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mu ungs classes witb eroployment at home, the whole of ihe time, or for the ir upare moments. BuImm oe light and profltaMe. Persons of either fex easily earn from 50 to $.".(X) per eveuing, ODd a proportional eura by devoting all theirtime to the builnecs. Boy aod trirls earn carn nearly & mncb t& men. Ihat all who ace tbta may MBd tiifiraddres, and test the basteen, we ninke ibis Gffeï Tn puch as are not well atir-fied we w ill ná onc dollar to pay for the troublt; of wri'inL'. Poll partlculara and outfit Tree. Addrwi QsoRfiB 8TIHIson & Co. Portland Maine. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! o. 4 South Main St., An Arbor. TlieoUlest agency In the city. lCsIahllslicil over a quarter of a century ago. Represent Ing the (oilowing flist-cluss oompau lea, witli over #00,000,000 Capital and Auett. irOMK IBS. CO., of New Vork. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., ,i N,w Vork, NIÁGARA IN's. 0O., of N.w Vork. OIRARD 1N8. CO., of Pliilmlilfhla. OIUKNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMKRCIAL UNION, of LouiIom. LIVERPOOL, LÖNDON and (Lom:. WASHINGTON FIBK an.l .MMtl.NE, Of Hoslcli. Rutes LoH as tlic Lowost, Losxes Liberil I v Ailjnstcil mul proinptly l'aiil. C. II. MIIJ.IC.N. ÁNN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK, ANN AliüOK. MIlillcAN, Transacts General Banking Business ! CAPITAL, $60,000. Oivantced nndei tin' Cleoaral Bankhu ].aw d tbls Smtf, lbo tuckliuldors rr imlhhluill.v Itulile lor n aOditiixiul auiiiinii i'iiuul lotboitock llold lj thuui. Ihcruby creatina a uiuranU'e Kuud lör Ihe IttOffll ..I Dapotlti r ol $100,)00.00. ThreC per cent. Iniercxl ig alloued 011 nll Sdving DepoüH of onc dollar aud upunrdi-, acrordine to the rule ol the liauk mul Rttarent compounoH m-nii-a inniill) .Vji,t'to l.oan on iiiiinciirolwrcd real Mtatt and othcr yood security. DIHKCroKs: C'HKISTI AN MACK, Wm. 1). 11AKHIMAN. W. W. W1NKS, DANIEL IIISCOCK, WILLIAM DIUBKL, VlI.l.AKii 1!. SMITH DAVID KINSKY. ÜFKHKKS; C. MACK, Pres. W. W. WINBS, 'ce-Rrtl ,. a. HISCOC'K.lhltr. ANN ARBOR Small Fruit Nursery ! All Kiiuls of BERRY PLANTS. F"lne rianU of the SHARPLESS, Tlic Baat Struwbi-rrv (rown. FIT Ú 0EN1EITÜL TREES From ELLWANliKIli: HARRY, rtochaator. N. T. Orders mtutbe scni eaily. WINES AND SYRUPS. Swect Home-mada WIiip tor (nvalldn 1 tin' Kurhiuist. suur vini, EWiipberry trup, shriih lvur svrup, and Plymouth Kook Es EMIL BAURfiW.rHURON ST. TREMAINE & BACH, IIIÍE AND LIFE iroURAMJUGBM ! No. 1 East Huron Sirool, Opposite CcKik House. Tin Flrt-Cla Companies repreMiited. Assetts Over $25,000,000. UljMMR. ÏÜBSCRIBïlir tbe COÜRIEÍ


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