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A Mother's Sorrow

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(W ritten by Mr. A. C. Fuou uu tho duatb. of her son Harold.J TIn Is tho end of nummer. And the end of all UiIurs fair; For my beautlful red-llppod baby, My boy wlth tho yelluw lialr, My boy wlth eyes llke a pansy, And the Ilttle dlmpled band, lias (ime away wlth the flowers To the somewhere dlstant land. Dead ! I can not bel leve lt. I close my eyH and ïeel My baby's touch on my bosom, And nee lilin humbly kneel In hls Ilttle white robe before me And clasp hls Ilttle hands ; But no ; lie has gone wlth the llowers To the BOinewhere distant land. Dead ! My beautlfnl lnrllng, Ouly one year irom Heaven ; Ib lt wrong to sorrow ? Pray Uou I be forglven ; Hut there win cnme t me momenis Wtien I clawp my einpty hmids, And long, oh, so much, to fullow My boy to thut distant laud. lt Is wrong, I k now, but a mother Wil) miss her baby so ; She caunol lorget hls cunnlngs That no other chlld can know. There Is always the erapty eradle And the empty heart and hand For the molher whose baby has left her For the far off somewhere laud. It Is siii'l that nature shudders Wheu a wüinan throws a stone, And that when sne sharpens pencil Then all nature gtves a groan. lint Lliere'B nolniug tbat elves nature More keen iiiiKUlBh anti dlstreB8 TIihii i He a hiiiiKu'lliiL' latber Wil h a bube nu trieg to Uress.


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