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Little Ah Sid

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I.lttle Ah Sld Was a rhrlstlan kld- A cute llttle cusa, you'il declare- W ilti eyes ruil of fun, Aml a nose that begun Klght up lu the roots of bis halr. Jolly and fat Was tbls Irollcsonie lrat. Art he pitiel nimuh the tong sumnier dny, And hralilfil qut'iuAs hls fatlier used to, In ('liliialand, lar, lar wav. Once o'er ft lawn That Ah Sld played upon, A )eti tu-w in the Hpi liiK ; "Mellcim bnitiTfly !" Sald he, with wlnkliiK eye; "Me catcbee and pull otl ara wlng." Tben wltb hls rap Heslruek lt a rap- Tilla Innocent hucnble-bee- And put lts reinal 118 In the seat of bis Jeans, For a pocket tbere bad the Chinee. Down on the green Kat tbe ñnllne In astyle that waastranely dam OM, And Hald, wltb a grln That was brlm full of kIm. "Me magbee uui butllefly, suie." l.ittle Ah Sid Wasonly n kld. Nor could you expect blia to guess Wlmt klmi of a bug He waa holding so snug In the íolds oí hls loone-fluing 1NH. '¦Kl-yl! Klyip-ye!" Ah sul crlet, as ne Rose hiirrledly np from the spot, 'Ki-yi! Yuka-kftn! Dan mu M. Ikuii man - ITm biiUlerly belly inucb hot!"


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