Price 12 cents from 20. PERCALE. The tough, yard wide "shirting" so many ladies are buying. Forty to fifty styles. 2 cents from 16. There is pushing and crowding every day about the 17 cent Sateen counter. They're worth an effort to get. Light or dark colors. Everyone has been 25 centsBACH & ABEL


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