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AFTER SCHOOL DAYS. A story for glrls. l!y 0hrl8llna Qoodwin. Boston : 1). LotUrop Company. Prloe 11.00. A book like ttiis comes like a breatli of fresh, pure air in a hot tlay. It has nono or tte feverish elemeiits which cliaractcrize most works of lïction nowadays, but is natural, bright aud hcalthful. It is a story for glrls, and the opening pages ure desoriptire of life at a country boarding scliool. In the first chaptcr the principal characters of thestory are introduced in n group at the close of the school term and their conversation gives a clue to tlieir different characters and asplration.. Later cliaplers develop tlieir different courses of life as shaped by circumstanccs and incliriation. It is aot as a story alone that After School l'.ivs Is charming. There is strong moral fibre iu it, and there are scattered through its pages apt suggcstions as to the vital things of life which cannot but set readers to thinking. And they are introduced 80 deftly and unconsciou8ly tliat they have no effect of belng torced. The kcy to the book mny be found in these half-dozen Unes froni one of theobapteit: "If life has taujílit me anything it is this, - to value the present, to enjoy to the utmost its pleasnres, to estímate at the highest its opportuiutics, to pnÜM the Lord for its blessings without looking forward with nnxiety or backward with regret."


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