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P.URE_ ppPRICEs CREAM Used by tlie United States oovernment. En ttorsed by the lieiuls oftlieGrent Unlvprsltli8 tlie Btrongest, Purest.and most Healtliful Dr. Price's ttieouly Bukmi; lViwclortlmt doo not fi ni liiin Amnioiilii, Lime or Aluin. Solí oDIy Ín cnus. PUICE I1AKIN( POWDEK CO., HEW TOBK. CHICAGO. ST. I.ilOIR IQ THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ mTBUTHSFORTHESICK.n III TrníTs.' iifiniii íi.iKHiwiii ín' i'.M'i ni HBllimi'Sii'lUli'i'iiil foracascwheroSi i. III HonSri.riii'KlliTiKU.s rm'it IIittkiis Mili it w ill cure yon. lnt JisfllatOTOUW. lt W 1. .1 ¦¦¦¦ "''"' ':iiUti Ithattiredandallgone cieansctlie vlttatedB teellng; If eo, usi' (,i(o1 ben you spi 1 1 SULPHCK Btttebs; ts iiniuiritlps bnrgl I it will i'iiro yiiu. nsthrongh tho -kii'll Ol,,,atÍM-.l,,,are ' " ,' ' ' . ' III clo.ii? .¦,,ni!n,.il Ín :""' Sore. lii'lv on BSc mílls m wU "¦¦- ¦¦¦, I" n I .E Kbopt;olark,wbodo i""1 heria" "'" tol m lllnot prooure aufflcleot _i__ ¦ exen-lap, and all who S i.rm u BrtTKBsH arecnnflnclliidoor, wU1 ,.ur0 LlTOTCom-B ¦Ishnuld ii ,,iant. Dont be dls-l I Hittkks. Ihevwll .l)llri,gcditwillcurtIU Snot theubcwctikawl , ,,,, ' rri öslcklv. r1 tomiirerfromRlicum. íllliuiM you npudl atlsm, use a bottle of ?"1ÍS."OU Btronganill ¦ SULPHUB IÍITTERS ; t"';l"h ¦ III ltm-ypr fállalo cure, sri.rini: Hrnnts ti Duii't lie without a will makc your Hbottlc. Trylt; you l'rc. rich ;iii,Utring,U ¦ wiiinot ri-rct it. umyoarl Ijl lllraïïicTTmrïïctc Ivy Sn3HÍ i: l'.IT II lllhi'.ilili, wlio ave iiii ruis t - 1 1 ! u 1 1 1 , andlll Illrmnlown, r-linulil use mi will atoep olllfl IU-: ii" :: lü ii i :;. mil. .¦ l.cii.-i i. ¦ il.J Do you want the liegt Meiiicnl Work pulilíshod? 8end'3 4-ccnt stamps to A. I'. OKDWAY & Co Itn.itim, MiitsH., and recelvo a copy, frec. LampSÍney í l ƒ SEE THAT THE L O 5 O ' EXACT LADLE IS ON r H tt B' EACH CHIMNEY AS ÍS n - 2 SHOWN IN PICTURE. Il il 5 u. mí j - x J i II Sm& li id AfEK M lj ?t V-4CH {Bd 7 3 E A .3wBf..,-.S3 PA-nOCT-aoTH-ifif. J-'l g o - ' 5 M NUFACTURETD ONILY 8Y GEO.A.MAGBETHácGO. 'IJPITTSSURGH PAI fDR SALTBKX1EALER5 gRY WHERE. F8R DYSPEPSIA. MENTAL AND PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, NERVOUSNESS, WEAKENED ENERCY, ÍNDICESTION, ETC., ETC. ij m uorstöré ACID PHOSPHATE. A llquid preparation of .tlie phosphntes and phosphoric acid. Recommended by I'hyMcians. It makes a delicloas drink. Invlgoratlng and strengtlioiilni;. I'amphlet free. FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. Rumford Chemical Works, Prorldence, - - Rliode Isiand. BTBEWARE OF IMITATIONS. AfiyCDTICCDO Of othn,who wish i examine MU W bil I lObllO tfns paper, or obtain ostimates on idvertiiing space when in Chicago, wili find it on file at 45 '49 Randolph tt, fnt O TUMIKC' theAdvartiungAgencrgfLUnll tt lllUlflJIdl MACKINAC. Summer Tours. Palace Steamers. Low Ratea Tomt Trip per Week Between DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND St. IffTUtoe, Oheborff&n, Alpena, Harriaville Osooda, Band ueach. Port Hurón, fit. CUir, Oak-iand House, Marine City, Bvery Week Dy Betweeu DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Speoial Sunday Trlp durlng July and Auguat. OUR ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS JUta and Biounlon Tloketa wlll be f urnlahed by y our Ticket Agent, or addreea E. B. WHITCOMB, Gan'l Pt. Agent, Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. DETROIT, MICH. Mmore money than at anythln elae bv tak inR an agvncy forlhe hest m-lllng took out. Beginni'rs ncreed grandly. None fall. Term frt-e. Hai.lstt Book Co., Portland, Malne. ïïniTTn7 to belnaiie' CntthloutandreR Mi V turn to us, and we wlll uacndyon III P I free' """¦tliii'K of (rrcut va lut I and lmporiance to you, that will etart yon in butlncta whlch wlll lirlne you In mora monuy rl;. t away than anytliin elseln thia worln Anyonc "can do the work and Uve at hume. Eithcr scx ; al) atren. Soraeihlng new, thatjust coiné money fr all workers. We wlll atart you ; capital no', needed. Tbla Ir one of the eenulne, Important ehincea of a ''.fetlme. Tlm.-u who are ambltlous and entcrprifljnf wlll uut dHay.s Address Thdz & Co., Anqueta, Malne.


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